Are you having a boy or a girl? That’s the big question that every pregnant mom thinks about.

Do I buy pink or blue? Baby boy names or baby girl names? It’s all dependent on your baby’s gender. But unfortunately, most expecting parents don’t find out if they are having a boy or a girl until their 20-week anatomy scan or ultrasound.

Of course, every parent really just wants a healthy baby but it is a whole lot of fun to try to guess your baby’s gender before you officially find out. That’s probably one reason that there have been so many old wives tales about how to tell the gender of your baby before the 20-week ultrasound.

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What are Old Wives’ Tales?

Have you ever heard your grandma tell you something that is really just superstition? That’s an old wives’ tale. Old wives’ tales are mostly passed down from older women to younger generations and are still believed by many.

Now, of course, these old wives tales about predicting the gender of your baby, probably have no real science to back them up but are more of just a fun way to pass the time while you wait to find out what you really are having.

So here are some of the most popular old wives’ tales about predicting your baby’s gender. And if you are pregnant, go ahead and tally up your score and let me know in the comments what you are supposed to be having according to these old wives’ tales.


1. Carrying High or Low

One of the most common gender prediction tales I’ve heard is whether you are carrying your baby high or low.

Supposedly if your pregnant belly sits up higher you are carrying a GIRL. And if you are carrying your baby much lower you are having a BOY.


2. Sweet or Salty Cravings

Pregnant women are notorious for having super weird cravings. And they say that you can tell your baby’s gender just by what type of food you are craving.

If you are mostly craving sweet foods you are expecting a GIRL. While on the other hand if you crave mostly salty foods you are expecting a BOY.

What are you craving this pregnancy?


3. Morning Sickness

Have you suffered from horrible morning sickness during your pregnancy?

If so, this is supposed to be a definite sign that you’re having a GIRL. But if you were able to skate through pregnancy without being sick at all your having a BOY.


4. Baby’s Heart Rate

This one is actually really interesting.

The tale goes like this. If your baby’s heart rate is greater than 150 times per minute, you’re probably going to have a GIRL. And if your baby’s heartbeat is less than 150 beats per minute you’re probably having a BOY.


5. Breaking Out

Is your skin super clear during this pregnancy?

There is a saying that if you are having a baby girl, she steals your beauty. And if you are having a boy, they let your beauty show. Now a few of these old wives’ tales are based on this thought so keep this in mind.

So basically if your skin is clear you are having a BOY and if your face is covered in breakouts or blemishes you’re having a GIRL.


6. Glowing Skin

Once again, baby boys let your beauty shine.

So if someone tells you that you are glowing, you’re probably having a BOY. And if you look the same as always I guess you’re having a GIRL.


7. Soft or Dry Hands

How are your hands feeling?

Supposably if your skin is more dry than usual you can expect to have a BOY. And if your skin is silky smooth, you’re having a GIRL.


8. Sleeping Position

Do you have a certain side that you like to sleep on? If so, it’s supposed to be a sign of what you are having.

If you like to sleep on your right side you’re expecting a GIRL. And if you sleep on your left side you’re expecting a BOY.


9. Hair Texture

Is your hair’s texture starting to change?

If your hair is feeling thick and shiny, you’re having a BOY. And if your hair is really thin and dull, you’re having a GIRL.


10. Body Hair

Have you checked out your body hair lately? Are you having to shave more often since becoming pregnant?

If your body hair has begun to grow faster and thicker since you got pregnant, you’re having a BOY. But if your body hair hasn’t changed at all you’re having a GIRL.


11. Weight Gain Placement

Is your baby weight all in your belly or have you gained a little everywhere?

They say that if you are carrying all of your baby weight in your belly that you’re expecting a BOY. And if you are carrying the weight all over your body you’re expecting a GIRL.


12. Feet Temperature

Have you been wearing socks all throughout this pregnancy?

If your feet have been a lot colder than normal, it’s said you’re probably having a BOY. And if your feet feel the same temperature as always you’re having a GIRL.


13. Headaches

Have you been suffering from some horrible headaches since you became pregnant?

Bad headaches are supposedly a sign that you are having a BOY. And having no headaches means you are having a GIRL.


14. The Shape of Your Belly

Take a look at your belly in the mirror to see how it’s shaped.

