Are you trying to choose the perfect baby name but haven’t heard anything that really fits your baby yet? One of the best ways to find a baby name is to look into different themes of names that sound good to you.

One really popular theme for baby names is a nature theme.

A nature name is simply a name that is commonly used to name something in nature. A few different common things on earth that are also used as names for a baby are words that describe:

  • herbs
  • the sky
  • flowers
  • plant life
  • birds
  • animals
  • stones (precious stones)
  • the elements (earth, air, fire, water)
  • the seasons (spring, summer, winter, fall)

So if you are really into an earthy theme and just love how these nature-inspired names sound, here are 148 baby boy names inspired by nature all around us.

And if you are expecting a girl instead, here are 192 nature-inspired baby girl names.

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Acer – is the Latin botanical name for the Maple Tree.

Acker – English word meaning “meadow of oak trees.”

Ackley – English name for “oak meadow.”

Acton – is an English word that means “village with oak trees.”

Adair – a Scottish and Irish name that means “oak tree ford.”

Addax – addax is a white antelope that resides in the Sahara Desert.

Aidan – Gaelic name for “little fire.”

Alamo – is a Spanish name that means “popular tree.”

Alani – is a Hawaiian name that means “orange tree.”

Alder – is an Old English name that refers to the “alder tree.”

Alteris – is a Greek name that describes a bell-shaped flower. Alteris also means “corn grinder.”

Amir – is an Arabic and Hebrew name that means “king, ruler, and treetop.”

Arbor – is a Latin name that means “tree.”

Aries – is a Latin name that means “ram.”

Arvid – a baby boy name of Scandinavian, Swedish, and Norwegian origin that means “eagle tree.”

Ash – an English name that means “ash tree.”

Asher – a variation of the English name that means “ash tree.”

Ashton – is an English name that means “ash trees place.”

Aster – Greek name meaning “star.”


Barrow – which means “living by a grove”

Banyan – Indian for “the God tree.”

Basil – describes the culinary herb.

Bay – describes the broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inward.

Bear – describes the animal.

Beaumont – French name that means “beautiful mountain.”

Benton – English name for “bent grass settlement.”

Birch – close to the birch trees

Branden – English name for “brown hill”

Briar“a thorny patch.” Another variation of the name is Brier.


Buck – describes a “male deer.”


Caelum – the Latin name for “heaven.”

Caspian – comes from the Caspian Sea located between Europe and Asia.

Cedar – is an American word that means “type of tree.”

Chan – Cambodian for “sweet-smelling tree.”

Clay – a finely-grained natural rock or soil material.

Cliff – describes the slope or bank of a river.

Cloud – an American name meaning “visible vapor nebula.”

Clove – is a type of “spice” that comes from German origin.

Colt – a colt is a “young male horse.”

Cove – describes a small sheltered bay.

Cullen – Irish for “holly tree.”

Cypress – comes from the tree of the same name.


Dagwood – an English name that means “bright wood.”

Dakota – comes from the name of a tribe of Native Americans from the Mississippi Valley. It is also part of the names of two states – North Dakota and South Dakota.

Dale – an English name that means “valley.”

Danner – German for “dweller near the fig tree.”

Denver – an English name meaning “born in a green valley.”

Dillon – Welsh name that means “the great sea.”

Dusty – a name that means “stone.”

Dylan – Welsh for “son of the sea.”


Eco – Latin name that means “of the environment.”

Ellwood – English name for “elder tree forest.”

Ember – the name Ember means “spark or burning low.”

Everest – a boy’s name that describes the tallest mountain in the world – “Mount Everest.”


Falcon – describes the powerful bird that has the same name.

Flint – English name meaning “a stream.”

Forest – French name meaning “woodsman or woods.”

Fox – describes the animal with the same name.

Fraser – Scottish for “strawberry.”

Frost – originates from Danish, Icelandic, and Norwegian origin and describes “winter.”


Glen – Gaelic name that means “valley.”

Granite – describes the common type of rock that is used in home countertops as well as cookware.

Grover – English name for “lives near a grove of trees.”

Guthrie – Gaelic name meaning “free wind.”


Harbor – describes a place on the coast where ships find shelter and dock.

Hawk – describes the bird with the same name. Another variation is Hawke.

Hazelton – English name meaning “settlement near hazel trees.”


Indigo – describes a dark blue tropical plant.

Irving – Scottish for “green river or sea friend”


Juniper – is a Latin name that describes the “juniper berry.”


Kai – Hawaiian name meaning “sea.”

