Why do I need to take a Breastfeeding Class?

Do I really need to take a breastfeeding class?

Once you find out you are pregnant, one of the first things you may do is start learning about giving birth. Some expecting moms will even take childbirth classes to get prepared for when they go into labor.

However, many first time moms don’t realize that there is another crucial class that can help with nurturing their baby from birth. And that is a breastfeeding class.

Breastfeeding certainly does not come naturally to all moms and is a skill that needs to be practiced.

This is why taking a class where breastfeeding is thoroughly broken down will make a difference in whether a new mom will be able to successfully breastfeed her baby.

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When Should I Take a Breastfeeding Class?

Ideally, you should learn the basics about breastfeeding before your baby is even born so that you can be prepared for any obstacles that may come up while you and your baby are learning to breastfeed.

In fact, I wrote an entire post about how you can prepare for breastfeeding while you are pregnant.


1. Breastfeeding Needs to Be Learned

One of the biggest reasons that expecting moms need to take a breastfeeding class is because breastfeeding does not come natural but instead must be learned by both mom and baby.

For example, you must learn the basics of how breastfeeding works. Like how it’s a supply and demand type of relationship – meaning the more you breastfeed your baby the more breast milk your body will produce. 

Learning these types of facts and how breast milk is created and how to maintain or even increase your supply will make a difference in your breastfeeding experience.


2. Many New Moms are Misinformed About Lactation

Did you know that the most common reason that new moms fail at breastfeeding is due to being misinformed about how breastfeeding works?

Unfortunately, it’s true. And I was one of those moms when I had my first baby.

I wanted to breastfeed my baby so badly but didn’t know exactly how to do it correctly. And once my baby was born, I was lost and had so much pain when she would latch on. 

Later once I got her home, she would want to nurse so frequently that I thought she wasn’t getting enough breast milk from me so I gave her formula instead.

Now as it turns out, my baby truly wasn’t getting enough breast milk from me, however, it wasn’t because I wasn’t making enough breast milk. It was due to a bad latch.

And this happens to so many moms who are misinformed about breastfeeding and don’t know what to expect which is why taking a breastfeeding class is so essential for breastfeeding success.


3. A Breastfeeding Class Will Teach You About the Benefits of Breastfeeding

Did you know that there are tons of natural benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby?

From unmatched nutrition and protective antibodies to weightloss for moms, breastfeeding is really the best option if possible. Plus breast milk can be used in numerous ways to help care for your baby other than just to feed him or her.


4. Learning Different Techniques Will Help Make Breastfeeding Easier

 Once you learn the basics of breastfeeding it’s important to then learn different techniques to make breastfeeding easier for you.

For example, many moms who have a c-section are not aware that they can successfully breastfeed after a c-section delivery. It just requires breastfeeding in a different position to be more comfortable and keep your baby off of your incision.

Another useful thing for moms to learn is how to breastfeed while laying on your side to make nighttime breastfeeding much easier.

Just by learning some different techniques and breastfeeding hacks you can adapt them to yours and your baby’s needs to make breastfeeding work best for you.


5. Breastfeeding Class Help You to Breastfeed with Confidence

Did you know that breastfeeding requires a lot of confidence? 

Sadly, there are still people out there that will put down breastfeeding as if it was something shameful. But in truth, it’s not. Breastfeeding is how we as humans were made to feed our babies. 

But because of some negative people and also being worried about other’s wondering eyes many moms are scared to breastfeed in public. And that should not be the case.

This is just another way that a breastfeeding class is crucial to breastfeeding success. Through a breastfeeding class, you can learn how to successfully breastfeed in public without feeling self-conscious.


6. A Breastfeeding Support Group is Not the Same as a Class?

Do you need some extra support with breastfeeding that you may not get from your family or friends?

Sometimes it’s just nice when someone has your back and is there to help you through all of the tough times. Of course, breastfeeding is not always pretty and you may encounter some obstacles along the way.

So having someone by your side can make it much easier.

And by taking a breastfeeding class, you are able to meet other classmates and make friends that have the same interest as you – Breastfeeding!


Why Should I Take the Milkology Ultimate Breastfeeding Class?

So now that you know all of the amazing benefits of taking a breastfeeding class I want to tell you where to find the best breastfeeding class. It’s called The Milkology Breastfeeding Class.

Why is the Milkology Breastfeeding Class the Best?

As a mom who has failed to breastfeed my first baby and then later learned to successfully breastfeed my second child, I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding and love to share with others.

This is why I personally love the Milkology breastfeeding class that is taught exclusively by Stacey Stewart. She is a Certified Lactation Educator and also a mom of 3. And she also has an extensive history of helping moms to learn how to breastfeed their babies from the start. 

And by learning the ins and outs of breastfeeding by a certified lactation educator like Stacey, you’ll know that everything you learn there is vital to breastfeeding your baby from the comfort of your home.

What’s even better is that Stacey offers two other courses for breastfeeding moms called The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class where moms can learn how to prepare to return to work while using a breast pump to save breast milk for their babies while they are away.

The other class is The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class which is made for moms who are not able to get their babies to latch onto the breast properly and have to use a breast pump to express their breast milk for their baby.

Are you ready to learn all about breastfeeding your baby?


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