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Nowadays, it is difficult to survive on a single income. Moms still want to be home with their children, but they need ways they can help supplement the money made by their spouse.

Thankfully, the internet has made it much easier to earn money from home, while still taking care of the kids. Below, you will find 7 legit ways you can supplement your household income while being a stay at home mom.


Blogging has become quite popular for moms to earn extra money, and for good reason. Brands are taking notice of the powerful influence that online moms have when it comes to buying decisions. You can start a blog relatively cheap, and cash in by giving your opinions, recommending your favorite products, or even publishing sponsored posts on behalf of popular brands.


Children outgrow clothing fast, so you are possibly sitting on a goldmine of cash if you have lots of used clothing that still looks good. Photograph the clothing you’d like to sell, and share a post about it on Facebook. Make sure you also list the items for sale in local Facebook groups.  

You can also try to sell the clothing on Craigslist. If you are okay dealing with packaging up and shipping the clothes, you can always use eBay for getting rid of your clothing and making extra money.


Creating handmade items is a fun hobby for many stay-at-home moms. However, you can turn that “hobby” into a side hustle if you want! Set up a shop on Etsy.com, a popular website for selling homemade items.

The customers there will pay a premium for unique items they can’t purchase at Walmart or other stores. Take a look at what others are selling, and be competitive in your offers and pricing.


If you don’t want to fool with selling physical items, you can always start offering digital services online to supplement your household income. Becoming a freelance writer is a popular way to start – this involves creating content for bloggers and website owners in exchange for cash.

When I began, I was writing 500 words for $15 or more. You don’t have to be the fastest typist either – just be professional and grammatically correct.

Along with freelance writing, you can also offer other tasks as a virtual assistant, which is someone who helps website owners with their “busy work,” including social media management, email management, and photo editing. These smaller tasks can break up the monotony of writing article after article every day.


If you enjoy taking pictures, selling your photographs may be a viable way for you to earn money as a stay at home mom. You could offer local services for weddings, birthdays, or graduations. This may become time-consuming, especially on your weekends when you likely want to spend time with your family.

An easier route – especially for busy moms with little ones – is just to sell the photographs you take online. There are many places that will allow you to sell your photos as stock photos for use on websites and blogs.


If you have become an expert in selling your own items on eBay, sell other people’s unwanted stuff to make even more money!

Arbitrage is basically selling something on someone else’s behalf, and then taking a small portion of the profits. For example, say your neighbor asks you to list a coffee maker. If you sell it for $25, you can take a 20% cut ($5) for your time. Per item, it may not sound like a lot of money, but if you are listing a few hundred items each week for your friends and family, it will add up fast!


Flipping flea market items is similar to eBay arbitrage, but you are getting to keep all of the profits. Browse local yard sales and flea markets for items that you could potentially resell online at a higher cost. These things should be obtained at a low cost, so you can maximize the money you earn when you flip it.

For example, a $0.50 book could sell on eBay for $10 or more!

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