Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a new mom in your life but not so sure what will truly make her feel special?

It’s that time of year again where every store is decorated from floor to ceiling with garlands, red shashes, and beautifully lit Christmas trees. Furthermore everywhere you go you are faced with several potential gifts for the whole family.

And although there are tons of different gift guides on Pinterest for every single person on your Christmas shopping list, I wanted to put a personal focus on new moms this year. After all, I gave birth to both of my babies between late October and early November so I was certainly a new mom during Christmas those years.

Plus, when you have a new baby, no matter what time of year, your family and friends are likely to buy more for the new little one rather than new moms. Or sometimes you might not know exactly what a new mom may want or even need as a gift this Christmas.

Therefore if you are shopping for a Christmas gift for a new mother then I hope you will consider one of these exceptional gifts for her this year.


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1. Coffee Mug

While I am definitely not a coffee drinker, almost every other mom I know is and would love to have a cute coffee mug that says “MOM FUEL.” Heck! I could even use it for hot chocolate or even some warm soup. Because as we all know moms need some type of fuel to make it through a long day, especially new moms.

2. Comfy Robe

Even though a robe to wear around the house may not sound like a huge deal or very personal gift, trust me for new mamas it is. Just having a beautiful, soft, and comfortable robe to throw over your pajamas or even nursing clothing is a wonderful gift of comfort for moms who are tired and worn out.

I also love having robes when it’s chilly to keep me warm in my home during those winter months.

3. Bath Bombs

What mom doesn’t love taking a warm relaxing bath when the baby is napping to let all of the stress of the day soakaway? I know I do! And having bath bombs and salts in the water just adds to the relaxation. Just try not to fall asleep in the tub.

4. Essential Oils Set

If you have never heard of or are just not very familiar with essential oils, let me start off by telling you that they are amazing. With the natural scents as well as all of the different ways they can be used, they are a must-have for new moms.

Just like I said before during a relaxing bath, you can add some lavender oil into the diffuser and breathe in the calming fragrance. Or you can even diffuse them at bedtime to help you and baby get a better night’s rest.


5. Postpartum Recovery Giftset

It goes without saying that having a baby is tough on the body so naturally giving the gift of a postpartum recovery set is sure to help a mama feel better.

I especially love Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics because of their all-natural ingredients. Plus they designed this kit just for moms who are in need of a little love after giving birth.

earth mama organics postpartum

6. Nursing Scarf

Speaking of postpartum, so many moms are now exclusively breastfeeding their babies everywhere, so having a handy scarf that is not only fashionable and great for keeping you warm but also transforms into a mighty breastfeeding cover is priceless.

I love having one of these, especially during the holidays when you need a little privacy while also having family and friends over for another Christmas dinner.

7. Baby Picture & Handprint/Footprint Frame

As we all know babies grow up way to fast and sometimes we wish they would slow down. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to slow down this process but I do love having these adorable picture frames that have baby photos as well as their first hand and footprint.

It’s always amazing to look back at how small they once were and new moms are sure to love this as well. You know it seems like only yesterday I became a new mommy. Haha

8. Keepsake Box

Okay let’s just be real, keepsakes are like gold. As I said before keeping small reminders of how small your baby once was is amazing.

I personally have a keepsake box for each of my children and love adding to them and looking back at old memories.

9. Charm Bracelet

Many times when you become a mom for the first time, jewelry is something that is put on the back burner. Or at least that is how it was with me.

But I honestly could not resist adding this charm bracelet to the list because having a small reminder of the special little life that you brought into the world is always an amazing feeling.

10. Mommy Tees

Please tell me I am not the only mom who absolutely loves graphic mom tees.

This one is a delightful T-shirt perfect for any mom who had a new baby this year. Especially since most of the time, new moms are just looking to be comfortable when they have a newborn.

So tell me did I miss any Christmas gift ideas for new moms? Or if you were a mom would you be happy to receive any of these gifts on Christmas morning? Let me know below and also check out my other helpful mommy blog posts.

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