Are you wondering if you may be pregnant but too anxious to wait until your missed period to be sure?

This is the case with just about every woman on earth. Especially when trying to get pregnant. I was one of those ladies that would jump out of bed first thing in the morning to take a pregnancy test every day until I actually missed my period and finally got a positive one.

It sounds really crazy, right? But there are some ways that our bodies can tell us that we are pregnant before we even miss our period. And in fact, there are many moms who are in tune enough with their bodies that they just know that they are pregnant from these signs – especially if they experienced them in previous pregnancies.


*DISCLAIMER – I am not a doctor or a healthcare professional. These are simply the most common pregnancy symptoms that I and other moms have experienced at the beginning of pregnancy. Please see a medical professional if you believe that you are pregnant.

How Early Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

Honestly, this completely varies from mom to mom. Some experience pregnancy symptoms within the first week or two after conceiving, while others may not feel any pregnancy symptoms for months.

And many moms are able to recognize these symptoms in later pregnancies also.

So if you are not sure if you’re pregnant here are some of the most common early signs of pregnancy before you miss your period.

1. Sore or Tender Breasts

This classic symptom is one of those very uncomfortable ones where your body is preparing you for breastfeeding.

Even though your breastfeeding journey is months from even beginning, your body starts to get ready for producing milk for your baby. Because of this, your breasts can feel very tender and sore at the beginning of pregnancy.

2. Darkened Areolas

Many women notice that their areolas (the circular skin around their nipples) become darker and wider during pregnancy.

Once again this is just caused by hormone changes that are preparing the breasts for breastfeeding later after giving birth.

3. Fatigue

Are you feeling tired a lot lately? Fatigue is another common sign that you might be pregnant. Making another human being is hard work and your body is definitely working hard – even in the first few weeks.

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4. Nausea

One of the most common and talked about pregnancy symptoms is nausea or as some people call it morning sickness. But unfortunately for many moms, it can last all day.

However, nausea at the beginning of pregnancy is another sign of an increase in hormone levels. And if you are having nausea here are some of the best natural tips for relieving morning sickness during pregnancy.

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5. Sensitivity to Smells

At the beginning of pregnancy, many women have a sensitivity to certain smells and even get very nauseous from them. This is due to a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this can even happen with smells that you used to love – like chicken cooking on the stove. (Yep! I didn’t eat chicken for months during my pregnancy).

For some women, this symptom subsides a few months into the pregnancy.

6. Bloating

I swear these pants fit perfectly yesterday!

Although you may not be gaining weight yet you certainly could be experiencing some bloating as your body is adjusting to being pregnant.

7. Constipation

It’s horrible when you just can’t go! But it happens to moms at the beginning of pregnancy sometimes since the pregnancy hormones are causing your food to pass through your body slower it can lead to frequent constipation and discomfort.

8. Frequent Urination

Do you feel like you are always running to the bathroom to pee? It could be an early sign of pregnancy. When you are pregnant your uterus is right up against your bladder which gives you the urge to go.

Unfortunately, this is one symptom that just increases as pregnancy does but is a really common symptom.

9. Weird Cravings

When you are pregnant, you may crave some really odd foods and food combinations. Food cravings are very common in pregnancy – especially during the first trimester when your hormones are going crazy.

I am not in any way a cheese lover. In fact, I don’t like cheese on anything but my pizza, but when I was pregnant with my son, I had to have it on every burger that I ate. It was completely unlike me.

10. Mood Swings

Are you feeling extra emotional lately? Mood swings are very common since your body is producing so many hormones at the beginning of pregnancy, your emotions can change at the drop of a pin sometimes.

11. Spotting and Cramping

Slight spotting and cramping is a sign of implantation (when the fertilized egg implants into the wall of the uterus). This is completely normal for many women at the very beginning of pregnancy.

12. Fainting or Dizziness

Early in pregnancy feeling faint could be one of the first signs of pregnancy since your body is pumping more blood which can cause your blood pressure to go low. Many women feel faint or slight dizziness due to this.

13. Headaches

Another symptom of early pregnancy is frequent headaches. Due to the increased blood circulation, many newly expecting moms experience mild headaches at the beginning of their pregnancies.

14. Shortness of Breath

Do you feel very short of breath after climbing the stairs? It could be an early sign of pregnancy since the pregnancy hormones cause you to feel short of breath as you are adjusting to the rapid hormone changes.

15. Back Pain

Are you experiencing backaches? Back pain is your body’s way of getting ready for childbirth by loosening your joints and ligaments.

All of these changes in your body can cause your back to ache at the beginning of pregnancy and can continue up until delivery.

16. Vivid Dreams

Have your dreams become more vivid suddenly? Many women say that they experience more vivid dreams during pregnancy. It could be caused by all of the hormones that are changing so quickly.

Do you believe that you could be pregnant? Are you experiencing any of these symptoms or even more? Tell me if I missed any early signs of pregnancy that you experienced.

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