Do you have a ton of different ideas and tasks for your mom blog that you just can’t keep track of? 

That was me just under a year ago. I knew where I wanted my mom blog to go but had no idea how to organize all of my blogging ideas, tasks, and stats to make it all actually happen.

After blogging for almost 2 years, I was still nowhere near where I wanted to be and I believe that most of that was because I was not organized. The truth is that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to have a solid plan and you have to get educated – a lot!

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Finally after taking my favorite blogging course – EVER, I learned how I needed to lay out all of my blogging tasks, stats, ideas and more in my bullet journal. A bullet journal is simply a journal that is customizable for each user. Mine, for example, has a dotted grid in it rather than lines. I love this because I can doodle without having lines taking over the page.

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So here are 13 ways that you can use a bullet journal to organize your mom blog and grow your business into a success. 

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1. Blog Post Ideas

Writing down your blog post ideas is literally crucial and you have to do it whenever you think of it or you might just forget it later. I have had this happen so many times that I am embarrassed to admit it.

But now that I have started using my bullet journal to keep track of my blog post ideas, I am much more organized and I don’t have to worry about forgetting to write it down. I also love that I have all of my blog post ideas in one place so that I can look over them when I need some inspiration for a new blog post.


2. Keywords and Blog Inspiration

This part of my bullet journal may not seem as important but it truly is for keeping myself on track. 

By keeping popular keywords written down, I am able to ensure that I am writing blog posts that are in my niche and that my readers love. This is because the readers that come to my blog are looking up these keywords for answers to a problem they are looking to solve.

And by writing about solutions specifically with these keywords that they are likely searching, I am more likely to have them come across my blog.

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3. Blogging Goals

Having goals is always good for keeping you on track and working towards something. That’s why many mom bloggers start off with having a goal or purpose for their blog. 

For example, I wanted to start earning $1,000 every month with my mom blog. So since I had that goal in place, I had a motivation for working hard and figuring out how to start making money blogging.

Now that I have achieved that goal, I have made new ones every month to reach so that I can check off these goals whenever they are met. 


4. Income Tracking

If you are earning money from your mom blog, it’s a really good idea to keep track of it. I like to track every one of my income sources to see what is working for me and to also know what I can do better in. 

So one thing that I learned from the course, Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic is that as a parenting blogger I have to monetize my blog differently than many other blogs that are earning money from book sales and affiliate marketing.

The reason for this is that my readers are mostly moms who are looking for help with solving a problem and also may not want to spend a ton of money. So for my blog, the best way to make money was by utilizing ads from Mediavine and increasing my blog’s traffic every month. Making this mindset change has literally quadrupled my blog’s traffic and income. 

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5. Monthly Blog Expenses

Although starting a blog is relatively cheap, there are some expenses that you have to utilize along the way once you are up and running.

For example, I use the Tailwind app to schedule my Pinterest images to automatically be shared to Pinterest throughout the day. This not only saves me so much time, but it also helps me to keep sharing my content while I am busy with my family. 

By keeping them written down in my bullet journal, I am able to keep track of what I am spending monthly on my blog and to ensure that I have kept track of them for filing taxes. 

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6. Blogging Stats

Blogging stats are so important to keep track of if you are trying to see if your blog is gaining more readers. A few things that I like to write down in my bullet journal are my monthly –

  • Page Views
  • Email Subscribers
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Facebook Followers
  • Instagram Followers

By knowing where my readers are I know exactly where sharing my content will get me the most traffic. So for my blog, Pinterest brings me over 90% of my readers. 

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7. Monthly Blog Post Calendar

One thing that is always important for bloggers is to publish new content on a regular basis to keep your blog out there and to catch the eyes of new and returning readers.

By having a monthly calendar that shows your plan for when you will be posting each new blog post throughout the month you can keep yourself organized and know exactly when you are posting a new blog post. 

I love to post two new blog posts each week and having them already planned out helps me to prepare keywords, phrases, and other information that I want to add to that specific blog post ahead of time. 

8. Upcoming Sponsored Posts

In the world of blogging, sponsored blog posts can be very beneficial as far as income is concerned. However, they are often not the main source of income. But I love to take on some sponsored blog posts every now and then if the topic is something that I would talk about anyways on my blog.

A sponsored blog post is basically when a company pays you to review their product or service in the form of a post on your blog. Some of these opportunities are lots of fun, but often have very strict guidelines so you want to be sure that you have written down all of the dates you need to keep track of.

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9. Sharing Checklist

When you start a blog, it doesn’t just automatically get seen by readers. Although many people do not realize this when they start a blog. Sharing on social media is one of the best ways to get your blog out and in front of potential readers. 

And for many different social media sites, there are certain days or times that are the best to share your content. For my sharing checklist, I like to keep track of all of the sharing days in my favorite Facebook groups for mom bloggers. They have certain days where you are allowed to share different types of content. 

It is important to stay within these individual dates that are set for sharing because if you do not, you risk the possibility of being kicked out of the group for not following the rules.


10. Product Review Tracker

Once you have started your mom blog and get it noticed, there are likely to be a few companies that will reach out to you and ask if you will try and review their product in the form of a blog post. 

So basically you would get the item free if you review it and leave their product link in your post so others can see it. 

I cannot tell you how many of these emails I receive on a monthly basis. Most of them are simply not worth my time or are not a good fit for my parenting blog.

But every now and then I come across a product that is perfect to review and will certainly help out my readers with the struggles that they are facing. One example was my daughter’s weighted blanket. 

Aubrey has autism and has a difficult time sleeping normally but after using a weighted blanket she started falling asleep faster and staying asleep through the night.

And for the product reviews that I actually am interested in, I like to keep a list in my bullet journal so that I know which ones need to be completed ASAP.

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11. Doodling for Blogging

I am not sure about everyone but even as a kid in school, I loved to doodle around my notes.

Doodling is just one of those added benefits of having a bullet journal. Since it’s filled with a dotted grid, I am able to draw and create different things inside to make it look pretty while also using it for my blog. 


12. Notes and blogging reading that you need to read

As a mom blogger, I am always eager to learn more about how I can improve my mommy blog to improve and gain more readers. So anytime I buy a new course, come across an informative blog post, or receive an email that I need to come back to and really read over, I scribble it down in my bullet journal.

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13. Hashtags

If you are not familiar with hashtags, hurry up and start digging in because they are used everywhere – especially by mom bloggers. Hashtags are now on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest.

They are basically like keywords that are often used but some may be phrases or more than one word commonly used together. Keeping the list of common hashtags in my bullet journal helps me to use them when posting to my social media accounts.

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Do you use a bullet journal for your mom blog? If so tell me what your favorite ways to use it are.

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