Are you in the mood for a home improvement project but don’t know how include the kids? Many parents run into this issue. Either the kids seem bored or some of the activities may be dangerous. Don’t worry, there are many kid-friendly projects the family can do!


Fireplace Decorating

If you have a fireplace, you are aware that it is the center point of the room it is in. If it’s worn and tattered looking, the centerpiece can be quite an eye-sore.

Bring the fireplace back to life by decorating it. You can buy stylish pieces – modern or encompassing unique personality – to put on the mantle or around it. Match your room theme if you have one!

The kids can get involved by creating pictures and making homemade crafts to hang up. Of course, colorful plants add an elegant touch.

Be aware that these items can potentially catch fire if you use your fireplace and do not follow proper safety rules. See for additional help.



6 diy home improvement projects that kids can help with. Get your kids to help with home improvement, family involved, diy projects

Room Makeover

You can turn an unused sunroom or dust-collecting spare room into the hottest spot in the house.

Kids can help you clean up the room and take out unwanted items – safely of course. You can use non-toxic cleaners and disinfectants so you don’t have to worry about kids potentially being harmed by chemicals.

When the room is cleared and cleaned, you can furnish it with miscellaneous pieces in the house or go out and buy new ones. You can turn the room into anything you want!

  • Activity center for the kids
  • Quiet reading room
  • Arts and crafts room
  • Party space
  • Extra bedroom
  • Spare office
  • Game center
  • Family room

The possibilities end at your (or your kids’) imagination!


Backyard Sanctuary

Did you know your backyard can become the most popular element of your home? You won’t need to spend a fortune on vacations when you can have a personal haven outside your back door.

A popular project for the family is to garden – beautiful plants and organic foods. Kids will learn important skills and creatively expand their intellect. Setting up an outdoor pool is a refreshing addition to bring to your backyard during the summer. You can put together an above ground one or install one below the ground. If you choose to have a pool, do not forget to follow pool safety tips!

You can also build a deck for hosting parties and sitting out to relax. Let kids pick out props and garden décor to place around it!


Bathroom Remodeling

Before you begin remodeling, make sure there are no signs of water damage or other problems. Small issues can turn into big ones if they are not addressed appropriately.

When you are sure you are good to go, begin remodeling! You can have the kids use your eco-friendly cleaning products to scrub the grime and grease away. Consider getting new fixtures if they need upgrading.

Your kids can help you pick out new appliances, flooring, or paint colors. As a family, decide what you want your bathroom to look like. Do you fancy an ocean theme? Have a favorite color to coordinate decorating with? Put your minds together and get to work!


Dazzle Your Mailbox

This home improvement project is going to be something the kids can really enjoy.

Take them to a craft store and let them choose embellishments – glitter, gems, beads, stickers, paint, etc. – they would like to bedazzle the rusty mailbox with. The designs can be energetic and visibly encompass the passionate, kooky personality of your family. This will certainly be a family memory they won’t forget!

Don’t get too crazy, the mail carrier still needs to be able to see your house numbers on the new and improved mailbox. Make this a reoccurring bonding project by redecorating for the holidays!


Make A Theater At Home

You can change your living room or spare room into a theatre for your family. Like a room makeover, your kids can be on top of cleaning anything that can use a little TLC.

Build or purchase a home entertainment system. Have the kids pick out items they would like to have for the home theatre. This can include big bean bag chairs, gumball machine, candy station, movie posters, sleeping bags or anything else that is going to get them excited!

You can install a surround sound system if you wanted to. This is the perfect project for creating a family room or space for your kids to have a sleepover. That idea will definitely get them involved in helping you out!

Get the family together and decide what project you want to do!

6 diy home improvement projects that kids can help with. Get your kids to help with home improvement, family involved, diy projects


*Are you working on a DIY Home Improvement Project? Are your kids helping? TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS. I ALWAYS LOVE TO HEAR FROM MY READERS!

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