Are you thinking about starting a mom blog but still not sure if you should take the leap?

Mommy blogs have become a huge force on the internet lately and here are the five biggest reasons that you SHOULD start a mommy blog today!


1. Contribute to Your Household Income

I believe that this is the biggest reason that most moms start a blog. I mean think about it. If a mom is already going to be at home with her children full-time then the thought of earning some extra income to help support the household makes sense.

In fact, this is was the reason that I made the decision to start my mommy blog. It was in November of 2016, and my husband was working full-time but barely making enough to support our family of four. We would literally cringe when we had to go over our budget every month because we would come up short quite a bit.

I knew I needed to do something to help take some of the burdens off of my husband but I wasn’t entirely sure what I could do. That is when I came across a blog post written by Suzi Whitford from Startamomblog detailing how she started her mom blog and was able to make a fulltime income from home while raising her two little girls.

After reading through her post about how she was able to create this amazing profitable blog while raising two kids at home, I was inspired to do the same. Although I spent the next week doubting myself and asking my husband for his opinion, I finally created this blog that you are reading now – Very Anxious Mommy!



2. Socialize with a Community of Moms

When you are home all day with only little kids to talk to, life can become extremely lonely and depressing. Of course, I love my children more than words can describe, but I often felt as if I just needed a recharge and maybe even a good mom friend to talk to.

And let me tell you, in the mom blogging community, there are so many beautiful people who are supportive and kind. I have not only formed friendships but met some of my closest friends through blogging. The best part about this is that we all work in the same field so to speak and we can support each other when one of us feels down.

I didn’t realize how much just having another mom to talk to could really help make my day so much better.

3. Give Yourself a Creative Outlet

I believe that we all have something creative about us that makes us unique. Whether it’s writing, sketching, painting, sewing, or creating products we all have some type of creative nature about us.

It wasn’t until I starting pouring my heart into my blog posts that I realized how much of an outlet it provided for me. My blog has given me a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings with other moms.

Having the opportunity to see all of the creative ideas that other moms come up with, also inspires me to continue writing and creating content.

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4. Help Other Moms by Sharing Your Struggles and Triumphs

Other than writing another passion of mine is helping other people. Growing up, I never knew exactly what I wanted to do, except that I wanted to help people. I have always been the kind of person that would put someone else’s needs before my own.

I believe this is one reason that I am very transparent when I write posts on my blog. Being real and honest helps me connect with my readers and also allows them to see the person that I truly am.

For example, I previously wrote a very heartfelt blog post about how I failed to breastfeed my first baby and had dealt with depression and guilt for years over it.

After writing it, I realized that I was able to let go of some of those sad feelings that I had bottled up. I also received so many supportive comments from other moms who had dealt with the same problems and were happy that I shared my story.

You see no one is perfect and reading about someone else’s imperfections helps you to feel more connected to them.

It sort of humanizes the person behind the blog. And by allowing my readers in, I am able to gain their trust and in turn, give them advice and help them through their trials.

5. To Have Me Time in a Place that is Yours

After being a full-time stay at home mom for over five years, I never thought or even dreamed that I could create my own blog.

I was a very basic person as fas as computers go and had no idea how blogs or websites were started. But after diving headfirst into creating my blog I realized how much I am truly capable of. And now just over one year later, I am so incredibly proud of what I’ve accomplished.

By creating my blog, I have found a purpose other than just being a mom.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a fully dedicated mom. But I felt that I never made time just for me and became very resentful when my husband had a hobby of his own and I did not.

Now that I have that place for me through working on my blog, I feel like I can finally connect with other moms that share the same interests as me.

Do you have a mommy blog? If so tell me why you started your blog and how it has changed your life. If you haven’t already started a blog, head over to my post where I show you how to Start a Mommy Blog in Minutes!

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