If your belly is more round like a basketball, you’re having a BOY. And if your belly is wider like a watermelon, you’re having a GIRL.


15. Clumsiness

Have you been very clumsy lately?

It’s said that if you are very clumsy during pregnancy, you’re expecting a BOY. And if you are graceful, you’re expecting a GIRL.


16. Urine Color

Pregnant women go pee a lot. So you will have plenty of opportunities to investigate this old wives’ tale.

If your urine is a brighter yellow than normal, it’s a BOY. And if your urine is light or dull in color, it’s a GIRL.


17. Moody Mommy

This may be a touchy subject, that is if you’re having a baby girl.

The theory is if you are more emotional and moody than you were before pregnancy you’re having a GIRL. And if you’re mood is the same you’re having a BOY.


18. Heartburn

Have you been having nauseating heartburn this pregnancy? If so, having heartburn is supposed to be a sign of having a baby with a head full of hair.

It’s also the sign of having a baby GIRL. And if you have no heartburn at all you’re having a BOY.


19. Breasts

Have you looked down at your breasts recently? More specifically at your areolas (the skin around your nipples).

Many tales say that if your areolas have darkened considerably you can expect to have a BOY. And if they haven’t changed you can expect a GIRL.


20. Nail Growth

Have your fingernails been looking very healthy and growing super fast?

If you notice that your nails are growing faster, thicker and stronger, you should expect a baby BOY. But if they are very brittle and break easier than normal you should expect a GIRL.


21. Swollen Legs and Ankles

Being pregnant is super hard on your legs and ankles.

But did you know that having swollen legs and ankles is supposed to be a sign of having a BOY? And on the other hand, if you aren’t’ having any swollen legs or ankles it’s a sign you’re having a GIRL.


22. Your Partner’s Weight

Check out your partner’s weight. Has he gained a little bit since you’ve been pregnant?

Many men call that sympathy weight.

If your man is putting on a little “sympathy weight” the tales say you’re having a sweet little GIRL. And if your man’s weight hasn’t changed, you’re having a BOY.


Fun Gender Prediction Tests

Now once you’ve had fun trying to guess your baby’s gender from the symptoms you’re experiencing during pregnancy, it’s time to bring on the gender prediction tests.

Many still don’t know that you can try a gender prediction test at home. Now just like the other tales, there is probably no science backing any of these up. But they are sure a lot of fun to try.

23. Chinese Gender Chart

The Chinese gender chart has been used for centuries by imperial families in China. It has now become very popular in America with expecting parents that are curious to find out their baby’s gender.

Here’s how to use the Chinese Gender Chart.

  • Take the month of conception
  • The Mother’s age at conception

Enter both here to see what the Chinese Gender Chart predicts.


24. Ring Swing

This is one of the first tests that I tried when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby.

You take off your wedding band and tie it to a piece of string. Then you hang it over your belly. If the ring swings in a circle, you are expecting a BOY. And if the ring swings back and forth you’re expecting a GIRL.

*If you’re curious about my results, I tried this only with my first pregnancy. The ring swung back and forth indicating I was having a girl. And I had a girl. Haha


25. Baking Soda Test

The baking soda test has become a really popular gender prediction test lately. I have seen it all over.

First, you take a tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of urine. Pour the urine in the baking soda.

If the mixture fizzes, it’s a BOY. If it doesn’t, it’s a GIRL.


26. Red Cabbage Test

Another great urine test to try is the red cabbage test.

You start off by boiling a head of red cabbage in water. Then drain the cabbage but save the water mixture.

After you’ve saved it in a cup add a cup of your urine. If the water turns pink, it means you’ve got a GIRL on the way. If the water is purple you’ve got a BOY on the way.


27. Last Child’s Hairline Test

This test only works if you have had a child before.

There is an old Native American legend that says the neck hairline of your previous child can predict the gender of your current pregnancy.

So if the hairline goes straight across, the baby will be the same sex as the first child. And if the hairline goes to a point, the baby will be the opposite sex as your first child.


28. Even and Odd Numbers

This is another really fun one to figure out.

If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it’s a GIRL. And if there is one even, one odd that means you’re having a BOY.


Are you pregnant? Add up your number and tell me what gender you are supposed to be having.

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