Having only one small income coming into your family is very stressful when you are a stay-at-home mom and you feel like you should be contributing. I felt that way for years seeing my husband so tired and weary about all of the bills that we had rolling in. It just always seemed like if I could just bring in a little extra money each month that we would be a lot better. And less stressed.

But when you are a full-time mom there aren’t many options out there for working while also raising small children. Believe me, I have tried. You also have to be aware of scams that are preying on people like us that are looking for work at home opportunities. And honestly, nothing ever seemed to be the right fit for me.

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With both of my kids’ needs as well as my own, there were just not any structured jobs out there that would work for our situation. I wanted to make money from home while being my own boss. So that is when I started and fell in love with blogging. It may not seem like a way to make money but let me tell you – I made over $1,000 from my blog in a month.

Convinced now? After taking the course Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic by one of my great blogging friends – Elna Cain, I was able to turn my blogging hobby into a money earning home business.

And the best part about blogging as a mom is that when my kids need me I can stop what I am doing immediately. I can also make my own schedule and put as much time and energy as I want into earning each month.

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Do you love to write but blogging is not the right fit for you? That’s okay. You can totally write for other bloggers or online businesses and get paid for your superb writing skills. It’s called freelance writing. There are tons of moms who write blog posts and even write for huge websites to make an income from home.

Just like blogging with freelance writing you can set your own schedule and work for with/for whoever you want. And if you are a great writer then you can actually make a full-time income just from writing – how cool is that?

There is actually a very informative course called – Write Your Way to Your First $1k by once again – Elna Cain. She is a successful freelance writer that shares all of her tips and tricks for starting your own freelance writing business in this exclusive course.



Do you love taking pictures of EVERYTHING? If so then perhaps you could turn your fun picture taking hobby into a business. As a blogger myself, I know that I am always on the hunt for great professional pictures to use in my blog posts. Many bloggers will even pay for new and original photos to use on the websites.


4. SEWING – Weighted Blankets

Sewing is such a great life skill. But there are some really creative people out there that truly enjoy getting behind the sewing machine and creating something beautiful. And what’s even better is that you can sell your sewing creations and make some extra money from home.

My friend Dawn started making weighted blankets for her two children that have autism and when a friend of hers asked if she could make one for her child, a business was born. Now a decade later, Dawn makes weighted blankets for children and adults on a regular basis. She even made a gorgeous weighted blanket for my daughter who also has autism and was having difficulty sleeping.

Here’s more about how the weighted blanket that Dawn made helped my daughter with autism.

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One of the most peaceful and very difficult hobbies that I have ever tried is crocheting. But for the masters that can make some pretty special crafts through crocheting are true artists. And if you love crocheting and can make some pieces that people would pay for then opening up an Etsy shop may be just the right way to make money from your hobby.



Okay, there are tons and tons of YouTube channels out there but for the ones that make money from posting videos and having ads on them, they are doing something right. Now being in front of the camera certainly is not my jam but for some people, it’s a lot of fun. From daily life all the way to watching craft tutorials, you can literally upload almost anything on YouTube and make money off of the ads if you get enough viewers.



You know when you find that one special gem at a yard sale of goodwill that is worth way more than the price tag that’s on it. This is where flipping comes. Flipping something basically just means you are buying something and then fixing it up to sell for more than you paid and then making a profit. People do this all of the time by finding local treasures and sprucing them up.

If you have a knack for design and refurbishing than this may be just the business for you in your spare time.



Jewelry making is pretty popular and there are tons of different Etsy shops where people sell their jewelry. If you are making some jewelry to sell than Etsy is probably your best option. And you may not make a full time living off of this hobby but you can certainly make some extra money to bring into your household.



Have a passion for painting? I do. My favorite type of painting is watercolor painting. The problem is that I can’t seem to part with any of my paintings yet. Haha. But if you don’t have a problem with selling your masterpieces than you could make some good money off of painting in your spare time.


Do you have a money making hobby that you love?

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