Although it may seem like your pregnancy cannot move along fast enough sometimes, you will one day look back on that time before you met your tiny baby face to face.

In fact, many expecting moms love to save pregnancy memories to share with their children later in life so they can see how small they once were.

And if you are anything like me, you will love tracking and documenting your pregnancy to save for later.

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So if you are the type of person that loves to hold onto memories throughout your life, you will love these cute ideas for documenting your pregnancy.

1. Photos of Positive Pregnancy Tests

Now, this may be a bit odd but many moms love to keep pictures of their positive pregnancy tests as a memory of when they first found out they were pregnant. I personally took several pictures of my positive pregnancy tests to share and announce with family members that we were expecting a new baby.

I also loved taking pictures over time of my pregnancy tests progressing. This was partly because I had suffered a miscarriage before my second child was born.

By taking a new pregnancy test every couple of days and comparing them side by side, you can see if the TEST line is getting darker over time. And if it is, it’s a good sign that your pregnancy hormone is getting stronger and you’re having a healthy pregnancy so far.


2. Fun Pregnancy Announcements

Another fun way to document your pregnancy is through pregnancy announcements.

So whether you are announcing your pregnancy through photos of your positive pregnancy test, or a cute piece of clothing announcing that your older child will be a big brother or sister, having that memory kept in a special way will remind you of when you first told your family and friends that you were bringing a new life into the world will be with you forever.


3. Writing Letters to Your Baby

Do you just love to write letters to everyone?

When I first became pregnant, I started writing letters to my unborn baby. It was partially to get all of my thoughts and feelings down onto paper and also to look back at later to see what I was thinking before I met my baby.

Now years later, I still have those letters and it’s funny to see how my thoughts have changed now that my little girl is here and growing up so fast.

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4. Weekly Bump Photos

Are you surprised by how quick your belly can grow during pregnancy?

One of the most memorable ways that I have found to document my pregnancy was by taking weekly bump photos. It’s absolutely amazing how much your pregnancy belly can change from week to week.

So start as soon as you find out you are pregnant and take weekly photos of your bump so you can see how your body changed during pregnancy.


5. Pregnancy Journal

Do you love scrapbooking? If so a pregnancy journal may be just the thing for you.

Along with all of your letters to your unborn baby, start jotting down all of your baby name ideas or your favorite ideas for creating a baby nursery.

You can create a pregnancy journal filled with all of these ideas and notes that you were thinking about during your pregnancy.

Making this when the memories are fresh in your mind will help you when you want to take a walk down memory lane or share these memories with your baby later.


6. Size of Unborn Baby Fruit Comparison

Have you seen those cute weekly pregnancy apps that actually tell you how big your unborn baby is each week of your pregnancy? Most of them will compare the size of your baby to a certain fruit or vegetable.

I was always fascinated by how small or even later how big my little baby was in my belly.

One fun way to document your pregnancy is to take belly photos with the piece of produce next to it representing the size of your baby.


7. Belly Measurements

Is your waist continuing to expand as your pregnancy progresses?

Measuring your pregnant bump each week is another way to keep track of and document your pregnancy.

You can even take cute pictures with a measuring tape to show how much your belly has grown. And if you want you can mark each measurement that you have weekly on the measuring tape.


8. Belly Casting

Every pregnant belly is shaped differently? Wouldn’t you love to have an accurate representation of how your belly was shaped when you were pregnant?

If so, getting a belly casting kit will allow you to cast your belly and keep the mold of it for later. It’s also a lot of fun to see how your pregnant belly is different from one pregnancy to another.


9. Sibling Banner

Do you already have a child who’s absolutely thrilled about being a big brother or sister?

If so, get them involved in making memories during your pregnancy. Kids love to help and get attention especially when they know there will be another baby coming into the home soon.

So get some family pictures or get some pictures of your child hugging or kissing your bump. Whatever will make the memory special for you and your family will work.


10. Keep Pregnancy Keepsakes

Do you like to save memories in a box? If so make a keepsake box for your pregnancy.

I had a keepsake box for both of my pregnancies. And I kept so many different things including:

  • ultrasound photos and videos
  • a belly casting
  • pictures of my bump with belly paint
  • measuring tape used for measuring belly
  • baby shower invitations and photos
  • and even all of the special baby class invitations


11. Baby Movement Videos

Is your baby doing flips in your belly? Get the camera out and start filming.

It’s amazing to see all of the ways that your unborn baby can move inside your pregnant belly. In fact, my second child spent most of his time laying sideways in my belly for the last few months of my pregnancy.

So take advantage of these moments and make videos so you can remember how your baby kicked and flipped over in your belly. Trust me. You won’t believe it once you watch it later.


12. Before and After Photos

Along with taking weekly pregnancy photos, one of the most adorable ways to document your pregnancy comes at the very end, just before you give birth.

I see these before and after photos everywhere and they are so cute. All you do is take a photo of your pregnant bump just before giving birth or in your last week of pregnancy and then once your baby is born, take a photo of your holding you baby on your belly in the position as before.

Then you can compare how you looked with your pregnant belly full term and then after with your newborn in the same place.

Do you like to keep pregnancy memories? If so, how did you document your pregnancy?

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