Are you getting ready for your new baby?

Expecting moms do a ton of prep work to make sure they all are prepared for the new little human that they will have to take care of. From reading pregnancy books to making sure that their home is ready for a new baby, getting everything done can be a challenge.

And to be honest, many first time moms and even veteran moms want to learn as much as they can about pregnancy, giving birth, and even taking care of a newborn baby.

Of course, there are tons of classes you can find at local hospitals, but who has the time to go out and sit in all of the classes all day. Not to mention that many of them are not cheap at all.

12 Online Courses to Help Get You Prepared for Your Baby

This is the biggest reason that online courses for moms have become so popular. They not only allow you to learn exactly what you need from the comfort of your home, but many times are way less expensive than going to a class in public.

So from pregnancy to birth and beyond, here are 12 online classes that are made especially for expecting moms.

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Pregnancy is no picnic. Not only are you growing a human being inside you, but when you are pregnant, your entire body changes. Between morning (or all day) sickness, frequent bathroom visits, and pregnancy pains, it can feel like you don’t know which way is up.

This is why taking an online prenatal course, can help answer all of your burning pregnancy questions, while also giving you great information and tips on how to survive pregnancy.

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1. The Online Prenatal Class for Couples

One problem that I have found with pregnancy is that the men in our lives often don’t understand what we are going through and how they can help us.

And this is one reason that The Online Prenatal Class for Couples is the perfect solution for getting your partner involved in your pregnancy. What’s better is that this online class walks expecting parents through pregnancy, labor, birth, and even postpartum together.

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples


2. The Pregnancy Cookbook

Are you eating everything in sight and not sure what is really beneficial for your growing baby? Being pregnant can cause you to have some really odd cravings, but thankfully there is a really great resource for finding good meals and snacks that are perfect to eat during pregnancy.

It is called The Pregnancy Cookbook. And it is perfect for pregnant mamas who are looking for a fresh new set of healthy recipes to follow and nourish their growing baby! There are also easy recipes for every stage of your pregnancy.

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The Pregnancy Cookbook



Going through labor and giving birth is one of the scariest parts of becoming a mom. There are endless questions about whether it’s better to give birth with or without medication and if a water birth is better.

Of course, it really all depends on how you want to give birth to your baby, but thankfully there are some really great birthing courses that cover every type of labor and delivery question you can imagine.

3. Birth It Up! The Natural Series

Do you want to have an “unmedicated” birth?

If so, get your self prepared by taking this information-packed class all about having a natural birth without spending a fortune. This class is called Birth It Up! The Natural Series and is taught by Liesel Teen who is a labor and delivery nurse and a mom.

Liesel has assisted in hundreds of births and knows the ins-and-outs of giving birth without any medication.

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Birth It Up! The Natural Series


4. Birth It Up! The Epidural Series

Are you planning to have an epidural during your labor and delivery?

No worries! Liesel Teen strikes again. She has a class that is dedicated to teaching everything expecting moms need to know about having an epidural birth. The class is called Birth It Up! the Epidural Series.

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Birth It Up! The Epidural Series


5. Supporting Her

Giving birth is one of the most difficult things a new mom has to go through. However, you don’t have to go it alone.

Many husbands or partners are eager to help support their expecting wives during labor and birth. The problem most men face is that they don’t really know what they can do to help. That’s why the Supporting Her Class is perfect for first-time dads.

Supporting Her Childbirth Class for Your Partner



Are you planning to breastfeed your baby? Take it from me. Breastfeeding definitely doest not always come naturally. I tried to breastfeed my first baby and completely failed all because I was not educated on breastfeeding and what to look out for.

But when I had my second baby, I took the time to learn everything I could about the ins-and-outs of breastfeeding and was able to successfully breastfeed him until he was 15 months old.

So if you want to breastfeed your baby, learn from the best.

6. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology

The Milkology Breastfeeding Class is taught exclusively by Stacey Stewart. Stacey is a Certified Lactation Educator and a mom of 3. She has an extensive history of helping moms learn to breastfeed their babies from the start while also knowing exactly what to be on the lookout for.

And by learning about breastfeeding by a certified lactation educator like Stacey, you’ll know that everything you learn is vital to breastfeeding your baby from the comfort of your home.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class


7. The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class by Milkology

Stacey Stewart also offers a class for breastfeeding moms who are returning back to work called The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class where moms can learn how to prepare to return to work while using a breast pump to save breast milk for their babies while they are away.

This class covers everything from getting your baby to take a bottle of breast milk to talking with your employer about using a breast pump at work.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class


8. The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class by Milkology

Another breastfeeding class taught by Stacey Stewart is The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class which is made for moms who are not able to get their babies to latch onto the breast properly and have to use a breast pump to express their breast milk for their baby.

This class covers topics such as choosing a breast pump, building your breast milk supply, and overcoming common obstacles that come with exclusively pumping breast milk for your baby.

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class


9. The Breastfeeding Cookbook

As a breastfeeding mom, it can be hard to know what foods are helpful to your breast milk supply and what is just a craving. The Breastfeeding Cookbook is great for nursing moms to find fresh and healthy recipes to nourish their breastfeeding baby,

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The Breastfeeding Cookbook


10. Pumping and Storing Breast Milk

Once you have learned how to breastfeed your baby, it’s good to learn how to use a breast pump so you can start pumping and storing milk for when you are not around.

The Pumping and Storing Breast Milk Class is perfect for learning how to properly pump and store your breast milk for your baby when you will be away for a bit or are going back to work.

Pumping and Storing Breast Milk



Once you have given birth to your baby and learned how to breastfeed, you may think you’ve learned all that you can, but you will soon learn that you can learn so much more.

11. The Postpartum Handbook

Preparing for your baby’s arrival is one thing, but are you ready for what comes after?

The postpartum stage is often filled with tons of questions and worries so that’s why it’s great to have The Postpartum Handbook to be ready for all that comes after you have your baby.

The Postpartum Handbook



If you thought taking care of yourself while you were pregnant was hard, you haven’t seen anything yet. Once your baby is born, it’s like a whole new ball game.

12. Baby, We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep.

It seems like once you’ve figured out one thing about your baby a whole new monkey wrench gets thrown in. Like getting your newborn to sleep.

Are you struggling to get sleep during the newborn period?

If so this class is perfect for you. It’s called Baby, We’re Home! Now Let’s Sleep. It is taught by Andrea De La Torre. She is a Certified Sleep Consultant and mom who now helps families get their new baby to sleep better.

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Baby, We're Home! Now Let's Sleep.

Are you all prepared for your baby now?

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