Bathtime is one of my absolute favorite parts of the evening. Not only do I LOVE to get my little munchkins clean and smelling fresh, but I also get excited about bedtime which follows directly after their bath.

And although I know not every toddler loves the bath, I am pretty sure that most do. Of course, who wouldn’t want to splash and pretend to be a fish while also getting clean? But if your little one is not enjoying bathtime or is just too active to sit in the tub, here are my most loved products for making the bath fun and so much easier.


Hooded Towels

Whoever came up with the idea of hooded towels is an absolute genius. Not only are hooded towels adorable but they also make wrapping up your wet and slippery little one so much easier.

Another huge plus for hooded towels is storage. We hang our kids’ hooded towels on command hooks for quick and easy access to baths so we don’t have to go on a hunt for dry towels. Plus I never have to worry about folding their towels and making them look neat.

And although you can buy hooded towels just about anywhere, I like to make my own from extra towels that I have lying around to save some money.

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Bath Toy Organizer

Bath toys are a must but the problem is finding a way to store them when bath time is over.

When my oldest child was a baby, I decided that I wanted to find an option for storing her bath toys while also allowing her an easy way to access them and clean them up herself. That’s why I fell in love with this bath toy organizer that allows kids to scoop their toys from the bath and then hooks on the wall of the bath/shower.

It not only gives them the independence to clean up after themselves but also allows their toys to properly dry and let the water drain from the bottom of the container.

Faucet Cover

Faucet covers have become a must-have bathtub safety product in our home.

They are a cute way to decorate the kids’ bathroom while also keeping them from banging their heads on the hard faucet during a splashing match.

Bath Cups

When bathing a crazy-active toddler having a cup that is safe for them to play with and doubles as a way to rinse them off is a huge lifesaver.

I have been a long-time lover of these Munchkin bath cups. They are soft and super flexible so no worries about kids hitting each other or themselves when dumping water over their heads.

Please tell me my kids aren’t the only ones who think it’s funny to dump water over their heads!

If you do decide to purchase these cups, make sure you get the ones with the white plastic handle. The older version had an open plastic handle that allowed water to flow through and became a pain to clean. With this new version, the handle is completely sealed off so no worries about mildew and other yucky gunk getting caught.

Tear-free shampoo and Body Wash

This one is well-known by just about every parent these days but just in case, I always like to double-check that when I’m purchasing a shampoo for my kids that it’s – tear-free.

Of course, almost every baby/kids’ shampoo you could find is tear-free today. But if you’re a little OCD like me just always check the front of the label. They usually have a little tear-free symbol.

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Washcloth Puppets

This option is really just for fun or keeping your kids entertained during bath time.

Everyone has washcloths but having a cute little set of washcloth hand puppets can take bath time to the next level – especially if your baby or toddler isn’t quite sure about taking baths yet.


When it comes to choosing bath toys, I always try to keep boats in my kids’ bathtub.

The biggest reason for that is because they are super easy to keep clean, unlike a lot of other toys such as rubber ducks and other squirter toys that tend to collect mold and mildew after getting wet.

I always look for toys that are one-piece and that don’t store water inside – like these one-piece boats that hook together.

Foam Bath Letters and Numbers

Who doesn’t want their kids to learn during bath time?

Like any parent, I love for my kids to have fun while learning and that’s what makes these foam bath letters and numbers so great. They are easy for little hands and they even stick to the bathtub wall for creating words.

Kneeling Mat

Okay! I admit that this one is simply for moms but I had to throw it in.

You know as well as I do that sometimes bathing a toddler can be a wrestling match and no one wants to be bending over the whole time or kneeling on the hard bathroom floor. That’s why these kneeling mats are a smart must-have for moms to keep their knees comfy while bathing their active toddler.

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