Having a baby takes a lot of planning and preparing. Between making the decision on whether you are going to breastfeed or formula feed and if you want to have your baby co-sleeping with you or in their very own room. Every family is different in what works best for them. That’s also why there are so many products available now for babies.

And because of that first-time moms are always asking veteran moms what necessities they truly need for their baby and what baby items are a complete waste of money.



There are also some very crucial baby items that are so incredibly helpful for surviving the newborn stage with your new baby. And many seasoned moms forget to mention some of the basic essentials that new moms will need for their newborn babies.

So since I have made it through the newborn stage twice so far, here is my absolute must-have baby gear checklist for surviving newborn stage with your baby.

1. Diapers

This may seem like a no-brainer but you will not believe how many people don’t even think about mentioning different types and brands of diapers that are available for newborns. 

So newborn babies go through anywhere from 6-10 diapers daily. That means well over 160+ diapers in the first month. And that’s a lot of diapers to go through. It’s also a lot of money. So if you are looking for a way to save some money while also diapering your newborn you should consider trying cloth diapering. 

I know what your thinking, “Not the old-fashioned pins and rubber pants!.” And no I am talking about modern cloth diapering where the diapers are completely user-friendly and many are one complete piece. No more pins either since they have this awesome little gadget called the Snappi. 

But no matter what you choose you will still need to get newborn sized diapers for at least the first part of your baby’s life. 



2. Baby Thermometer

When a newborn baby gets sick it can get serious very quickly. That’s why it is recommended to have a thermometer at home so you monitor your baby’s temperature before heading to the pediatrician. 

And for newborns, it is best to have a thermometer that can safely read rectal temperature since that is the most accurate at this age. You can also have a forehead or ear thermometer if you need a quick reading but I would still double-check with the rectal thermometer just to get the most accurate temperature before calling the doctor.


3. Baby Swing

Let me first say that I do not think I could have survived the first few weeks of motherhood without having a baby swing. Well, I probably would have but it would not have been as pretty.

A baby swing is perfect for newborns because when babies are first born they often still want to be held and rocked just like they had been for the past 9 months of pregnancy.

And since moms are often very busy trying to complete other tasks and need a break every now and then the baby swing is one of the best options for keeping a newborn baby swaying like in mom’s tummy but allowing moms to get a break.


4. Baby Carrier

Just like I said earlier newborn babies love to be swaying and moving just like they were in the womb. They also have those times where they just need to be held by mommy no matter what she has to get done.

For these times a baby carrier is a huge lifesaver for moms who need to have free hands and comfort their baby at the same time. I absolutely loved my Moby Wrap baby carrier when my babies were in the newborn stage.

Here is why. The Moby Wrap is:

  • breathable and doesn’t make your baby super hot
  • very comfortable with the soft fabric
  • feels the most like being wrapped up in the womb
  • perfect for newborn babies
  • super affordable
  • customizable
  • breastfeeding friendly



5. Swaddling Blankets

Most newborns sleep much better after being swaddled up just like they had been in mom’s womb. But not all blankets are able to be used for swaddling successfully. The best swaddling blanket that not only wraps around your newborn but also lasts the entire infancy because of its durability and many uses is the muslin blanket.

I love these blankets and they are so incredibly breathable for newborn babies. 

6. Manual Breastpump

Okay so everyone always tells you to get an electric breast pump because it’s easier and faster, but the truth is that a manual breast pump has fewer parts and can be used anywhere even without any electricity.

Plus manual breast pumps are super cheap and easy to use since they are very basic. I also loved my manual breast pump more than any electric because I was able to control my breast milk flow much better and I didn’t have to plug anything in. 



7. Infant Carseat

Here is another piece of baby gear that soon to be moms know they need but have no idea which one to buy.

First of all, when shopping for an infant car seat, you want to go with a good brand that has good customer feedback and has been crash-tested to the optimal standards. You also need to look for these features in an infant car seat.

  • rear-facing
  • a secure base for the car seat to click into 
  • a 5-point harness
  • side-impact tested
  • base latch installation capability

Lastly, I highly recommend that when purchasing an infant car seat that you buy it brand new and not used. The reason is that if a car seat was in a previous car accident, it can be damaged internally and should not be used again. Also, car seats have an expiration date for how long they can be used. 

So while there are numerous baby essentials that are completely safe to buy used this is one that I would air on the safe side and just invest in your newborn baby’s safety. 



8. Baby Grooming Essentials

No one ever talks about the fact that you have to groom a baby. And I think it’s because it’s one of the less glamorous parts of having a newborn baby. But it’s true! Newborn babies need to have their nails clipped, their hair combed or brushed, and even their noses sucked out when they are a little snotty. 

I recommend getting a grooming kit which comes with everything you need for grooming your baby including:

  • baby nail clippers
  • baby combs and brushes
  • a bulb syringe (although the one they give you at the hospital is better)
  • a thermometer
  • and medicine dispenser

9. Burp Cloths

Babies (especially newborns) spit-up. It’s just a fact of life for the newborn stage. And there are tons of cutesy little burp cloths that are supposed to be absorbent but only cover half of your shoulder.

Learn from my mistakes. I had two babies that had horrible acid reflux and spit up constantly. Those little wanna be burp cloths that you get from the department store are not going to soak up anything.

Instead, save a little money and go over to the kitchen and household section of the store where they have kitchen towels. Look for “flour sack towels.”

They are around $1 apiece and come in a multi-pack. And if you fold them in half they are super absorbent. In fact, I used them as cloth diapers for my newborn baby because they soak up so much moisture. 


10. Hooded Baby Towels

The last must-have newborn item that I love is hooded towels. The biggest reason is that they are so easy to use by covering your newborn baby’s head and easily wrapping around them. Hooded towels are also great at staying on and around your baby while getting them ready to be dressed. 

And if you don’t want to spend money on hooded baby towels you can always make your own from towels that you already have. I have made several of them and they have held up through numerous washes and drying cycles. Here is my guide to making a hooded towel from home.


Being prepared for the newborn stage helps tremendously with the first few weeks of adjustment.

Are there any other must-haves that you just could not live without in the newborn stage?

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