Kale – describing the green or purple leafy vegetable.

Kamal – Arabic for “lotus.”

Kodiak – a Russian name for the Kodiak Islands. It is also the name for the Kodiak bear.


Lake – a baby boy name meaning “a body of water that runs deep.”

Landon – English name meaning “long hill.”

Lark – a name taken from the songbird. Another variation is Larke.

Laurel – is a Latin name that means “laurel tree.”

Lennox – Scottish for “elm grove.”

Leo – Latin name meaning “lion.” Leo is also a zodiac sign for those who are born between July 23 and August 22.

Liko – Hawaiian name meaning “leaf bud.”

Linden – meaning “linden tree hill.” Another variation is Lyndon.

Linwood – an English name that comes from “the linden tree dell.”

Lupin – a Latin name meaning “pertaining to the wolf.”

Lynx – describes the medium-sized wild cat of the same name.


Malik – Greenlandic for “wave.”

Malus – the Latin name for “the apples.”

Manuka – a New Zealand name for the “flowering shrub or tree.”

Marin – French name that means “one who loves the ocean.”

Marino – a Latin name meaning “of the sea.”

Marsh – a baby name from Old English origin meaning “swamp.”

Marvin – Welsh for “sea hill.”

Merlin – Welsh name meaning “sea fortress.”

Montana – Spanish name for “mountain.”

Morgan – Welsh name for “sea-born, sea-song, or sea-circle.”

Moss – describing the small flowerless plants that grow in damp or shady locations.

Mulberry – is the name of a tree called a “mulberry tree.”

Murphy – Irish name for “sea warrior.”


Nash – English name for “by the ash tree.”

Nevada – Spanish name meaning “covered in snow.”

Nimbus – the Latin name for “dark cloud.”

North – describes the northern part of an area, country, or region.


Oliver – Latin name meaning “olive tree.”

Onyx – the name of a gem.

Oren – Hebrew name for “laurel or pine tree.”

Orion – green name meaning “rising in the sky.”


Park – describes a grassy place with trees.

Perry – English name for “dweller near a pear tree.”

Phoenix – the name Phoenix comes from Greek origin and means “dark red.” The name is also the name of a mythical bird.

Pierce – Welsh name for “rock.”


Quarry – describes a large, deep pit where stone or other minerals are extracted.


Rafferty – Irish name meaning “floodtide.”

Rain – is a word that describes the weather phenomenon when rain falls from the sky. The name Rain also means “abundant blessings from above.” Another variation is Raine.

Reed – describes a tall plant that grows in marshy waters.

Reef – is a bar of rock, sand, or coral that lies beneath the surface of the water.

Ren – Japanese name for “lotus.”

Ridge – an English name meaning “a narrow, rough segment of mountaintop.”

Rio – a Spanish, Portuguese, or Japanese name that means “place of the cherry blossoms.”

River – describes a large natural stream of water that flows in a channel to the sea, a lake, or another stream.

Robin – is an English name that means “bright fame.” Robin is also the name of a bird.

Rowan – is a tree or shrub related to the rose family.


Sage – is an evergreen shrub that is used as an herb.

Sky – is an English name that describes the “upper regions of the air above.” Another variation is Skye.

Slate – the English name describing a metamorphic rock.

Sparrow – is a name that describes a sparrow which is a small bird in the finch family.

Spruce – describes the evergreen tree.

Sterling – English name for “pure silver.”

Storm – a storm means “violent weather.”

Sunny – is an English name that means “sunshine”

Sycamore – describes the sycamore tree. The name means “fig mulberry.”

Sylvan – Latin word meaning “wood or forest.”


Talon – a French name meaning “large claw of a bird of prey.”

Tarragon – a herb that is used for seasoning.

Taurus – Latin name that means “bull.”

Thorn – describes a stiff, sharp-pointed woody projection on the stem or another part of a plant.

Tiger – American name meaning “powerful cat.”

Timber – describes wood that has been prepared for use in building.

Trent – English name meaning “from the town by the river trent.”

Trenton – English name meaning “from the town by the river trent.”


Vale – an English name that means “lives in the valley.”

Vernon – meaning “springlike.”


Wade – English name meaning “at the river crossing.”

West – the direction where the sun sets.

Wolf – German name meaning “traveling wolf.” Another variation is Wolfe.

Wren – is an English name after a small bird.


Yael – Hebrew name of a “type of mountain goat.”


Zion – the name of the promised land that is referenced in the Bible.

Do any of these nature-inspired baby names sound perfect for your baby? Tell me which ones you love.

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