Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing parts of a mother’s life. And part of it is due to all of the different things that women experience during pregnancy.

Even from the very beginning of pregnancy, our bodies give us signs that we are expecting. Many of these signs start before our missed period.

And most expecting moms know that there are a few very common pregnancy symptoms that they will likely experience, but there are also a few that are not as widely talked about by pregnant moms. And in fact, most of them are downright weird.

*I am not a doctor or a medical professional. These are just my experiences with pregnancy. This page may contain affiliate links, however, I will never recommend anything that I do not believe in and use myself. You can read more about my disclosure policy here.

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1. Vivid Dreams

It may sound weird but many expecting moms have said that they experience very vivid dreams during pregnancy. These dreams are not your average everyday dreams either. Most of them are so real that you truly believe they are happening.

I had so many dreams like this during both of my pregnancies and they really can be unnerving – especially when you have a vivid nightmare.

One cause for these vivid dreams during pregnancy is likely due to the increase in hormone levels which can impact your emotions and therefore your dreams.



2. Shortness of Breath

Are you feeling like you’ve run a mile even after just walking into another room?

This is super common during pregnancy – especially once you are carrying around a huge pregnant belly. But you can even have shortness of breath during your first trimester.

This is often caused by the uterus growing and taking up more space and even putting more demands on a pregnant woman’s heart to make more blood to support the pregnancy.


3. Super Sense of Smell

Pregnant women are literally like drug-sniffing dogs. They can sniff out a ton of different things while they are expecting that other’s may not smell.

Most of this is due to a woman’s pregnant body telling her what is good and bad for her to consume and what to stay away from.


4. Acne

Are you breaking out like a teenager even though you are an adult and pregnant?

Pregnancy acne is very common due to the changes in hormones. The body kind of freaks out and breaks out. Most women notice that their acne subsides after having their baby.

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5. Weird Cravings

One of the most common things people hear about pregnant women is that they have super weird cravings. And while that is true, not all pregnant women crave pickles and ice-cream.

In fact, some women experience non-food cravings when they are pregnant like ice cubes, dirt, chalk, clay, and even weirder things. This is a condition called Pica.

Pica during pregnancy is when a pregnant woman craves non-food substances. And although the cause of pica during pregnancy is not known, some believe it is due to the body’s attempt to obtain vitamins or minerals that are maybe missing in normal food.

*Please if you have any of these cravings talk to your doctor.


6. Varicose Veins

Varicose veins often occur in pregnant women’s legs. They look like a dilated vein that is popping up beneath the skin.

Varicose veins during pregnancy are usually caused by the increased progestin hormone levels and the pressure that the growing uterus puts on the veins that lead from the legs to the heart.

Will varicose veins go away after I have the baby?

Most women see an improvement in their varicose veins a few months after giving birth.



7. Changes in Breasts

Even from the beginning of pregnancy, your breasts start to get ready for breastfeeding. Some common changes that your breasts go through during pregnancy are:

  • going up a cup size
  • soreness
  • sensitivity
  • leaking colostrum (pre-milk)



8. Darkening of Areola

Another really weird pregnancy symptom that has to do with your breasts is the darkening of your areolas. The areola is the skin around the nipple.

During pregnancy, your breasts are getting prepared for you to breastfeed your baby, and the hormones cause the skin around your nipples to darken a bit. This is completely normal and just a sign of pregnancy.


9. Thicker Hair and Nails

Do you ever notice how pregnant women always look so beautiful? Their hair is so thick and silky and their nails are strong. This is all due to the increased hormones that women are flooded with during pregnancy.

These hormones cause increased blood circulation and bring more nutrients to your hair and nails which helps them to grow faster and stronger.



10. Nosebleeds

Did you know that you can have unexplained nosebleeds during pregnancy?

Many women experience nosebleeds while they are expecting and it’s all due to the increased blood supply botting pressure on the delicate muscles in your nose. This causes them to be easily ruptured resulting in a nosebleed.


11. Hot Flashes

It’s just a fact. When you are pregnant you get hot, no matter what time of year it is.

I had both of my pregnancies during the summer and no matter what I did, I always felt like I was never comfortable with the temperature. This is all due to the blood circulation and the hormones during pregnancy.


12. Spotting

Of course, the last thing you want to see when you are pregnant is spots of blood in your underwear. Spotting can be a huge sign of pregnancy loss. However, having a bit of spotting doesn’t always mean that you are having a miscarriage.

Occasionally it is unknown why a woman is spotting during pregnancy.

Shortly after experiencing a miscarriage, I got pregnant again and noticed spotting during my 9th week of pregnancy. After having ultrasounds and a few tests, my doctors said it was likely due to leftover pockets of blood from my miscarriage being ruptured by my growing uterus.

Now on the other hand at the very beginning of pregnancy, there can be slight spotting which is called implantation bleeding. This is often due to the placenta implanting into the wall of the uterus.



13. Frequent Peeing

I literally feel like I lived in the bathroom.

And this is how most pregnant women feel as well. Even during early pregnancy, many women experience the frequent urge to go pee. This is usually due to hormones.

But once you are at the end of your pregnancy you can also blame it on your growing uterus putting pressure on your bladder.


14. Headaches

Are you having splitting headaches while you are pregnant?

Headaches during pregnancy are very common and often caused by the increased blood volume and wave of hormones in your body. But be sure to talk with your doctor to make sure that your headaches aren’t caused by other problems including poor vision or stress.


15. Cramps and Aches

Pregnancy is a pain.

No literally, being pregnant comes with a lot of pain and sometimes there is just no relief. Some of the most common pains that come along with pregnancy are

  • round ligament pain is a sharp or throbbing pain in the lower belly or groin area. This is often caused by the ligaments relaxing and giving less support around the uterus.
  • sciatic nerve pain is caused by the pressure on your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve provides the function to the lower extremities and when pressure is applied during pregnancy can cause a painful sensation down the backs of the legs.
  • pelvic pain occurs from your growing baby’s weight pushing down on your pelvis.


16. Dizziness

Are you feeling faint during your pregnancy?

Many women experience lightheadedness during the first part of their pregnancy due to the rising hormone levels and increase blood flow. And although most pregnant moms notice an improvement once they reach the second trimester some experience it throughout their entire pregnancy.


17. Constipation

Do you need to go but your body won’t let you?

Constipation occurs a lot in pregnant women. It’s though to be caused by the hormones relaxing the intestinal muscles and the increasing uterus.


18. Crazy Mood Swings

They say that pregnant women can be happy one moment and sad the next. And while I don’t think it’s quite as dramatic as they make it seem on tv, I do remember having emotional ups and downs during both of my pregnancies.

These crazy pregnancy mood swings are caused by hormones and the adjustments of soon becoming a mom.



19. Heartburn

Heartburn is another common symptom that most pregnant experience at some point during pregnancy. If not throughout it.

It often is caused by the hormone progesterone relaxing the valve between the esophagus and the stomach. This causes stomach acids to come back up and irritate the esophagus.


20. Metallic Taste

Are you having a weird metallic taste that you can’t seem to get rid of?

Once again you can thank your changing pregnancy hormones for this symptom. With increased taste buds and smell, your senses are going a little nuts and this can cause you to feel like you have a metallic taste in your mouth.


21. Food Aversions

Along with weird tastes, you may also experience extreme food aversions during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman’s hormones will sometimes cause her to not like the smell or taste of certain foods – especially at the beginning of pregnancy.

I personally could not stand the smell of chicken cooking when I was pregnant and would not even cook it for my family.


Did you have any super weird pregnancy symptoms that I missed?

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