Did you know many baby essentials can be bought used and are completely safe for your baby?

Here are the best baby things you should buy secondhand.

When you have a new baby coming along, there is no limit to all of the shopping you can do. It really can add up over time once you get closer to your due date. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be.

There are several baby items that you can purchase secondhand at less than half the price of retail. And let me tell you something. Your baby is not going to care if you buy things second hand. So neither should you.

Of course, when buying used items of any sort it is important to keep your eyes out for different flaws and any type of damage on used baby products.

The best way to be safe is to thoroughly inspect each item. Don’t feel stupid about doing this. Trust me, it is worth it to make sure your baby is safe using any of these products.


One question I ask when buying any product used from someone is when was it purchased. The reason for this is you want to make sure you are not getting a very old baby item that has been recalled or has worn over a long time.

Also, some products such as car seats do expire after a certain date (usually 6-8 years from manufacturing date). Another thing to look out for when purchasing a car seat used is if it has been in any kind of accident.

Car seat manufacturers state that once a car seat has been in a car accident they can not be used again. This is one reason that I have always purchased my kids’ car seats new.

I honestly have never felt bad about spending the extra money to ensure that my child is completely safe in a car seat that I know is in the best possible condition.

Complete paranoid mom disclosure – This is my honest opinion on car seats and every mom is different. I encourage you to do what you think is best for your baby. So now that I have said that I want to share with you all of the baby items that I love to buy used.

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1. Used Baby Clothes (Jackets, Hats, and Shoes)

At the very top of the list is baby clothes. Baby clothes are the easiest baby item to find used. The reason they are always floating around is that babies grow so incredibly fast and they don’t stay in the same size clothing for very long.

I have always been able to find someone either giving away or selling baby clothes for very cheap. The only thing to look for in baby clothes is that all of the buttons, snaps, and other fasteners work properly and that there are not any stains.

I would also keep an eye out for any loose strings and etc. This may be an indication that the clothes are very worn.


2. Crib Bedding

When it comes to crib bedding, you really only need a crib sheet. Those adorable crib bedding sets can be so tempting to buy but really does your baby need all of that?

No! They need a clean crib sheet without any stains and tears. I would also caution you to check to make sure that the elastic that goes around the mattress is still stretchy and doesn’t give.

I still have crib sheets that were second hand and my son has used them for years. If they are made well they really do hold up.


3. Used Baby Furniture

Let’s talk about the furniture that will live in your baby’s room.

  • Crib – First of all, you will need a crib. When looking for a suitable and gently used crib, check to make sure all of the pieces and hardware are still there. I would also check that the crib doesn’t have any chips or chipped paint. Also, cribs that have the drop-down sides are not recommended to use anymore.
  • Rocking Chairs – Rocking Chairs and gliders are usually pretty easy to find used without any wear and tear. I always bought used or was given one from a friend.
  • Dressers – Baby has to have a place for his/her clothes too. Buying a used dresser may not seem like a big deal but if it is going to be in your baby’s room, you need to give it a good look over before committing. Make sure there are no sharp edges, chipping paint, and also no loose hardware.
  • Changing Table – If you need a changing table I suggest finding one that is in great condition and was gently used as well.
  • Bassinet or Cosleeper – Bassinets and cosleepers are great for having your baby sleep close to you. When purchasing a second-hand bassinet or cosleeper make sure that there are no tears, rips, or missing pieces.


4. Baby Carriers (including baby wraps)

Anyone who has had a baby knows baby carriers are the best invention ever! I started off with just a moby wrap when my first baby was a newborn and it literally saved my life.

I was also able to buy a used one for a friend from a consignment store for half the price. Later, I also purchased an Ergo baby carrier once my baby was bigger to make wearing her out of the house quick and easy.

When looking at used baby carriers, I would check for any tears, rips, or broken pieces. Also, be sure to check that all of the buckles work correctly.


5. Gently Used Baby Stroller

Do you like to take your baby for a walk? Strollers are great for getting outside and taking your baby with you. When looking to buy a used stroller just check that it opens and closes correctly.

Also like with anything that has fabric check for any rips, tears, and separating. If everything looks great and the stroller is relatively new, it should be a great stroller to purchase secondhand.


6. Swings, Bouncers, Jumpers, and Rockers

Sometimes having a swing, bouncer, jumper or rocker can save a mommy’s sanity. Having a safe place to put your baby down for just a minute while you cook dinner, take a shower, or help another child, is a huge lifesaver.

I have actually bought all of these baby items used at one time and have not had any problems. Always check that everything works correctly and has no tears or missing pieces.


7. Baby Bathtubs

Baby bathtubs can be very helpful when you need to give your baby a bath, but in my experience, they are often outgrown very quickly. Because of this, any savings can be helpful.

I recommend when purchasing a used baby bathtub always check for any mold or mildew just in case it hasn’t been taken care of. Also, make sure there are no cracks or chips in the plastic that could harm your baby.

If all looks good, you should find a baby bathtub for cheap.


8. Baby Blankets

Just like baby clothes, baby blankets are often barely used. I have been able to get almost every blanket for my kids used and in great condition.

When looking for used blankets, check that they are able to be thoroughly washed and cleaned to be completely ready for your baby. I especially love these muslin blankets because they hold up over time and are useful for many different things.


9. Playpens

Playpens or pack and plays are nice to have once your baby is mobile. I loved having one on our first floor when we lived in a two-story home. It made it easier to have a place where my baby could sit for a minute and play without being strapped down.

If you see a great playpen for your baby check that the mesh is in great condition without any rips or tears. Also, check for stains and that all of the pieces are together.


10. Baby Toys

Baby toys are so cute and fun. I always loved looking for well-made toys for my kids. The best toys to buy are the ones with flat surfaces that can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for germs.

One baby toy I would not recommend buying used is stuffed animals. The problem with stuffed animals is that the fabric can take in so many germs and can be hard to get completely disinfected.

I like to buy toys like stacking cups and other toys that can be run through the dishwasher. This makes cleaning a breeze.


Places to find Used Baby Gear

  • Yard Sales – Yard sales are usually the BEST place to find baby clothes. I have found some for as low as 25 cents apiece.
  • Family and Friends with kids – If you have family or friends that have kids older than yours, you could ask them for secondhand items once they are done using them. Other than yardsales this is the best way I have found to get clothes for my kids.
  • Kid’s Consignment Stores – If you are looking for something specific for your baby, a consignment store may be just the place to check.
  • Facebook Online Yardsale Groups – From clothes to other baby gear you can find just about anything used in your local facebook online yard sale. Of course, check that the item looks gently used and you will save big.
  • Letgo app – I just found a Thomas the Train toddler bed for my son for nearly 1/4 of the retail price. This app is basically just like the Facebook online yard sales but an app by itself.

Do you have any other baby gear that you like to buy used? I would love to know if I missed anything. Let me know below.

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