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How to Make Money Blogging with Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for a way to start making money from your blog? While there are several ways to actively monetize your blog, one of the most popular ways is through affiliate marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is where you join a program and agree to use your affiliate link to recommend products and services. Therefore if anyone were to purchase the product by clicking through your unique link, you will be rewarded with a commission of that sale. So for example, if you are an affiliate for this money-saving app, and you had a link posted on...

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How to Increase your Pinterest Reach Without Spending Hours Pinning

Are you spending day after day aimlessly pinning on Pinterest without any real results to show for it? Are you hopelessly trying to get your pins seen but not sure what you’re doing wrong? If this sounds like you then take a deep breath and relax because I’m going to show you a much better and more efficient method of pinning on Pinterest and boosting your traffic. WHY DO BLOGGERS USE PINTEREST? First, let’s talk about why you most bloggers LOVE Pinterest. Unlike social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and Twitter, Pinterest isn’t really a social media site at...

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9 Inspiring Mom Blogs You Should be Following

Mom blogs are taking over the blogging world with full force and the biggest reason for this is for moms to work from home while also raising their children. I mean who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work from home on your own schedule (or your child’s schedule that is) while also actively chasing around toddlers? This is why I started my blog just over one year ago. I was stuck in a hard spot where I had to make a decision of whether I should go back to work full time with two small children still at...

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7 Budget-Friendly Ebooks to Actively Boost Your Blog

So you want to start a blog? No wait, you want to start a successful blog that will make money! But how? This was certainly my first question when I became inspired to start a mom blog to make an income for my family. I had a vision of what my blog would be and what I wanted to write about but had absolutely no idea how to take the steps to begin the process. Thankfully, I found some helpful ebooks and resources that walked me through the entire process of creating my blog, growing it into a business and then...

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How I Used Pinterest Strategies to More than Triple My Blog Traffic!

Blogging is truly a roller coaster ride with all of its twists and turns and moments of pure anxiety. And now that I have been blogging for nearly 1 year, I’ve learned that you have two choices when you decide to start a blog. You can either 1. take a seat and buckle up for the ride or 2. throw in the towel once you see the bump up ahead. The problem with blogging is that not everyone can succeed.  You have to be talented, driven, and you have to love writing. Unfortunately, many stay-at-home moms will learn that...

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