Are there any advantages of working from home as a mom?

Many new moms experience an overwhelming need to stay home with their children and often decide not to go back to work due to this. However, the truth is that moms can stay at home with their kids while also making an income at the same time.

In fact, there are so many stay-at-home moms who have started their own at home business to help support their family’s income and care for their children all at the same time.

And with the internet at our fingertips, it’s really pretty easy for moms to find jobs to work from home with a baby.

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I first became a work at home mom 3 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with several spinal conditions that would only continue to get worse. As the sole provider for our family, it was devastating to our family.

At that time, I had two small children and could not imagine having to leave them at home. So we decided to look for ways that I could earn an income from home so that I could still be with my family full time. 

It was a rocky road but has paid off big for our family.

If this sounds like you are you’re debating whether or not you should consider finding a job at home, here are 10 amazing benefits that I have discovered from becoming a work at home mom.

1. More Time With Kids

One of the most common reasons to work from home is to spend more time with your kids. As moms, we have a natural sense of caring for our children and want to be there to nurture them from the time they are born.

However, in today’s economy, it’s nearly impossible to support a home with only one income. That’s where being a work at home mom comes in handy.

By finding a job that you can do from home, you have the benefit of spending way more time with your kids rather than in an office or another workplace.

There have been so many times where I have been there for my kids’ silly faces or crazy jokes that I realize I would have missed if I was working outside of the home.


2. Save on Childcare

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is the money I save on childcare. I love that I not only don’t have to pay someone else to watch my kid but that I know what type of care they are getting all day.

I personally grew up going to daycare and I hated it so for me, working from home with my kids was an easy choice.


3. Take Care of Household

Now, of course, being a work at home mom definitely takes some effort. You have to find a balance between being a stay at home mom and a working at home mom.

And it took me years to get into a comfortable routine with chores, kids, and work. But once I did, I was so happy that I was able to keep doing it all with my family.

So now I have a set schedule and am able to do all of my household cleaning in the morning and do my work in the evening.


4. Perfect For Anti-Social People

Do you have a problem getting along with people?

I have autism spectrum disorder but did not know it until last year. And now that I’ve been diagnosed I realize that it’s probably the reason that I had so much trouble relating to and being around people when I used to work outside of my home.

Now as a work from home mom, I am able to deal with people on a more minimal level and don’t have to see them every day.

So if you are very anti-social like me, you may benefit from working at home.


5. Make or Continue Earning Income From Home

If you’ve been working at your career and have recently had a baby, you may be torn between making a living and staying at home with your newborn. Fortunately, you don’t have to be.

There are tons of different careers that will actually allow their employees to work at home making it perfect for moms.

You can continue to earn an income while raising your babies.


6. Go To Work In Pjs

Uniforms are just plain awful. Everyone knows as soon as you get home you’re changing into your mommy clothes.

That’s another benefit of being a work at home mom. You don’t have to spend money on uniforms or dressy work clothes any work clothes. 

I literally live in leggings and T-shirts. And since I am behind a computer screen, no one knows or cares.


7. Save Money on Lunch

Working outside of your home can put a strain on your budget if you are eating out for lunch every day.

It’s nearly impossible to avoid, especially when other coworkers are eating out for lunch as well.

Another benefit of working from home is being able to make your own lunch in your kitchen. With having access to your kitchen you are way more likely to eat from home than when you are out at an office on your lunch break.


8. Flexible Hours

As a mom of two autistic kiddos, there is no way that I could keep a full-time job outside of my home even if I wanted to. Between therapies, doctor’s appointments and specialists I am literally swamped when it comes to taking care of my kids.

That’s why having a work at home job saves my life. I am able to work my own flexible hours. So if my child’s school calls and says she’s sick, I can stop what I am doing and get her right away. My work will still wait for me.

I’ve also found that while I’m working from home with kids I can stop and take breaks as needed or take a sick day.


9. No Commute

I hated having to get in my car to go to work every morning. It was miserable.

With the morning traffic, the afternoon traffic, and just having to get out into nasty weather, driving to and from work was awful.

Now I can stay at home all day and get my work done. I really never leave the house unless we have to run to the grocery store or an appointment. We save a ton of gas money and mileage on our car also.


10. Sense of Purpose

Many new moms express that once they become a stay at home mom, they feel like they have lost themselves and their sense of purpose.

They feel like “just a mom.” I felt this too. I wanted to be more than just a stay at home mom. And working from home and having my own business gave me that purpose back and allowed me to build something that was mine.


My Favorite Work At Home Mom Job

So how do I become a work at home mom?

This was my question when I first started looking at working at home. I wanted to have something I could build without having to put a ton of money into it. I ended up starting this blog. And I now make over $2500/month just from blogging.

Now you can certainly start your own blog and I can show you how here.

But here are a few other great ways to become a work at home mom. Working from home is a true blessing for moms today. We literally get the best of both worlds and it’s made me a much happier mom all around.

Are you a work at home mom? What’s your reason for working from home?

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