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How to Gently Wean Your Breastfed Baby/Toddler

Ready to Wean Already? Is your baby starting to become less interested in the boob? Or maybe you just feel like it’s about time to get your body back.   *I am NOT a healthcare professional or a Lactation Consultant. I am simply a mom who has breastfed and is sharing my personal experiences with Breastfeeding. Always consult your family physician.  If your baby is over a year old and this sounds like you, then keep reading. This is how I effortlessly weaned my breastfed son who started showing signs of self-weaning. It seems like as soon as you become...

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7 Reasons Why I FAILED at Breastfeeding My First Baby

Being a breastfeeding mom is an achievement that I am extremely proud of. And I am over the moon about sharing such an amazing experience with my son, but unfortunately, I was unable to share that same adventure with my daughter who is also my first child. Believe me! I had every intention of breastfeeding my daughter. In fact, I even took breastfeeding classes and was determined that she would be exclusively breastfed and nothing would get in my way. Sadly, I did NOT reach my goal of breastfeeding my daughter for one year or even for one month.Breastfeeding...

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9 Seriously Lifesaving Breastfeeding Essentials

“Breast is Best” Everyone knows that breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed and nourish your baby but it certainly doesn’t always come naturally to all moms. Especially first-time moms. Breastfeeding takes time, practice, and lots of patience. Thankfully, there are several resources available for moms today to help guide you through any breastfeeding obstacle you come across. There are also some wonderful breastfeeding accessories that help to make breastfeeding easier for mom and baby. Sometimes having a few gadgets and time-saving essentials can make all the difference for an overtired mom. After breastfeeding my son for fifteen months...

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6 Reliable Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

How Can I Successfully Breastfeed in Public? Breastfeeding in public has become very controversial here in the U.S. Because of this, many mothers have been shamed and embarrassed for publically breastfeeding their baby. But if you are going to leave the house with your baby, you are likely going to have to breastfeed in public unless you have a bottle of pumped breastmilk or formula. And although some moms are perfectly comfortable right away with breastfeeding in public, there are many moms who are still uncomfortable and nervous about people shaming them for doing what nature intended. When my...

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Tips for Breastfeeding a Teething Baby

Do Breastfed Babies Bite? Yes! Breastfed babies do bite, just as formula fed babies bite. The only difference is you can’t feel when a formula or bottle fed baby bites the bottle nipple. But believe me, you will most certainly feel it when your baby bites your nipple. Why do Babies Bite While Breastfeeding? Unfortunately, you probably won’t even expect when your baby is going to bite you. It usually comes out of the blue, and babies bite for so many reasons. Just to name a few… Teething Experimenting with their mouth Latching on wrong Sometimes my son will...

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