If you are an expecting mom who is planning on formula feeding your baby there are a few extra items that you will need to make formula feeding successful.

Unlike breastfeeding, formula feeding requires a bit more planning and preparation before your baby is actually able to get their bottle. Although you can certainly formula feed your baby with just the basics, there are some products that I believe make formula feeding easier in the long run.

So here are my favorite bottle-feeding must-haves for your newborn baby.

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1. Trustworthy Baby Formula

What is needed for formula feeding?

Of course, the first thing that you need to formula feed your baby is – baby formula. But you don’t just want to go to your local grocery store and grab any baby formula off the shelf.

Choosing the right formula for your baby is really crucial in helping them to grow healthy and strong.

For example, many babies suffer from acid reflux which causes them to spit up a lot of what they have just eaten. And other babies have allergies to certain types of milk such as cow’s milk.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to find a trustworthy baby formula company that has special considerations for each individual baby’s needs while also giving top-notch nutritional value.

This is why I love the Formuland Inc. baby formula. They were established in 2014 and they offer the world’s best and most sought-after European brand baby formulas. HiPP Formula, Holle Organic Formula, Lebenswert Formula, Aptamil, Nanny Care Formula, Hypoallergenic Formula, Goat Milk Formula, and Other Specialty baby formulas.

Formuland’s brands of baby formula are compliant with higher food standards than the FDA’s. And they believe in the highest quality, ingredients, and standards for your baby and family.

2. Baby Bottles and Nipples

The next crucial piece of bottle-feeding equipment is, of course, the baby bottles and nipples.

There are tons of different types of baby bottles available everywhere and new moms have to figure out what works best for their individual baby. I recommend starting off with one brand/type of bottle and seeing how your baby likes them.

Having the same types of bottles not only makes it easy to assemble them but also helps you save money on purchasing numerous brands of baby bottles.

Most bottles start off with the slowest flow nipple already included with a new baby bottle so if your baby is a newborn, start with that bottle nipple and work your way up with the recommended age listed on the packaging.

3. Purified Water

We all want the best possible nutrition for our babies. The water that is mixed with their baby formula is no exception.

Now there are a few different options for ensuring your baby has the proper water to mix with their baby formula. This includes:

  • nursery water – which is made specifically for mixing with baby formula and can be purchased at your local grocery store.
  • purified bottled water – which is just purified water in a water bottle form. Also can be purchased at a local grocery store.
  • Purified faucet attachment – which attaches to your sink faucet to purify water that comes out.
  • purified water pitcher – which allows you to fill your water from the sink into a purifier in the pitcher.

4. Bottle Brush

Another important piece of formula-feeding gear is a baby bottle brush. I absolutely loved mine and used it all of the time. Even when I was putting all of my baby bottles in the dishwasher, I would sometimes come across a spot in a baby bottle that just needed a little extra cleaning.

I highly recommend getting a bottle brush that has a nipple brush attachment like this one.

5. Non-toxic Dish Soap

If you are going to be washing your bottles at all by hand, you’re going to need good dish soap. But let me tell you, not all dish soaps are created equally. Many dish soaps are filled with sulfates, phosphates, dyes, and perfumes which are absorbed into your skin while you are washing dishes.

And if that wasn’t enough, most of these dish soaps will leave a residue on your baby’s bottles. I recommend using this dish soap for washing your baby’s bottles.

6. Dishwasher Basket

One of my biggest time-saving formula-feeding accessories has been the dishwasher basket for baby bottles and nipples. Instead of just throwing the baby nipples and rings in just anywhere in the dishwasher I can put them in this basket which holds them safely and securely for washing.

7. Non-toxic Dishwasher Soap

If you plan to wash all of your baby’s bottles and accessories in the dishwasher you’ll need a non-toxic dishwasher soap that you can trust.

Just like with your regular dish soap most dishwasher soaps are packed full of synthetic surfactants, artificial fragrances, dyes, and phosphates which can leave a residue on your baby’s bottles and nipples. I recommend using this one.

8. Bottle Drying Rack

I have found that whether I hand-washed my baby bottles or threw them in the dishwasher they still needed to dry off a bit. That’s why I got this drying rack for letting my baby’s bottles and accessories air dry before storing them.

These drying racks also look adorable up on the counter, unlike bulky plain ones.

9. Formula Dispenser

Formula dispensers are a huge lifesaver – especially for the middle-of-the-night feedings. Having a machine that does all of the mixings and dispensing for you makes your job a whole lot easier when you are still half asleep.

10. Formula Mixer

Do I need a formula mixer?

I never had a formula mixer with my formula-fed baby but boy I wish I did. It is basically like a small hand mixer that goes into the bottle and properly mixes up the formula for you.

This is a genius product. I remember so many times when I would be shaking up my baby’s formula in her bottle and the dry baby formula would get stuck in the nipple. Then I’d have to squeeze that down into the bottle and keep going.

This mixer really makes that a thing of the past.

11. Bottle Warmer

So I have said in previous posts that you don’t absolutely “need” a baby bottle warmer, but there are truly some babies that are way more picky than mine and demand that their bottles be warmed.

So for those times, having a baby bottle warmer sure can come in handy.

12. Burp Cloths

No matter what you’re feeding your baby, the likelihood of them spitting up is great. Since both of our babies suffered from acid reflux, we made sure to always be prepared with burp cloths at every feeding to save our clothes.

13. Boppy Pillow

Now you may ask why you need a boppy pillow when you’re formula feeding.

I found that even when I was formula-feeding my first baby, having a boppy pillow to prop her up into my arms made a huge difference. It also helped to keep her off of my c-section incision and made both of us more comfortable at feedings.

14. Insulated Bottle Carrier

Planning on formula feeding on the go? Here’s what you must have.

Of course, if you are going to take your baby out of the house, they are likely to want to have a bottle if you’re going to be gone for a few hours. One essential for formula feeding on the go is an insulated bottle carrier.

I loved having a specific carrier that kept her bottles cool while we were out.

15. Portable Formula Dispenser

The second thing you are going to need for formula feeding on the go is a dispenser for the baby formula. I loved having this one that had a few different compartments that I could prefill with the perfect amount of baby formula for each bottle.

Are you planning to formula-feed your baby? Here are the essentials that will make your formula-feeding journey a success.

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