Are you looking for that perfect gift for a mom who has children on the autism spectrum?

Choosing a meaningful Mother’s Day gift for any mom takes a lot of thought and love. Most moms often forget about taking care of themselves and mainly put their focus on taking care of their families.

This is especially true of moms who have children on the autism spectrum and need some support in their daily activities. But raising children with any special needs can be emotionally and physically exhausting so celebrating Mother’s Day is a special time when all moms can feel appreciated and loved for everything they do.

So What Can I Give An Autism Mom For Mother’s Day?

Well, autism moms would probably appreciate any gift that you would give them because they know that you were thinking of them. But if you want to try and find a really special gift for a mom with kids that have autism spectrum disorder, here are 28 different gift ideas that are perfect for autism moms

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Autism Mom Shirts

If you know an autism mama’s shirt size, then that is an awesome gift to have. Let me tell you as an autism mom, I always love a good t-shirt that also represents my life as a mom.

For moms of kids on the Autism Spectrum, wearing shirts with awareness and acceptance for Autism isn’t just something we do in April. Autism makes life a bit different and sometimes it’s a battle of just making it through each day.

As an Autism mom who also has been diagnosed with autism, I wear autism awareness shirts as a proud symbol that represents why my children and I are a little different than others.

Autism Moms Jewelry

The same things really go with autism jewelry.

Now I am not a huge jewelry lover. My husband can testify to that. But I have loved wearing my autism awareness jewelry big time. The biggest reason I love wearing autism jewelry is that I rarely take it off and feel like I am always representing the autism community.

I also love to keep the same autism awareness jewelry to represent my children and me being on the autism spectrum. I cannot tell you how many wonderful compliments I have gotten for my sterling silver puzzle piece ring.

Whether I am paying for food at the drive-thru, getting my blood drawn, or just grocery shopping, I have always been complimented on my autism jewelry.

Cups and Mugs for Autism Moms

Moms have to get that water in and keep hydrated throughout the day so why not give a beautiful mug or cup with autism mom on the side as a Mother’s Day gift?

And for autism mamas that are coffee lovers, this coffee mug is the perfect gift for them. Although I am not a coffee drinker these cups are absolutely adorable and I would love to drink water out of them.

Keychains for Autism Moms

Literally, the only way I can tell my husband’s keys and mine apart is by our keychains. And for me, autism mom keychains remind me of my beautiful kids who are happy and healthy. I love thinking about all of their quirks and differences that make them uniquely autistic.

Autism Family Home Decor

Becoming a proud autism mom truly can take some time to develop. Once you’ve gotten through the diagnosis stage, it’s like feeling like you have to reconstruct your home a different way. Not in a bad way – just different.

Having these wall decor signs helps to remind everyone in your home that your family may be different but there is still lots of love.

Autism Mom Accessories

What mom doesn’t love accessories?

I for one am in love with my pop-socket for my iPhone. It keeps me from dropping my phone over a bazillion times every day. And having one that says autism mama on it is even cooler.

Autism Mom Books

Once you find out your child has autism spectrum disorder, you often want to read about it and learn everything you can to help make things run as smoothly as they possibly can. And that’s why these books are perfect for any mom with kids on the autism spectrum.

They are uplifting and helpful for families whether they have just learned that their child has autism or have known for years. It doesn’t really matter. Autism moms can always learn more about how to best support their children with autism in their daily lives.

More Autism Parenting Tips

Are you shopping for a Mother’s Day gift for a special autism mom?


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