When you find out you are pregnant then you start making a mental checklist of all the things you need to do. This is especially true when you are pregnant for the first time.

And with everything that your body is going through to take care of this new life inside you, it can be hard to figure out what you need to get done right away as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.

So here are 16 things that every newly pregnant mom should do when you find out you’re expecting.

*I am not a doctor or a medical professional. Please always check with your doctor about any questions or concerns during pregnancy. This page may contain affiliate links, however, I will never recommend anything that I do not believe in and use myself. You can read more about my disclosure policy here.

1. Choose an OBGYN and Make Your First Prenatal Appointment

One of the biggest worries that newly pregnant moms face is whether they’re having a healthy pregnancy. A common question is, “I’m pregnant when should I go to the doctor?”

Most doctors like to see their patients when they around 6-8 weeks pregnant. This is the time where your baby may begin to have a heartbeat and also can be measured with a transvaginal ultrasound.

During the first prenatal appointment, your doctor can also answer any questions you may have.



2. Ask Doctor if Medications You’re Taking Are Safe

While you are at your first prenatal appointment, make sure to inform your doctor of any medications (prescription and over the counter) that you may be taking to make sure they are safe to continue during pregnancy.

There are tons of medications and supplements that can harm your baby during pregnancy so always be completely honest about what you are taking. And if it’s something for a medical condition, most of the time doctors can recommend a safer option during pregnancy.


3. Calculate Your Due Date

One of the most fun parts of finding out your pregnant is calculating your due date.

While most doctors will tell you an approximate due date judging by the measurements of your baby during an ultrasound, you can also make a rough estimate of your due date by the date of your last menstrual cycle.

There are tons of apps and websites where you just enter the first date of your last period and they will calculate your due date for you.



4. Start Taking a Prenatal Vitamin

Growing a healthy baby is hard work and it really does take a lot of vitamins and nutrients from the pregnant mom’s body. That’s why doctors recommend that pregnant moms start taking prenatal vitamins when they find out they are pregnant to help in supporting a healthy pregnancy and baby.


5. Get a Pregnancy Planner

Do you ever wish you could have your entire pregnancy mapped out for you? I certainly did. That’s why this pregnancy planner is absolutely perfect for expecting moms.

It keeps your pregnancy organized, has a planner, and journal for expecting moms to keep everything together and make pregnancy much easier.


6. Download a Pregnancy App

I really do not know how expecting moms made it without having a cell phone, because I literally keep my whole life organized in mine.

Another great way to keep track of your pregnancy is by downloading a pregnancy app that can tell you about your baby each week. I loved learning how big my baby was and what new part of them was developing.

The best thing about pregnancy apps is that most of them are totally free.


7. Decide When to Share the Big News

Making the decision to share with your family and friends that you are pregnant is always so much fun.

There are some couples that wait until a certain point to share the big news and others that share about their pregnancy right away. So talk with your spouse and decide when the time is right for both of you.



8. Stop Eating Certain Foods

“I just found out I’m pregnant what should I be eating?”

Many think that pregnant women can eat really anything they want to that’s not entirely true. There are a few foods that pregnant moms should steer clear of like deli meats raw eggs, cookie dough, and etc. Some of these uncooked foods can have bacteria or worse in them and eating them uncooked could harm your unborn baby.

So to air on the side of caution, while you are expecting, always make sure that your food is cooked well before eating it.


9. Plan for Maternity Leave

If you are a working mom who has just found out that you are pregnant, start looking into maternity leave. Specifically, what type of maternity leave your work offers, how long you need to be out, and when you plan to go back to work.

Trust me you will be at the end of your pregnancy before you know it and having this all figured out will take a huge load off of your shoulders.


10. Go to the Dentist

Dental health is very important for pregnant women. Making sure that you do not have any cavities or anything that could become infected is crucial to making sure that your body is in good shape to support your unborn baby.

So make an appointment with your dentist and be sure to let them know that you are pregnant so they can take the proper precautions.


11. Document Your Pregnancy

Documenting your pregnancy is a fun way to have something to look back on after you’ve had your baby.

Whether it’s by putting all or your ultrasound pictures in an album, taking belly photos, or saving different pregnancy items. It’s nice to look back at when you were expecting a new little life.



12. Pick a Baby Name

I’ve always felt like choosing your baby’s name is so crucial to who they are. Looking back now, I could not imagine my daughter being anything but Aubrey.

Sure we had a few other names and even were dead set on one before we found out she was a girl but when we saw her for the first time, Aubrey just felt like her name.

And it was the same with our son.

So check out a few different baby name books and see what your spouse likes and doesn’t like. Remember this will be their name forever and you want to pick something special.

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13. Read Some Great Pregnancy Books

Just like the pregnancy app, there are some really great pregnancy books out there and sometimes it’s fun to read from a book. There’s just nothing like flipping through those pages.



14. Catch Up on Sleep

Getting enough rest is very important for pregnant women. And sometimes just taking a nap is what your body really needs. Remember once your baby is here, sleep is going to be interrupted so catch up on it now.


15. Stop Bad Habits

Do you have any bad habits that may be dangerous for your unborn baby?

If so now is a perfect time and best reason to ditch bad habits. Whether it’s smoking, drinking alcohol, or etc. Put your body first so that your baby will be healthy.



16. Ease Your Symptoms

Morning sickness is just one of those pregnancy symptoms that you wish you could give back. But unfortunately, most pregnant moms experience some type of morning sickness or nausea during their pregnancy.

But here is how to kick morning sickness naturally.


Are You Pregnant? What’s first on your to-do list?

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