Pregnancy is a rollercoaster where you just have to hang on for the ride. And through the ups and downs, you come out with a huge reward for pushing through. But pregnancy can be a whole lot harder during the hot summer months – especially when you live where the humidity is very high.

So to beat the summer heat here are my summer pregnancy tips as a mom who was pregnant through three summer pregnancies.

*I am not a doctor or a medical professional. These are just my experiences with pregnancy. This page may contain affiliate links, however, I will never recommend anything that I do not believe in and use myself. You can read more about my disclosure policy here.

One huge problem that seems to occur to tons of pregnant women during the summer is swelling.

It’s completely natural and common for pregnant women to have some mild swelling during pregnancy, but the summer heat can make it much worse. So here are some ways to deal with summer pregnancy swelling.

1. Take Rings Off

One of the first things I had to do as the summer months started to approach was to remove my wedding ring. I absolutely hated taking it off but I knew if I didn’t it could be much harder and more painful to take off later if the swelling became worse.

Don’t worry. You will definitely be able to put your wedding ring back on but you may want to wait until after you have given birth.

2. Elevate Your Feet

When you are pregnant, your ankles, legs, and feet are more prone to swelling due to all of the extra weight you have to carry around. And the summer heat will cause the swelling to be worse so try to keep your feet elevated when you sit down to reduce the swelling.

3. Reduce Salt Intake

Too much salt intake can make your natural pregnancy swelling more intense so try to reduce your salt intake at meals to help prevent or relieve any swelling.

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes

With all of that extra weight, you are carrying around your feet may start to feel sore. Try wearing comfortable and supportive shoes. You may also have to go up a shoe size due to some swelling in your feet during pregnancy.

5. Stay Hydrated

How can I stay cool in the summer while pregnant?

Overheating in pregnancy is a real worry that expecting moms have to keep an eye out for. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself cool during pregnancy in the summer months is to drink plenty of water.

And always keep a bottle of water with you just in case.

6. Keep A Fan On

One problem that I faced during the summer months of my pregnancy was finding a way to stay cool at night. Even though the sun was down, it was still horribly humid where I lived and I was not able to get comfortable to sleep.

I found that having an extra fan that oscillated near me kept me much cooler at night while I was pregnant.

7. Damp Washcloths

How do I deal with heat during pregnancy?

When you feel overheated and need to get cool fast during pregnancy, try using a cool damp washcloth and wrapping it around your neck or over your forehead. You can also wet it before going outside in the heat to help you stay cool while outside.

8. Go For A Swim

There is truly nothing like swimming while you are pregnant. After carrying around that extra weight all day, relaxing in the cool water helps to take the weight off and helps you feel so calm.

Swimming is also a great way for pregnant women to stay cool during the summer.

9. Wear Summer Maternity Clothes

One of the most important summer pregnancy must-haves is maternity clothes that are breathable and comfortable. I personally love cute maternity dresses and shorts for beating the summer months while pregnant.

10. Stay In The Shade

Being pregnant in the sun all day is really dangerous since you can overheat very quickly. That’s why you should try to find a shady spot to relax while hanging outside during the summer.

I loved sitting underneath a shady tree or a nice big umbrella while sitting outside.

11. Get A Hair Cut

Now, this may sound extreme but for some expecting moms, it makes a huge difference in their comfort during the summer months.

During pregnancy, all of the hormones and vitamins help moms to grow long hair and sometimes it can get too long and hot during a summer pregnancy. Having a little cut can make a difference between keeping extra cool with the summer heat.

I personally, cut my hair during both of my pregnancies in the summer because I was so hot and wanted something more manageable before my baby arrived.

12. Take Frequent Naps

When your pregnant body says to take a nap, be sure to listen to it. Making it during a hot summer day while pregnant can be hard on your already tired pregnant body so rest is super important.

Did you have a summer pregnancy? What are your best tips for surviving pregnancy during the summer?

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