Are you starting to search for an amazing Halloween costume for your toddler on a tight budget?

Have you already seen the crazy high prices on just one costume for a toddler? Its ridiculous spending that much on an outfit for one night.

Or you may even have a few children that you need to buy Halloween costumes for but spending over $35 per child is not an option. I feel you.

Halloween decorations and costumes are already out of the shelves and its only August. It’s that time of year to start planning out what costumes to be on the lookout for. But to be honest, Halloween costumes are highly overpriced – especially when you buy them at your local department store.

How to Save Money on Toddler Halloween Costumes

Now if you are a bit crafty and are confident in your sewing, you could probably whip up a costume that your toddler would love. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or patience for sewing a toddler costume. But since I am a huge penny pincher who loves to save money any way I can, I decided to look for costumes online to see if I could find a better deal.

I was able to find one for my older child right away but looking for my toddler was a little more challenging. I had a few different standards that the costumes had to meet. The biggest one was, of course, the price. I determined that I wanted a costume for my toddler that was less than $20 and could be worn again after Halloween for playing dress-up.

Where I found Halloween Outfits

After scouring the internet and of course Amazon, I had to be sure to keep a close eye on the price tag and choose only what I thought was truly worth the price while keeping in mind what my imaginative toddler would love. One piece of advice I want to share is to think outside the box. I found several costumes that were purely for playing dress-up and were not listed as a Halloween costume. I think that is one reason that they are often marked at a higher price. It doesn’t have to technically be a costume made for Halloween. I promise your toddler will not care.

I realized that when I was searching for a cheap Halloween costume for my toddler that other parents may have a hard time finding inexpensive costumes for their toddlers also. So I compiled a humongous list of 65 fun Halloween costumes for toddlers who love to dress up.



1. Pumpkin Plush Toddler Costume

I had to include this costume first. This biggest reason is that both of my kids were pumpkins for their first Halloween as toddlers. They were so adorable. And remember they are only this little for a short time.

2. Sparkle Princess Costume

Forum Novelties Sparkle Princess Costume, Toddler Size

3. Toddler Witch Costume

4. Bumble Bee Bubble Toddler Costume

5. Toddler Ladybug Halloween costume

Childs Toddler Ladybug Halloween Birthday costume Dress, Wings & Headband!


6. Yoda Star Wars Costume

7. Toddler Girl Pirate Costume

8. Baby Minnie Costume

9.Elena Of Avalor Disney Costume

10. Moana Costume Costume

11. Toddler PAW Patrol Marshall Costume

12. Thomas and Friends Costume

This is the costume that my Thomas-loving toddler decided to wear for Halloween this year. He is a huge fan of trains and pretty much anything that is on wheels.

13. Little Red Riding Hood Toddler Costume

14. Baby Skeleton Romper Costume

15. Frozen Disney’s Anna Coronation Gown Classic Girls Costume

16. Elsa Dress Toddlers Dress Up Princess Halloween Costume

17. Little Mermaid Costume for Toddlers

18. Pirate Toddler Boy Costume

19. Orange Toddler Girl’s Butterfly Costume

20. Tinkerbell Costume for Toddler

21. Girls Poppy Dress Troll Wig Set Halloween Costume

22. Princess Rapunzel Toddler Costume

23. Belle Classic Disney Princess Beauty & The Beast Costume

24. Minions Movie: Kevin Toddler Minion Costume

25. Doctor Halloween Costume

26. Marvel Costume Classics Avengers Assemble Captain America Costume

27. Despicable Me 2 Girl’s Minion Costume

28. Little Boys’ Toddler Robin Costume

29. Fireman Child Toddler Costume

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30. Princess Paradise Princess Poodle Costume

31. Kid’s Toddler Cat Costume Kit

32. Star Wars Romper Obi-Wan Kenobi

33. Disney Pixar Monsters University Sulley Toddler Classic Costume

34. Gekko Classic Toddler PJ Masks Costume


35. Rainbow Ballerina Girls Costume

36. Cowboy Toddler Costume

37. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Romper Shell and Headpiece

38. Star Wars Rubie’s Costume Darth Vader Romper

39. Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Toddler Costume

40. Gallant Knight Toddler Costume

41. Disney Baby’s Frozen Olaf Deluxe Toddler Costume

42. Stealth Ninja Toddler Costume

43. Catarina Ballerina Toddler Costume

44. Buzz Lightyear Boy’s Classic Toy Story Costume

45. Curious George Costume

46. Superman Toddler Costume

47. Little Boys’ Dinosaur Costume

48. Brave Merida Classic Costume

49. Baby Dapper Drac Costume

50. Toddler Storytime Wishes Cottage Snow White Princess Costume

51. Disney Junior Sofia The First Classic Toddlers Costume Dress

52. Toddler Boy’s Spiderman Costume

53. Native American Princess Toddler Costume


54. Kid’s Incredibles Toddler Classic Costume

55. Owlette Costume PJ Masks Dress up for Toddler

56. My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Costume

57. Disney Woody Classic Toddler Costume

58. Let’s Pretend Toddler Cheerleader Camp Costume

59. Toddler Girls Pinkie Pie Deluxe Costume

60. Paw Patrol Tracker Puppy Costume

61. Paw Patrol 3D Skye Child Costume

62. Toddler Boys’ Paw Patrol Chase Costume

63. Wonder Woman Tutu Dress-Up Set

64. Peppa Pig Toddler Costume

65. Princess Sleeping Beauty Aurora Costume with Crown, Wand, and Gloves

Of course, my princess loving daughter just had to have this Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora costume to wear for Halloween this year. She is truly my little princess.

Creating this list of cute and really funny toddler Halloween costumes was so much fun and my kids absolutely loved seeing all of the different costumes that are available for toddlers and little kids. I hope that this gives you some fun Halloween costume ideas for your kids and especially for your toddlers with crazy imaginations.

So what are your toddlers and your other children dressing up as this year for Halloween? I would love to have even more ideas added in the comments if I missed any.

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