What do you really need for a new baby?

With so many baby products available it can be hard for first-time moms to make a checklist of what they really need for their baby. And if you don’t know what you need then no one else will know what to get you as a gift for you and your new baby.

That’s why making a baby registry is the perfect way to make your own checklist of baby items that you need for newborn.


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Why Start a Baby Registry?

A baby registry is a sort of checklist that you can make by going to your favorite baby store and adding baby items to it so that you and your family and friends can view it and purchase gifts from it to give to you before your baby arrives.

The best thing about a baby registry is they are able to be viewed without the expecting mother present so that the baby gifts can truly be given as a surprise at their baby shower.



When Should You Start A Baby Registry?

You can start a baby registry at any time during your pregnancy. However, it is best to start your baby registry before your third trimester so that your family and friends have time to purchase gifts before you have your baby shower.



Where to Start a Baby Registry?

  • Amazon Baby Registry – Amazon literally has everything. And everything is delivered so there’s no need to get out and run to the store. Amazon’s Baby Registry program also gives you a free welcome box just for creating your baby registry with them.

  • Target is another great store to buy baby must-haves from. They have such adorable baby clothes and their prices are pretty good. When signing up with their baby registry you are given a gift bag with some baby essentials as a gift.


  • Buy Buy Baby is a baby store that has everything you could ever think of buying for your baby. And they also have a baby registry with a checklist to help you get all of your baby essentials added to your baby registry.


Baby Registry Must-Haves


1. Infant Car Seat

One of the first baby items you will use as a new mom is an infant car seat to take your newborn baby home.


2. Car Seat Mirror

Okay, so a rearview baby mirror is not necessarily a must-have. But having one really does ease a worried mama’s mind about if her newborn baby is comfortable and safe when rear-facing in a car seat.


3. Baby Carrier

In my opinion, a baby carrier is a must for all moms. Getting things done while holding your baby against you hands-free helps you to keep your baby calm while also keeping up with your chores.



4. Crib and Crib Mattress

Choosing a new crib and mattress is one of the most important purchases for new parents and should be well thought out since these baby items need to last until your baby grows out of the crib.

Newton Baby



5. Crib Sheets and Waterproof Covers

Along with a crib and mattress, you will need crib sheets that fit well. Waterproof crib mattress covers are helpful to prevent any nighttime leaks from soaking into your baby’s crib mattress.


6. Muslin Swaddling Blankets

Muslin blankets can be used in so many different ways with your baby. Some of my favorite ways to use them are as swaddling blankets, burp rags, and nursing covers.


7. Baby Clothes

Your baby is gonna have to have clothes to wear. Here are some of the best clothing options for your newborn.

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8. Video Baby Monitor

You can certainly go and get a plain old audio baby monitor, but let me tell you. Having the ability to visually see that your baby is sleeping safe and sound is truly worth every penny.


9. Baby Swing

We found that both of our babies loved to sit in the swing when we needed to put them down for a few minutes. It was truly a lifesaver.

10. Pack and Play with Bassinet

Pack and plays are very helpful for having a safe place to change your newborn and let them sleep while they are very small. They can also be used as just play yards once your baby is too big for the bassinet feature.


11. Breast Pump

If you plan to breastfeed at all – I recommend getting a breast pump. A breast pump can help you with storing and saving breast milk for later, allowing you to still breastfeed while going back to work, or even increase your breast milk supply.

Honestly, you can get your breast pump paid for by your insurance – Find out how.


12. Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk storage bags are perfect for storing and saving your pumped breast milk for giving to your baby later. Many moms like to freeze their stored breast milk to use at a later date.

13. Nursing Bras

Having a few good nursing bras in your arsenal will certainly help you to have easy access for breastfeeding your baby at any time.

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14. Nursing Pads

Once you start breastfeeding, your breasts may leak from time to time and having some nursing pads to help keep breast milk from leaking through your shirt will save you from some embarrassing moments.

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15. Nursing Pillow

There is nothing like a nursing pillow. I love this boppy nursing pillow for helping to support your baby and raise them up to your breasts. This also helps to keep moms from straining their back.

