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The Step by Step Guide to Cloth Diapering at Night

Are you thinking about trying cloth diapers but you’re nervous about using cloth at bedtime? Or maybe you already cloth diaper your baby during the day but worried about cloth diapers overnight? If either of these scenarios sounds like your situation, do not worry. You have come to the right place. Because I am gonna teach you the ins and outs of successfully cloth diapering your baby overnight without a single leak. Why Should I Use Cloth Diapers at Night Instead of Disposables? There are many times where parents will cloth diaper their baby during the day. And then...

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6 Reasons Why I LOVE Flat Cloth Diapers

Usually, when I first tell people that I am a cloth diapering mom, they instantly picture a flat and diaper pins. And although there are numerous different types of cloth diapers out there, for my family the old fashioned flats are the best.  What is a Flat Cloth Diaper? A flat cloth diaper is a huge chunk of fabric that is a single layer. They come in several different fabrics and are extremely versatile. The only downside that I have found with flats is that they have to be folded into a diaper for your baby. And that is...

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Fold a Prefold Cloth Diaper

It may come as quite a shock to many cloth diapering lovers out there to find out that prefolds are one of my absolute favorite types of cloth diapers ever. And the reason they are so close to my heart is that they are extremely versatile and also dependable. That is why they have been around for such a long time. Another benefit of using prefolds is how affordable they can be. For literally $2 or less you can buy a prefold cloth diaper. That’s a steal. And the price gets even better when you consider¬†that you can use...

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Get the Best Deals on Cloth Diapers that Your Wallet Will Love

Have you been looking to buy cloth diapers for the first time? Not sure where to buy them? Or where to get the best deal? Don’t worry! I wasn’t sure where I could purchase cloth diapers either when I first started. But, through several years of buying and using cloth diapers on my kids, I have come to find the absolute best places to buy cloth diapers. How? Well, my friend, the best place is on the World Wide Web. Yep! You read that right. You will get the best deals for buying cloth diapers right at your fingertips....

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GroVia O.N.E. Cloth Diaper Review & GIVEAWAY!(CLOSED)

Over the past 5 years, I have tried several different brands of cloth diapers. And through this process, I have found some that I LOVE while others I don’t like as much. All cloth diapers are NOT created equal. In fact, I have only found a handful that fit my baby properly and also hold up as far as absorbency. Because of this, choosing the right cloth diaper can be a difficult task when you have no idea how each one will perform on your baby. The best way I have determined whether or not to purchase a NEW...

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