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GroVia Cloth Diapers veryanxiousmommyGroVia Cloth Diapers – After using GroVia cloth diapers on both of my children I can tell you without a doubt that they are one of the highest quality diapers I have ever seen. I also LOVE the fact that their diapers have such cute prints. Their customer service is also very attentive. I highly recommend GroVia to anyone looking for a reliable cloth diapering system. Check out my Review on the GroVia O.N.E. Cloth Diaper or you can BUY IT HERE!

ergo baby baby wearing natural parenting

Ergo BabyThe Ergo Baby Company is exclusively known for their amazing baby carrier. I personally own the Ergo Four Position 360 Baby Carrier which has four comfortable ways to wear your baby: Front-Inward, Front-Outward, Hip and Back carry positions. I also have a blog post that lists of Benefits of Babywearing.

Ultimately for our family, the Ergo was a valuable purchase.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby OrganicsEarth Mama Angel Baby is a company that offers several organic products for mom and baby. From nipple butter to diaper rash cream they have you covered. And they even offer sympathetic gifts for moms who have experienced pregnancy/infant loss.

I love their company because they offer organic products that I can trust.

Baltic Essentials Amber and Hazelwood. Amber teething necklaces

Baltic Essentials – Baltic Essentials offers products for the whole family. (Including your FURRY Family Members). From Teething Necklaces all the way up to Essential Oils Diffuser Necklaces. If you have an ESSENTIAL need they have just the product for it. After trying two other baltic amber teething necklaces in the past I was concerned that they just would never work for my kids. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I found Baltic Essentials and tried one of their necklaces for my son. This company has wonderful customer service along with their unbeatable products. My son’s teething pain and allergies have decreased since he started wearing his necklace. Click here to get the same on my son has.

Read my Review of my son’s Baltic Essentials Amber Teething Necklace!

Green Living Resources

Young Living Essential Oils Heather McMaster 11162239 Very Anxious Mommy

Young Living Essential Oils – My life has been enriched so much by using essential oils. I am a happier and healthier wife and mother because of them. Although, I did not choose just any essential oil company.

I chose Young Living because:

  1. They own their own farms where anyone can visit and participate in the harvesting.
  2. Essential Oils are used in all of the pest control.
  3. They have a SEED to SEAL Guarantee.
  4. Young Living oils are first distillation oils only.
  5. Finally, Young Living has 20+ years of research and experience.



A Modern Homestead holiday cook book real ingredientsFrom Scratch Holiday Cookbook

With over four generations of recipes, Victoria from A Modern Homestead put together her amazing From Scratch Holiday Cookbook. It includes 23 tried and true recipes to make your holidays special. Victoria has handcrafted every all of these recipes to give you the classic taste you grew up with.

All of these amazing recipes are made completely without any fillers, artificial colors, flavorings, or many of the most common allergens that are generally found in the “traditional” versions of these dishes. For example, here are few of the recipes you will find in the From Scratch Holiday Cookbook are:

Cheesecake with graham cracker crust and homemade cream cheese, Crescent Rolls, Gingerbread Men, Grandpa’s Perfect Fudge, Green Bean Casserole: without any canned goods!

Also, Honey Baked Ham Glaze, Onion Toppers, Pecan Pie, Sweet Potato Casserole, and more!



The Green Life Natural &natural organic products Organic ProductsThe Green Life offers just about any natural/organic product you could ever need for your home and family. Their mission is to fill their customers’ homes with safe, clean, non-toxic products. They also want to contribute to the protection and longevity of our environment and the animals and people in it. Get 10% off of your ENTIRE ORDER at The Green Life.




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