From the moment you find out you are pregnant, you suddenly have to make numerous decisions as expecting parents. However, one of the most important and unique decisions you have to make is choosing a baby name.

And although some expecting parents can agree very quickly on a baby name, others struggle to find just the perfect name for their baby.

So here are some important tips to consider when you are deciding on a baby name.

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1. Avoid Trends

Are you considering baby names inspired by celebrities?

Sometimes, you just hear a popular baby name and think that it sounds so adorable, but naming your child a popular name can also later be a downfall. For example, a few years back there was a huge trend with popular names like Aiden, Jasper, Sophia, and Aubrey.

And now years later, my daughter Aubrey often has other kids in her class named Aubrey as well. Of course, I don’t regret her name at all, but this is something to think about when you are considering popular baby names because your kid will likely be surrounded by other kids with the same name later.


2. Family Name Traditions

Does your family have a tradition with naming new babies?

My husband’s family had a tradition where the newest baby always had the grandparents middle name as their middle name. However, this was not a tradition that we followed.

Other expecting parents may just want to honor a family member by naming their baby after someone in the family to keep the name going. For example, my husband, who’s name is David, wanted our baby boy to have his first name as a middle name. So we named our son, Owen David.

It really is a personal choice between the parents so don’t feel bad if you break the family tradition.


3. Try Using a Last Name as a First Name

Some families have gotten creative with baby names by using a last name as their baby’s first name. Whether it’s a maiden or family name, last names can make a really unique and creative baby name.

Here are a few examples of last names used as a first name:

  • Addison
  • Avery
  • Bailey
  • Carson
  • Carter
  • Cassidy
  • Dixon
  • Easton
  • Emerson
  • Finley
  • Griffin
  • Harper
  • Mason
  • Parker
  • Riley
  • Sawyer
  • Taylor



4. Culture Roots

Do you need a little baby name inspiration? One really great way to look for baby names is by checking your culture roots to see what names originated from your culture.

So if you have an Irish background, you may like names like – Connor, Quinn, Shannon, and Nolan.

You can also check out certain baby names from other cultures. Some parents like baby names from biblical references such as – Anna, David, and Sara.


5. Combine Two Favorite Names

Are you stuck with two baby names that you absolutely love and cannot decide between them? No problem, try to combine the two names into one beautiful baby name.

A few examples of combined baby names are – “Brielle” which combines “Brie” and “Elle” together or “Rosaleigh” which combines “Rosa” and “Leigh.”

Just pick your top two baby names and enter them into a name blender to see what it comes up with.


6. Baby Name Meanings

Would you like to choose a baby name with an inspirational meaning?

All baby names have an origin and come with a meaning behind them. And depending on what type of baby name you choose, it can have a really powerful meaning behind it.

For example, my son’s name is Owen and it’s of Welsh origin meaning “young warrior.” So when you are checking out baby names, be sure to look up their meaning to see if it truly fits your baby.


7. Keep Name Simple

One huge piece of advice that I can give when you are searching for a baby name is to keep it simple.

Now, of course, everyone wants their baby’s name to be unique but you need to consider if the name is too unique and will be mispronounced all the time. So if you are creating a name yourself or playing with the spelling of a more popular name try to keep it as simple as possible.


8. Consider NickNames

Are you in love with a nickname but not sure about what to use as a first name?

This actually happens more than you’d think. Nicknames are so easy to fall in love but then you have to find a full name that fits with it.

Some really cute nicknames that come from popular baby names are – “Addie” from “Addelyn” or “Ollie” from “Oliver.”


9. Consider Sibling Names

Do you have other children and want to keep your baby’s name similar?

Some families like to have their kid’s names starting with the same initial or names that come from the same origin or idea.

For example, I have a friend who’s kids’ names are all inspired from elements. So if you already have other children consider how their names will sound together and if that’s what you are going for.


10. Think About a Middle Name

Now once you finally have a first name picked out, you have to choose a middle name to go along with it.

This may seem simple, but you really want to make sure that the middle name fits in with your baby’s first and last name. So give it some thought and be sure that it sounds good together.


11. Double Check the Initials

Once you have both a first and middle name picked out, be sure to write the initials down to check for silly combinations that others may tease your child about.

I had a friend that had a child with the initials LSD and she was not happy about it later. So try to double-check that your baby name initials are not something you’ll regret later.


12. Say It Out Loud

Say your baby’s name out loud. Write it down and get used to hearing it. Then ask yourself, does it roll off the tongue? Does it sound really good?

If the answer is yes then you have a great baby name picket out.

Remember you will be saying this name constantly so you want to make sure that you won’t hate it later.


13. Make Sure That Both Parents Are Happy With the Name

When it comes to naming your baby, agreeing together is not always on the menu. Some parents just can’t decide on a baby name.

So always make sure to check with your partner when you are coming up with new baby names and try to include them in the decision. The last thing you want to do is choose the baby name yourself and find out later that your husband hates it because it reminds him of someone he dislikes.


14. Will the Name Still Sound Good When They’re an Adult?

Does your baby name sound too babyish? This is one thing that many expecting parents do not think about.

Remember that your baby will only be a baby for a short while, but will have their name forever. So when picking out your baby’s name try to picture them as an adult with that name and whether or not that name will age well with them.


15. Wait Until You Meet Your Baby

Are you about to reach your due date and still struggling with baby names?

Don’t worry. Some parents just have to wait until their baby is born to see what fits. And once you actually meet your baby you can decide if they look like an Emma or Layla. Or if your baby boy looks like a Wyatt or a Luke.


16. Don’t Stress Too Much

Lastly, remember that you should not stress too much about choosing a baby name. Of course, you want to pick the perfect name, but don’t get all wrapped up on what other people will think of the name you choose.

Remember that you are the parent and it’s your baby that will have the name.

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