How can I feel connected to my baby during pregnancy?

Are you counting down the days until you can hold your sweet newborn baby in your arms and start bonding with him or her? I know waiting until you can start kissing your baby’s head and having their little hands wrap around your finger are some of the first ways that you can start connecting with your baby.

However, many expecting parents fail to see that they can actually start bonding with their baby before they are even born.

Since your baby is actually aware of some things that are happening even while inside the womb, you can actually start learning more about their personality and try to even show your love for them while you are still pregnant.

This is also great for moms to do when they are not yet feeling connected to the baby while pregnant.

So how can I bond with my baby in the womb?

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1. Talk and Sing to Your Baby

When I became pregnant with my first child, I thought that talking and singing to my belly sounded very silly. However, later on, I learned that your baby can actually hear you from inside the womb once you are around 18 weeks pregnant.

And from then on their hearing is rapidly developing. Babies begin to get familiar with their mother’s and father’s voices even before birth.

So talk with your baby about your day or even when you feel him or her kick in your belly. These simple conversations help expecting mothers to bond with their unborn babies.

You can also sing lullabies to your little one when you are settling down for a nap or when they are getting rowdy in the womb.

And if your husband is feeling a bit left out and wants to start bonding with your unborn baby, he can talk and even sing to your belly as well.

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2. Read Stories to Your Baby

Another great way to bond with your baby while you are pregnant is by reading them a story. Babies love to hear their mother’s voice even from the womb, so sitting back and reading a book is a great way to build a relationship with your unborn baby.

It’s also great to read a story to your other children while you are pregnant. This kills two birds with one stone so to speak. Meaning you are spending time with all of your children at the same time even though one hasn’t made their appearance yet.

Here are a few stories to read to your unborn baby.


3. Give Your Baby Name

Does your baby have a name yet?

One way that I bonded with both of my babies when I was pregnant with them was by giving them a name and calling them by it before they were even born.

You see once you give your baby a name, they are more like a little person to you. It makes it easier to talk to them rather than just calling them, “the baby.”

So from the time that we found out what we were having, we gave them a name.


4. Massage Your Belly

When you are pregnant for a while, you could definitely use a little massage. And your baby may enjoy it also.

So go ahead and give your belly a gentle rubdown.

And once you are far enough along to feel your baby moving, you can respond to your baby’s kicks by gently rubbing your tummy. Your baby may even move back towards you and kick back if you are rubbing your belly.


5. Dance with Your Bump

Do you need a little pick-me-up?

Being pregnant can get old and you may start to feel down in the dumps once your belly gets huge and you can’t move like you used to.

But trust me, pregnant women can still get around. So go ahead. Turn up some music and dance with your bump. Your baby may even like the movement enough to dance with you.


6. Write Letters to Your Baby

When you are pregnant, there are often so many things running through your mind.

Like what color hair will my baby have? Or how much will he or she weigh?

These are some of the memories that you’ll want to record and keep for later. Looking back on them once you’ve met your unborn baby can be a fun way to see what you were thinking about before and how your baby is now.

And you can even write letters to your baby about things that are happening during your pregnancy for them to look at later.


7. Nest and Get Prepared for Baby

Nesting is a perfectly normal part of pregnancy, especially during the later months.

But nesting is also a good time to start bonding with the idea of having a new baby use the things that you are preparing for them. Just imagining that the little person that is in your tummy will be wearing those clothes and wrapped up in these blankets really makes it all real.

Take advantage of this time and bond with your bump.


8. Record Your Ultrasound

Did you see your baby for the first time on an ultrasound?

It truly is an amazing feeling to see your baby inside you. Just making out that little face, fingers, and toes, really brings it home.

Make sure to record all of this for later so you can share these moments with your baby.

Are you looking for ways to bond with your unborn baby?

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