Pregnancy can be very exhausting and also painful sometimes. Here are 12 must-have products to help you get through your pregnancy.

After having three successful and very long pregnancies, I can tell you that it can seem like your pregnancy is going to last forever. And there are certainly times when you are saying to yourself, “I am ready to have this baby already!”

Pregnancy comes with so many different side effects, all day sickness, pressure, and pain, not to mention that you feel like you’re getting as big as a house. Thankfully there are so many wonderful products out there for expecting moms that are a true lifesaver and make pregnancy much more comfortable.


1. Preggie Pop Drops

I am so incredibly jealous of any mom who did not have morning sickness in her entire pregnancy. I know it sounds unrealistic, but it happens. But for those of us who are spending the first trimester of pregnancy on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet, there is something that can help.

First of all Preggie Pop Drops. They are little cough drop-sized candies that taste a little sour but are very soothing to an upset pregnant tummy. I loved these and when I just couldn’t keep anything down and felt like running to the bathroom, I popped one of these in my mouth and was able to settle my stomach.

2. Sea-Bands

And since we are still on the topic of being sick to our stomachs during pregnancy, I wanted to share these Sea Bands with you.

Sea-Bands are acupressure bracelets that put pressure on a certain pressure point on your wrist that is supposed to help calm nausea. I was so happy to have these with my second pregnancy to help with my horrible nausea.

Now when I say I had all-day sickness, I mean it. For the first few weeks of pregnancy, I couldn’t even think about food without getting sick, and getting up and walking around was impossible without throwing up. So having something that helped a bit and took the edge off was amazing.

3. Prenatal Vitamins

As a pregnant mama, your body is now supporting another little human being and that takes a ton of nutrition and extra vitamins.

This is why you should start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. Prenatal vitamins are filled with extra helpful nutrients and supplements including folic acid, iron, and calcium to help your baby grow and to prevent any birth defects.

I love having prenatal vitamin gummies since they are so much easier on a pregnant mom’s stomach and help curb morning sickness.

4. Pregnancy Support Belt

Okay let me tell you that this pregnancy support belt may look a little ridiculous but when you are growing and have everything inside your body stretching and putting pressure on all of your nerves, you will not even care how it looks.

This happened mainly in my second and third pregnancies with my sons. I started having some horrible pelvic pain that would spread down my legs and my doctor said to get a pregnancy support belt to help with the weight and pressure of my growing baby.

This is the one I used and I loved how flexible it was for bending down and picking up my toddler.

5. Pregnancy Waistband Extender

Pregnancy causes your belly to grow – HUGE!

Okay not huge but it will feel that way when none of your regular clothes fit. That’s where this pregnancy waistband extender comes in. It wraps around your belt loops to allow you to still wear your jeans but it gives you a little more room for your growing your belly.

6. Belly Bands

And if the pregnancy waistband extender just doesn’t work for you then a belly band should do the trick.

I used these belly bands throughout both of my pregnancies and they made wearing my jeans so much easier. They also gave me a little needed support for my growing belly. I loved how the bands cover up the open part of your jeans as well.

7. Maternity Clothes

So the time will come when you just cannot fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans no matter how many tricks you have up your sleeve.

And that’s when you have to finally go and purchase a maternity wardrobe. From shirts, all the way to jeans, shopping for maternity clothes is lots of fun and you can finally find clothes that fit your growing belly.

8. Pregnancy Leggings

Ahhhh Leggings! Need I say more?

Leggings are the comfiest piece of clothing on the planet and even more so when you are pregnant and nothing fits great. Pregnancy leggings are new to me and I didn’t even know they existed until now. But these are a must-have for every pregnant mama.

9. Maternity Bras

If you have ever been pregnant before then you know that your breasts have a tendency to begin getting fuller during pregnancy and this means going up a cup size or two.

I was much more comfortable saving my money and just using nursing bras during my pregnancy. They were much more comfortable for my sore pregnant breasts.

10. Pregnancy Pillow

You may think that you are going to get all the sleep you need before your baby gets here but getting to sleep comfortably can be incredibly difficult when you are expecting a new baby. With your body being stretched and pushed from the inside finding just the right sleeping position is not easy.

During my pregnancies, I wanted to have a pillow between my knees for support, one under my head, one behind my back, and then one to tuck just under my huge belly.

Four pillows! Yes, crazy right but this pregnant mama wanted to get some sleep. Thankfully there is a much easier solution. It’s a pregnancy pillow. Yes, genius right? These pillows wrap all around your body as you need and support every part of your pregnant body that needs support.

11. Skin Care During Pregnancy

Like I said earlier, supporting a baby during pregnancy can be hard on your body and that includes your skin.

Remember your belly and more are going to be growing and stretching so your skin be the one to take the beating if you don’t care for your skin properly. I loved rubbing this on my belly and other parts of my body to help with the stretching and the itching that followed.

12. Books and Pregnancy Apps

I don’t care if it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, having a helpful pregnancy book or app is so helpful for learning about your growing baby. Not only do you learn the basics about how your baby is developing, but you can also look up any weird pregnancy symptoms or delivery questions that you may have.

I loved having a pregnancy app on my phone that way I could see my pregnancy progress every week. It was also very exciting to see how big my baby was compared to a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

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Did I miss anything? What are some other things that help during pregnancy?


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