Are you having a hard time getting everything done while also taking care of your baby?

If so, then a baby carrier could literally change your life and help you to get so much more done in your day even when your baby needs your attention.

What is a Baby Carrier?

A baby carrier is a piece of cloth or a soft structured carrier that supports a baby or toddler while being secured to a caregiver’s body. This act of carrying a baby attached to a person is called babywearing.

Babywearing has become super popular with new moms in recent years since it allows a mom to hold her baby while also having her hands free to complete other tasks or take care of another older child’s needs.


Do I Really Need a Baby Carrier?

Personally, I believe that a baby carrier could help every mom who wishes she had multiple hands to hold her baby and also get dinner cooked or load the dishwasher.

Babywearing allows moms so much more freedom while still keeping their babies close by and comforting them at the same time. Here are 7 reasons that every mom should try babywearing.

How to Choose the Right Baby Carrier for You

When you decide to buy a baby carrier there are a few decisions that you need to make so that you can choose from the different types of baby carriers that are available.

By deciding what you want in a carrier and how you plan to use it you can find the right baby carrier for you and your baby. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a baby carrier.

Baby Carrier Positions

  • Front Carriers – allow you to carry your baby against your chest with your baby facing you.
  • Front Carry Facing Out – this is the same as the front-carrying position but with your baby facing outward. (Ages 6 months & up)
  • Back Carriers – let you carry your baby on your back while also facing your back.
  • Hip Carry – is the same position as if you were carrying your baby on your hip but in the baby carrier.
  • Multi-Functional Carriers – Carriers that have multiple carrying positions.

Ease of Use

Since every baby carrier is made differently, they are also attached and secured differently. This can change the ease of use depending on what functions you are looking for.

The biggest difference is the shape and closures. For example, a wrap is a huge piece of fabric that has to be tied into knots to secure it and your baby to you whereas a soft structured buckling carrier just allows you to use the buckles to close it.

Different Types of Closures

  • Buckles
  • Rings
  • Tying Knots
  • No Closures


Most baby carriers are made of cotton to allow for breathability and comfort for both the baby and the baby wearer. However, some may keep more heat in depending on how many layers and also how it is wrapped around the baby.

Baby’s Age or Weight

Your baby’s age and weight both play a huge part in how you can wear your baby in a baby carrier. For example, you should only use a front carry position with your baby facing towards you until they are around 6 months old and can hold their head up very well. This way their neck and head are completely supported and safe.

And once your baby is passed this age they can usually be worn in multiple carry positions with a baby carrier and often enjoy getting a new view.


If you are looking for a baby carrier that will grow with your baby having the option to adjust it will be a must-have. And if dad or any other family member would like to try babywearing the adjustability will help it to securely fit around them.

1. Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier


  • Material – 100% Cotton
  • Carrier Positions – Front Carry, Front Carry Facing Out, Hip Carry, and Back Carry
  • Closure Type – Buckles
  • Baby Weight Limit – 7-45lbs
  • Adjustability – Yes – Straps Can be Adjusted to Fit
  • Price – $180

I have the Ergobaby Omni and love it so very much. It is completely adjustable and has great support for your shoulders once your baby gets a bit heavier. My favorite way to wear my baby was in the back carrier position so that I could have my hands free.

2. Tula Standard Ergonomic Baby Carrier


  • Material – 100% cotton fabric
  • Carrier Positions – Front and Back Carry Positions
  • Closure Type – Buckles
  • Baby Weight Limit – 15-45lbs
  • Adjustability – Yes – Straps Can be Adjusted to Fit
  • Price – $139

3. Moby Wrap


  • Material – Stretchy Cotton Fabric
  • Carrier Positions – Newborn Cradle Hold, Front Carry, Front Carry Facing Outward, Back Carry, Hip Carry
  • Closure Type – Tieing Fabric Knots
  • Baby Weight Limit – 8-35 lbs
  • Adjustability – Yes – One Long Piece of Fabric that Can be Tied and Knotted for Easy Carrying Options
  • Price – $48

As far as wearing a newborn baby, the Moby Wrap was my absolute favorite when my babies were little. I loved how they were so close to me and the wrap felt secure and comfortable.

4. Ring Sling


  • Material – Cotton
  • Carrier Positions – Front Carry, Newborn Cradle Carry, Front Carry Facing Outward, Back Carry, Hip Carry
  • Closure Type – Ring Fabric Feeds through
  • Baby Weight Limit – 8-35lbs
  • Adjustability – Yes – 5.5 yards of Fabric to Wrap Around the Baby and Carrier
  • Price – $35

5. Pouch Sling


  • Material – 100% Cotton
  • Carrier Positions – Newborn Cradle Hold, Front Carry, Hip Carry
  • Closure Type – None – All One Piece
  • Baby Weight Limit – 8-40lbs
  • Adjustability – No – One Size Fits Most
  • Price – $30

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Are you a babywearing mama? Tell me what is your favorite baby carrier and why?

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