How to Pack the Ultimate Diaper Bag + Checklist

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Packing a diaper bag is serious business! Here's a complete list of all the things you need! A great check list for moms-to-be! Diaper Bag for you and your baby. cloth diaper bag. Great tips on what you actually need. A complete list of diaper bag essentials. What to Pack in a Diaper Bag: How to Pack One Like a ProEvery mom knows that leaving the house with a baby requires bringing a ton of stuff. And most of the time it feels like you are packing everything but the kitchen sink. Especially when your baby is in the newborn stage.

In fact, when my daughter was a newborn, I practically packed everything I would need to last for days and my diaper bag began to feel very heavy. And although I was happy to be prepared for ANYTHING, I felt like I never used half of the items I was lugging around. So four years later when my son was born, I knew more of what to expect and what I truly needed to carry in my diaper bag to meet all of his needs and wants without weighing me down.

So when I recently switched diaper bags, I decided to share with you which item you truly need to pack the perfect diaper bag for a short outing with your baby at just about any age. After two kids and several diaper bags, I am very confident that this exclusive list will make your diaper bag and your worries much lighter.


So obviously to pack the perfect diaper bag you will first need the…Diaper Bag! Like I mentioned before, I have been through many different brands and styles of diaper bags over the past 5 years. So it is safe to say that I know what to look for when choosing one. For example, I am very, very rough with my diaper bags and I need one that is heavy duty and resistant to wear and tear.

I also have tried numerous diaper bag styles, including over the shoulder, tote style, and even bags that weren’t technically diaper bags. But through the years the one and only style I have preferred is the backpack diaper bag. With the ability to wear the bag on my back and have my hands free, these types of bags have always been the ones that I gravitate to.

However, not all diaper bags are created equal.

But when I received the Moskka Designer Diaper Backpack, I was instantly in love. The Moskka Diaper bag has several features that meet my needs perfectly including:

  • Spacious Main Compartment that opens up very wide allowing me to see everything I have inside. It also has a total of 12 pockets with 9 inside pockets and 3 outside.
  • Adjustable and easy to use stroller straps on the back of the bag which enables it to be attached to a stroller or grocery cart.
  • Handles on top that allows you to carry it as a diaper tote bag.
  • And it comes with a free changing pad.

Packing a diaper bag is serious business! Here's a complete list of all the things you need in your diaper bag! A great check list for moms-to-be! Diaper Bag for you and your baby. cloth diaper bag. Great tips on what you actually need. A complete list of diaper bag essentials. What to Pack in a Diaper Bag: How to Pack One Like a Pro

The Moskka Designer Backpack is also great because of its stylish look that also provides me with functionality, comfort, and versatility. With the quality of this diaper bag, I am sure if will last well beyond my child rearing days. 

2. DIAPERS (or Cloth Diapers)

In my experience, packing three diapers has always been enough to last my babies for a short outing to the grocery store or out to eat. Since your baby will likely go through at least one, possibly two, it seems like the perfect number to be sure you’re covered. And for cloth diapers, having just three in my diaper bag has always left enough room for all of the other necessities.


So when you are changing diapers baby wipes are essential. And even if you don’t have an explosive poopy diaper to clean, baby wipes can be used to clean up numerous other messes that your lovely baby might create. I myself have used baby wipes for EVERYTHING. From cleaning his face to wiping up spit up off of my arms. (Yes motherhood can be quite messy!)


Luckily, most diaper bags come with a changing pad so that is not usually anything you have to worry about because it stays in the diaper bag. However, because we are a cloth diapering family, I do always have to be sure that I pack a reusable wet bag to store dirty cloth diaper in while we are out of the house.

And although you can purchase disposable bags to store dirty diapers in until you get home, I feel that they are just another waste of my hard earned money.


Diaper cream is an absolute must have for EVERY diaper bag. We have all been there when our baby is teething or sick and has a horrible diaper rash while you are out of the house. And having diaper cream that is always in your diaper bag ensures that you will always be prepared to soothe your baby’s irritated diaper rash.

In my diaper bag, I always keep this Cloth Diaper Cream. It is sort of shaped like a big glue stick that allows you to put the diaper cream on your baby’s bottom without having to get diaper cream all over your hands.


As I said earlier, babies are messy. That’s why you always want to have at least one extra pair of clothes packed in your diaper bag just in case your baby has an accident. Don’t worry! It happens to everyone.


Let me just say that I LOVED having a pacifier for each of my kids. It was a wonderful distraction for my kids when they were wanting to nurse and it also calmed them down and comforted them when they were overtired and irritable. Therefore having at least one pacifier packed in the diaper bag was a must. Especially on long car rides.


If your baby is formula fed then you will definitely want to be sure to pack a bottle and formula. And then once your baby is at least 6 months old you may want to pack some healthy snacks for them to munch on. My son loves these yogurt melts.

And if your child is old enough to drink from a sippy cup it’s always a good idea to bring a sippy cup of water. Particularly on very hot summer days.

