Are you wondering if a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace could help relieve your baby’s teething symptoms? Or, maybe you’re looking for a more natural alternative to typical teething products.

In the last few years, Baltic Amber necklaces have become part of a huge trend especially among “crunchy” mamas who prefer more natural solutions for their baby’s teething ailments.

Between the drooling, chewing, and all-around irritability, teething just plain stinks. And as a parent, you just wish there was a way to relieve that pain and make your baby more comfortable.

While there are many different products on the market that claim to help with your baby’s teething pain and symptoms it can be extremely frustrating trying to figure out which one actually works.


Why Should I Care About Natural Teething Relief?

Unfortunately, knowing if a product will really help with your baby’s teething symptoms isn’t the only concern.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the serious harm and side effects that may come from gum-numbing medications. Because these types of medications contain lidocaine and benzocaine, they should be avoided completely. There have been numerous reports of overdoses as well as the increased risk of choking.

I have also seen several recalls recently on teething tablets that are supposedly safe and natural for babies.

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Although you can find various teething remedies at your local Walmart, do you really know if they are safe for your baby? Are they natural products, or can they be harmful?

If you are like me, you have probably asked these same questions. Which is why I chose to look into Baltic Amber necklaces for my teething baby.

What is Baltic Amber?

“Baltic Amber is an organic substance that is derived from fossilized resin found in the Baltic Sea.”

For centuries, Baltic Amber has been used for its anti-inflammatory and healing qualities. Baltic Amber releases healing oils (succinic acid) into your skin as your body heats up. It is then absorbed by your skin and makes its way to your bloodstream.

“Succinic acid is a completely natural pain reliever that also helps with inflammation. And because it is natural, it benefits babies without the worry of any harsh side effects.”

While many skeptics believe that Baltic Amber necklaces provide merely a placebo effect, there are parents all around the world who swear by their results.

Do They Work? Yes or No

When looking at the different types of baltic amber necklaces for our son, we decided that we wanted something that not only helped his teething pain but also could assist in reducing his horrible allergies.

I received the necklace when my son was only 14 months old. He was beginning to get two of his top teeth and was very irritable.

After wearing the Baltic Amber teething necklace for only a couple of days, I noticed an extraordinary difference in him. He seemed less fussy and especially calm for a teething baby.

We also noticed that his sniffles and congestion had completely disappeared as well. And to this day, he still has had no allergy symptoms.

So do they work you ask?

Yes, I believe that the Baltic Amber necklace has worked extraordinarily well in relieving our son’s awful teething symptoms and allergies. I also LOVE the fact that this necklace is a much more natural option for alleviating his teething pain than other products out there.

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So does the necklace just help with teething pain?

No! In addition to relieving teething pain, Baltic Amber can also:

  • Soothe red and/or inflamed cheeks and gums
  • Calm your baby naturally
  • Boost the immune system
  • Help with drooling which accompanies teething
  • Can help reduce fussiness
  • Can help with the common cold
  • Reduce fever
  • And so much more…

What is a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace? Do they really work at relieving teething symptoms. Where should I buy an amber teething necklace? Amber Teething Necklace from Baltic Essentials has minimized my son's irritability during teething.

Does your baby sport a Baltic Amber teething necklace? Does it help with their teething pains? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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