So you want to start a blog? No wait, you want to start a successful blog that will make money! But how?

This was certainly my first question when I became inspired to start a mom blog to make an income for my family. I had a vision of what my blog would be and what I wanted to write about but had absolutely no idea how to take the steps to begin the process.

Thankfully, I found some helpful ebooks and resources that walked me through the entire process of creating my blog, growing it into a business and then making money from it. By investing in my education, I learned how to properly launch my blog and keep it running successfully while also earning a profit.

However, like many moms, I didn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a course or ebook at the beginning of my blogging journey. That’s why I researched and asked other mom bloggers for their advice on ebooks to find some options that would be valuable but also affordable.

So I compiled a list of 7 amazing blogging ebooks that taught me how to create a successful blog that did not cost an arm and leg.



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First Start Your Blog

First of all, you’ll need to start your blog. And believe me, this is the easiest step. You can quickly start a blog for only $3.95 per month by following my guide here.

Suzi Whitford from StartaMomBlog has a wonderful ebook that has over 140 pages that are filled with the steps to set up a professional blog from the start. It’s an amazing guide for moms who want to start a blog but are afraid of not being tech-savvy enough to build a blog on their own.

What’s even better is that Suzi’s ebook – Blog by Number is affordable and has helped countless other moms start a successful blog while raising children. And you can get your copy of Blog by Number for only $17.99 + all of the Freebies she offers including 130 Blog Post Headlines!


Increase Blog Traffic

The second part of blogging that everyone is always talking about is – Traffic!

Of course, if you want to be successful at blogging, you will need some type of traffic coming in to see your beautiful work, right? And while there are tons of different ways to boost your blog’s traffic, when you first start your blog you may not know what will truly work for you.

My friend Anna started her blog SaltinMyCoffee a little over a year ago to make an income from home so she could not only help her husband with financial stability but also stay home with her two adorable kiddos. Although she knew in her heart that blogging was the answer to her problems, she kept hearing from other professional bloggers that it would take time – months or even years in some cases.

But Anna like most of us didn’t have time to wait for her blog to grow. She needed to start making money now. That’s why she decided to challenge herself to take her blog from zero page views to 10,000 page views within 30 days. Sounds crazy right? But after 29 days she not only met her goal but passed it and boosted her blog right away.

The best part is that Anna wants to help other moms who are in the same boat as she was looking to increase their blog traffic in a short amount of time and she describes exactly how she did it in her ebook – Zero to 10,000 Pageviews…in less than 30 days. All of this is

available for only $29 because she understands that moms like us need a budget-friendly option.

Make Money Blogging from a Small Blogmake money blogging at any level

Did you know that you can make money blogging from a smaller blog? I didn’t!

When I started blogging, I realized fast that there were bloggers out there making thousands every month and I just had a goal of making $1,000 a month to support my family. However, even though I had pretty great page views I still didn’t know how to properly monetize my blog. I didn’t know what I was missing.

That’s when I noticed a newsletter email in my inbox featuring an astounding blogger named Victoria of AModernHomestead‘s story of starting several blogs and never seeing any money. That is until she finally found the answers to making real money form her blog even when it was small. That’s when she decided to write an inspirational ebook titled – Make Money Blogging at any Level. And in her ebook, she teaches bloggers how to make money even if they only have 1,000 monthly page views.

Victoria has been able to help other bloggers including me elevate their blogging income with this ebook and she can do the same for you. The great part is that you can do this too. Her ebook – Make Money Blogging at any Level is affordable and an amazing value at only $20.

Grow Your Blog without Sacrificing Relationships

If you are actively trying to build your blog, you are probably spending hours in front of your computer screen and not spending as much time with your family. Sound familiar? That was definitely me.

For my first year of blogging, I spent hours at my computer meticulously studying how to grow my blog and writing tons of blog posts. I even spent hours on social media. But what I didn’t notice is that my husband was getting frustrated and wanted more time with me. But what was worse was that I was also getting frustrated with keeping my life and my blog in balance with huge overwhelming to do lists every day and never really getting everything done.

My friend Victoria was going through this very same struggle with her family and her blog. She has spent countless hours on her blog for the past few years to grow it to where it is today. But unfortunately, she started to notice that her constant blogging was forming a stress between her and her husband. But after taking some steps and finding the right tools for balancing her blog and her family, she was able to finally set goals and expectations for her blog and her family to avoid any future problems.

And now Victoria has written all of her tips and tricks down to help other bloggers get out of or avoid this problem altogether in her ebook – Grow Your Blog without Sacrificing Your Relationship for an unbelievable price of only – $18. She wants other bloggers to become successful without losing their relationships. And you can do this too.

Making Money through Amazon

One of the most recommended affiliates to join as a new blogger is always Amazon.  And the biggest reason is that Amazon is totally easy to join and make passive income from. Another big reason is that you can add an affiliate link to almost any product under the sun and if your viewers click on your link and decide to purchase another product instead, you still get a percentage of what they bought. Cool right?

My friend Carolina King uses Amazon to bring in over $1,000 a month through her blog MamaInstincts. And she made all of this even when her page views were less than 10,000 per month. The best part is Carolina wants to teach other mom bloggers how to do this as well and that’s why she wrote – How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliates. This amazing ebook with all of the information you need for Amazon is only $35 which is a huge asset.

Blogging with Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the biggest traffic sources for most bloggers – especially mom bloggers. In fact, my blog gets over 95 percent of its traffic straight from Pinterest. That’s why so many mom bloggers have tried to master the techniques needed to be successful blogging through Pinterest.

However, you likely will not learn all of the methods you will need to correctly present your blog on Pinterest alone. I have found several mom bloggers who have written some marvelous guides to get Pinterest to work for you and your blog without breaking your budget. My very first Pinterest education came from Carly of MommyonPurpose. She breaks down exactly how she brings in over 20 – 30,000 page views a day!



By explaining the Pinterest Algorithm and also using a manual pinning technique she has been able to teach countless other bloggers to accomplish the same results. And her ebook – Pinteresting Strategies is super budget friendly at only $32. I absolutely loved Carly’s book. In fact, you can read my entire review here – How I Used Pinterest Strategies to More than Triple My Blog Traffic!


Facebook and Blogging

As I said before, there are several different ways to get traffic to your blog and one of them is on Facebook. There are those who use Facebook and get almost all of their traffic and others who are just getting traffic from Pinterest.

Brittany Ann of EquippingGodlyWomen is a blogger with over 150,000 Facebook likes. She was able to grow her Facebook page from 2,000 to just 100,000 in just five months without having to pay Facebook for any promotions or ads. And after noticing so many bloggers struggling with Facebook, she decided to write her in-depth ebook – Strategies Work Sharing to help other bloggers accomplish the same results.

And you can get the same strategies she used to get hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes for only $20. Talk about a steal.


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