Plus if you are a breastfeeding mom, I highly recommend packing a bottle of water and some healthy snacks for yourself as well. Becuase trust me when I say breastfeeding moms get very hungry and thirsty. If you think you were starving during pregnancy, just wait. You will be shocked how much you will eat and drink while nursing your baby.

I always packed a granola and my reusable bottle of water when going out of the house.


Once again. Babies are extremely messy! And they don’t every get cleaner. Haha

It’s because of this, that I like to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in my diaper bag at all times. You never know when you might have to wash your hands without having a sink accessible. For example, I often will change my son in the back of my car because I have much more room to pull everything I need out. Having hand sanitizer right there in my bag saves me an extra trip to the bathroom to wash my hands.

I also love having hand sanitizer handy when I have to get gas or touch money. You never who touched it before you did!


I cannot tell you how many times having a baby blanket rolled up in my bag has been a lifesaver. Especially these muslin blankets that have various uses. I have used them for swaddling, a nursing cover, burp cloth, changing pad, car seat cover, and just a blanket. These blankets are also very thin and soft which is one reason they are our absolute favorite.

11. TOYS!

Any mom who has been out of the house with a baby knows that they can get bored very easily and that boredom can quickly turn into a full-blown tantrum or crying spell. Having just 2-3 toys and books can keep your baby distracted and calm a little longer until you get home. My son loves to play with his baby phone or tablet while riding in the car.


While a diaper bag is primarily for keeping your baby’s essentials, you will also need some items for yourself. Since my daughter was born almost 6 years ago, I have carried all of my stuff in the diaper bag. It just seemed to make the most sense to keep everything in one bag instead of carrying two.

I always make sure that I pack:

  • my wallet
  • cell phone
  • sunglasses
  • keys
  • chapstick
  • nursing pads
  • essential oil roller bottle
  • and feminine products

Packing a diaper bag is serious business! Here's a complete list of all the things you need! A great check list for moms-to-be! Diaper Bag for you and your baby. cloth diaper bag. Great tips on what you actually need. A complete list of diaper bag essentials. What to Pack in a Diaper Bag: How to Pack One Like a Pro


As you know the seasons are always changing. Because of this, I try to go through my diaper bag once ever few months. Not only does this give me the opportunity to clean it out and throw away the trash but I can also switch out seasonal items. For example, in the summer I always keep sunscreen in my diaper bag just in case we make an unexpected trip to the park.

And in the winter, I try to have a jacket and hat or a warm change of clothes packed.

Packing a diaper bag is serious business! Here's a complete list of all the things you need! A great check list for moms-to-be! Diaper Bag for you and your baby. cloth diaper bag. Great tips on what you actually need. A complete list of diaper bag essentials. What to Pack in a Diaper Bag: How to Pack One Like a Pro


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*What do you pack in your diaper bag? Did I miss anything? Tell me in the comments. I always love to hear from my readers!

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13 thoughts on “

How to Pack the Ultimate Diaper Bag + Checklist

  • I love this list! When I had a little one, I much preferred backpacks with lots of pockets to traditional diaper bags for sure. It just was so nice having it hands-free. Even now that my son is 5, I still prefer to carry a backpack over carrying a purse because it’s just so much more convenient.

    In addition to packing a change of clothes for my kiddo, I always had a spare tee shirt for myself. I can’t tell you how many times he had a blowout diaper while resting on my hip and it got all over me, or how many times that I arrived somewhere to find out there was spit up or a breast milk leak… having a spare shirt for me was SO valuable in those moments. Great list!!!

  • I laughed out loud when I read your comment about your bag getting too heavy. When my children were little, I would get backaches from their diaper bags. When I finally had time to clean it out, I found a can of Progresso soup in there 😂

    • Progresso soup!!! Wow you really were prepared. LOL! Thanks so much for your comment.

  • I always feel like my diaper bag is loaded down with too much stuff but then I never have what I need! Extra clothes get me EVERY time!

    • I know especially when you use the extra clothes and forget to repack. I try to also keep some in my car.

  • Thanks for sharing and great tips too! Although im out of the diaper bag stage for now… I still tend to pack alot of these things in my over sized handbag for my toddler.

  • My oldest is 3 and I’m due in September with our 3rd. I love this list! I’ve forgotten what needs to go in a diaper bag lol

    • Wow, congrats! Yes, there are so many things that can be used in multiple ways that get forgotten to pack.

  • Heather, I was impressed with the Diaper bag when we went shopping last week. It looks really awesome. I don’t have kids in diapers, but I’m thinking this would make an awesome camera bag and would hold my larger camera and lens and some accessories. Some of the things I carry are similar to what you listed above, too. I like the idea of having a separate place for a cold water bottle that is not packed directly in the bag with my gear and also is accessible without opening the bag. I may be ordering one. 🙂

  • This is such a good list! Scheduling to share on my twitter! 🙂

    I’m guilty of stuffing extra in the baby bag when I go to take it out of the house – and with two toddlers it gets heavy quickly. The other day I was adding more snacks to it and realised I was running short on space as I hadn’t taken the empty snack tubs out from a previous time! No idea how many days they had been in there..oops!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are having a good start to the week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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