Am I done having kids?

That’s the question that many parents ask once they’ve started a family. And honestly, the answer is different for everyone. Some parents are content after just having one or two children while others have a minivan full.

But there are a few different key signs to look for you to know that you truly are done having babies.

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1. You Are No Longer Envious When Others Get Pregnant

I remember being so jealous when other moms would announce their pregnancies – especially when I was trying to get pregnant myself.

Once that feeling has passed and you don’t envy other pregnant women, you may be done having babies.

2. You’re Relieved to See Your Period Come and Not Be Pregnant

When you are trying to get pregnant, taking pregnancy tests that are negative can be devastating.

However on the other hand, if you are relieved when you find out that you are not pregnant and don’t want to be pregnant again, you are probably done with being pregnant.

3. You Can Easily Give Away Baby Items

Are you still holding onto your child’s baby clothes and other items? I did this for years after my babies were born, just in case I had another baby.

If this sounds like you then you are definitely not done having kids.

But if you are ready to get rid of your baby items with ease, you are clearing out your home for the next chapter and therefore, probably done having babies.

4. Your Family Feels Complete

Does your family feel complete?

For some people, this may be a difficult thing to figure out, but many parents know when they are done having kids by feeling that their family is complete with the children that they have.

In fact, many families are content with just having one boy and one girl and say that having a child of each gender makes their family complete. So for everyone, it’s a completely different feeling.

So tell me when is your family complete?

5. You’re Done Having Babies in Your Home

Take a moment. Could you imagine having a newborn baby in your home just the way it is now?

If the answer is “Yes!” You are definitely not finished having babies in your life and your home.

And if the answer is a big fat “NO” then you’re probably done having kids.

6. You Don’t Want to Give Birth Again

One really important thing to remember when you are not sure about whether you’re done having any babies is to listen to your body.

There are a few obvious signs your body is done having babies including:

  • pregnancy complications
  • labor complications
  • multiple c-sections
  • pregnancy or infant loss
  • underlying illnesses

So if your body is telling you that it’s done with being pregnant, listen to it. It’s probably a huge sign that you are done having babies.

7. You And Your Partner Have Decided You Have Enough Kids

If you are feeling like you’re not really sure about having more babies, talk with your partner before making any decisions.

Often times couples can make a decision about when they are both done making babies and want continue to focus on the ones they already have. Every family is different but most families start to plan how many children they want to have in the beginning and make adjustments to their plans as needed.

So if you and your partner are both ready to call it quits on baby-making you’re probably done having kids.

Signs You’re Not Done Having Kids

So if you are still feeling like you are not sure if you are done having kids here are a few obvious signs that you still want another baby.

  • you miss being pregnant
  • you have baby fever all the time
  • you picture your home having a newborn in it
  • your family doesn’t feel complete
  • you can’t give away baby items


How did you know you were done having babies?

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