Are you ready for one of the biggest chapters of your life? It’s all about the potty. Well potty training that is.

Every parent reaches that one special day when they finally decide that it may be time to start toilet training their toddler.

But one of the biggest questions that parents ask is, “What is the right potty training age?” Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to this question, but many children start showing signs of interest in using the potty between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.

And since every child is different there is no way to guarantee when your child will be ready for sitting on the potty.

There are also many huge debates about how to potty train a girl versus how to potty train a boy. I’ve heard that girls are much easier to potty train than boys. However, in my experience with both a boy and a girl, I had a very stressful time potty training my daughter whereas my son has been a breeze.

I believe that potty training your toddler all comes down to a few factors which are waiting until your child is truly ready, using proven potty training techniques, and finding the best potty training products.

These potty training must-haves have been a huge lifesaver during our journey of teaching our toddler to use the toilet.


1. Find the Best Potty Training Seat

Of all the potty training products out there, finding the best potty training seat is always at the top of the list. A potty training seat allows your toddler to sit comfortably on the toilet without falling in.

Although there are a few toddlers who are big enough and skilled enough to sit on the big potty without any help from a toddler seat, that is often not the case. My toddlers were both on the small side at potty training age and needed a more appropriately sized potty to use.

As you may already know there are two types of potty seats. There are seats that fit onto a standard toilet allowing a small child to sit on it without the worry of falling in.

There are also the potty seats that sit on the floor with a small bowl inside to hold the pee or poo. The type of toilet seat to purchase is completely dependent on every child and the situation.

For my family, we decided to start off with a small froggy potty that had a removable bowl to let my toddler get used to sitting there without a diaper on.

And once he finally peed in the frog potty, he wanted to learn to go on the big potty like his big sister so we then purchased this potty seat that hooks onto the side when not in use.

2. Potty Training Pants or Underwear

No more diapers! Yay…

So since your toddler will likely not be wearing diapers anymore or at least part of the time, you will need to get some potty training pants or some big kid underwear. With both of my children, I decided to let them pick out their own cotton underwear to use at home and use disposable pull-ups while outside of the house and at night.

This made my life easier because at home when we were really trying to focus on potty training and getting comfortable with the potty, my kids could feel the wetness in their cotton underwear whenever they had an accident. I feel that this is super important to teach toddlers when they need to go to the potty.

And with disposable pull-ups on the go, we don’t have to worry about getting their clothes and furniture wet outside of our home.

I noticed that this was a big thing when my daughter was potty training since she would get very embarrassed and have anxiety if she had an accident.

3. Rewards and Potty Chart

Everyone loves a reward! Going to the potty at the beginning of potty training is a huge accomplishment, especially for toddlers. Having a reward for them to look forward to and work towards is always helpful when teaching a new life skill.

Some rewards can include:

  • a small toy that your child picks out
  • a special outing
  • stickers

Some parents even find it helpful to create a potty training chart. A potty chart is basically like a calendar or a chart with spots to place stickers. This provides a visual reminder and also a rewarding activity for your child to participate in.

4. Flushable Wipes

Okay, I am horribly guilty of flushing baby wipes down the toilet. Do Not Do It. By flushing baby wipes you can clog up your toilet and pipes.

Instead, get some flushable wipes that are designed to be flushed. Toddlers can use these much easier than toilet paper since they are more like baby wipes and are moist and soft. These are my favorites and are completely flushable.

5. Toddler Step Stool

I would not be able to make it through the day without a step stool in my house for my toddler. Let me tell you my almost 3-year-old boy is only 29 lbs and is still in some 24-month clothes. He is a little guy.

So climbing up to the potty or washing his hands is a challenge for him and my back from lifting him. That’s why I bought a step stool for the kids’ bathroom.

Another benefit is that this gives my toddler his independence. He can get onto the potty wash his hands (mostly), and turn the light on and off without having to rely on us.

6. Potty Training Books

Potty training books are awesome for showing your toddler that everyone goes potty – even Elmo!

My little boy loved reading this Elmo potty book when he was first starting to learn what going to the potty was. It was super easy to explain and kept him busy on the potty chair.

7. Waterproof Mattress Protectors

After spending a ton on a mattress, I am definitely not ready to have it ruined by nightly accidents.

That’s why I found these super easy-to-use waterproof mattress protectors for both of my kids’ beds. It takes the worry away. And if they get it wet just wash it and it will be as good as new.

8. Carseat Piddle Pad

When we started trusting my daughter to wear big girl underwear out of the house, I still wanted something to protect her car seat from any accidents that could occur on long rides. I was told about these great car seat piddle pads by a friend from church who swore by them.

After getting one I have not had any problems with car seats being wet. They are super absorbent and keep my mind at ease.

9. On the Go potty Seat

Let’s face it! You have got to leave the house sometime. So what do you do if your toddler needs to use the potty when you are at the grocery store?

The toilet seats in public restrooms are enormous and sometimes intimidating for little kids. So I found this on the go potty seat that folds up and fits nicely in the diaper bag.

10. Potty Training Watch

To be completely honest, I have never used a potty training watch for my toddler, but I do have friends who used them with their children and had amazing results.

A potty training watch is a watch that you can set to go off to remind your toddler to go to the potty every so often or whatever amount of time you decide.

I did something similar but just used a kitchen timer or the timer on my phone to remind my little one to go to the potty.

BONUS – Patience

Okay, this is not a product at all but I believe that you definitely need to have this during your toddler’s potty training journey.

That is patience. It can be extremely frustrating at times so always remember that this is all new to your child and try to take a breath and have patience with them.

Did I miss anything that was a must-have potty-training product for your toddler? If so, tell me below!

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