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16. Nursing Cover

If you are going to breastfeed your baby outside of the house, you may want to get a nursing cover to help you hide the goods while you are feeding your baby. I love this one that gives you complete coverage.

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17. Nipple Cream

When you first start breastfeeding sometimes your nipples can get a bit cracked and dry as you get used to nursing your baby. That’s where nipple cream comes in handy.


18. Bottle Brush

If you are going to have a breast pump with bottles you will need a bottle brush to clean out all of those parts that you cannot reach.

19. Dishwasher Basket

I am one of those moms that throws everything in the dishwasher. That’s why I love these dishwasher baskets to throw any small breast pump parts, bottle parts, and even sippy cup lids in for cleaning.


20. Burp Cloths

Burp cloths were the only thing keeping my husband and me from having milk all over our shirts all day. Since both of our babies had acid reflux, they spit up after every feeding so burp cloths were a necessity in our home.

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21. Baby Bibs

Along with burp cloths having a bib on our babies helped to catch some of the extra spit up milk that came after we were done burping our babies.


22. Baby Bathtub

Getting a bath is one of the big firsts for a newborn baby and having the right type of bathtub to support your baby during a bath is crucial. I love these ones with a sling for small babies.

23. Hooded Towels for Baby

Whoever created hooded towels was brilliant. I don’t think there is a mom out there that doesn’t love them. They are super convenient for covering your baby’s head and drying off the rest of their body all at the same time.

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24. Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Having a few healthcare and grooming items are essential for caring for your newborn baby. Some of these items include a bulb syringe, comb, baby brush, and more.

25. Rectal Baby Thermometer

Since newborn babies can’t exactly hold a thermometer under their tongue, a rectal thermometer is the most accurate tool to check your baby’s temperature. I like this one because it’s not too long and just the right length needed to get your baby’s temperature.

26. Infant Nail Clippers

Every now and then clipping your baby’s nails is very important to keep your newborn from scratching their face.


27. Baby Bouncer

Having a safe place to set your baby down for a moment while you jump in the shower or use the bathroom is so very important. I always kept a bouncer upstairs for when I had to jump in the shower.

28. Baby Stroller

Carrying around that heavy infant car seat is tiring and can really wear you out. When picking out a car seat for your baby be sure to find a stroller that goes along with it to make taking walks and going out with your baby easier.

29. Diapers and Wipes

Whether you plan to use cloth diapers or disposables, you are going to have to diaper your baby in some way.

Cloth Diapers




30. Diaper Bag

Diaper bags really do make it so much easier to carry around all of the essentials that your baby will need while you are on the go.

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31. Baby Washcloths

Baby washcloths are just like regular washcloths but a bit smaller and much softer for your baby’s skin.


32. Highchair

Once your baby starts eating solid foods around 6 months old, you will need to have them sitting up in a highchair so they can start learning to feed themselves.


33. Pacifiers

Pacifiers are a huge lifesaver for most moms. Both of my kids loved using pacifiers – especially for falling asleep.

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34. Baby Book

Documenting your baby’s milestones is super important so that you can look back on them one day. Baby books are perfect for keeping all of those memories in one place.



What Not to Put on Your Baby Registry

So there are just some baby items that you simply do not need. And by keeping them off of your baby registry, you are able to have only the baby must-haves that you will definitely need to for your new baby. Here are a few baby items that you don’t need and will regret buying.

  • Wipes Warmer
  • Crib Bumpers
  • Baby Shoes
  • Baby Robes
  • Baby Food Maker
  • SwaddleMe
  • Baby Mittens
  • Baby Humidifier
  • Baby Bottle Warmer



Baby Registry Discounts

Did you have your baby shower and still have baby essentials on your baby registry to buy? No problem!

Once your due date is a few weeks out most stores that offer baby registries will send you a coupon with a percentage off of your remaining baby items that are on your baby registry. This is huge because even though you weren’t able to get these baby must-haves as gifts, you are able to get a discount off of their price when you go shopping for them.

What are your must-have baby items on your baby registry?

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