When you first start a blog, there are a couple of important decisions that you have to make. Such as which hosting service you want to host your blog. What your domain name will be. And lastly which theme you want to use for your blog.

*If you don’t already have a blog here is my step-by-step tutorial on how to start your mommy blog.

When you set up a WordPress blog there are numerous different free themes available that are actually pretty good for when you are just starting out, although they are not very customizable and responsive.

Another downfall is that less responsive themes can also slow your site down. Which is exactly what you don’t want if you are planning to eventually grow your blog into a business.

Of course, this was my plan all along. I wanted to build a mom blog that could help other moms out there while in turn allowing me to work from home and stay with my children. And it wasn’t until I finally invested in a paid theme that I started to see some real money flowing in.

But the biggest obstacle is finding a theme that is responsive and customizable at a great price. With thousands of themes available, this can be hard to figure out alone. That is why I decided to reach out to another blogger whose theme I loved and ask what theme she used. I knew that if she was able to build a money-making blog with this theme that I could too.


Elegant WordPress Themes

After taking the leap I found a theme that I truly love and still use today. It is Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes started as a business with only one man in his apartment and has since grown into a team of over 60 members from around the world. And with more than 500,000 loyal customers it’s easy to see why they have been in business for nearly a decade.

They are also the makers of the exclusive Divi Builder that makes building a website super fast and easy.

As far as price, Elegant Themes is competitively priced at only $89 for one year of full access to all of their themes and plugins as well as their supreme customer support and updates. And for with a one time fee of $249 you can get unlimited lifetime access to Elegant Themes and all of their products.

Trust me that is a deal for everything you get. But let me break down all of their amazing products you will have access to just to prove it.

Divi Theme

The Divi theme is by far the best theme that Elegant Themes has to offer. It is not only completely customizable but also a very visually easy-to-use theme.

With the Divi theme, you will NEVER have to worry about using any coding for your website which makes it the perfect theme for new bloggers. The Divi theme takes all of the guesswork out of creating your layout and makes your blog look professional for your readers.

In fact, I use the Divi theme for this blog and have loved it.


Extra Theme

The Extra theme is the second-best theme available through Elegant Themes. It was created just after Divi and shares many of its same features. However Extra is a theme that is designed and best suited for blogs and online magazine sites. Whereas Divi is completely customizable for any website.

The Extra theme also includes the amazing Divi Builder tool so you can easily customize the theme’s templates through the drag and drop feature.


Divi Builder Plugin

As I said before, Elegant Themes is the creator of the exclusive and very popular Divi Builder Plugin. The Divi Builder plugin can be used in the front end and back end of your blog. Front-end editing allows you to edit your final product right before your eyes.

The back end of the Divi Builder allows you to move columns and rows around to customize your layout. It’s so easy to drag and drop them into the position you desire.

You can also duplicate and save any modules or layouts to your Divi Library. This way you can switch between layouts that you like from time to time without having to rearrange constantly.

Bloom Email Op-tin Form Plugin

One of the first things experienced bloggers will tell you when starting a blog is to work on collecting and building your email list. However growing an email list is definitely NOT easy, but with the Bloom plugin, it can be done with minimal effort.

With Bloom, you can add several different email opt-in forms to your blog. The available options include pop up, fly-in, below post, inline, locked content, and widget forms.

Bloom also has a huge selection of customizable templates to choose from for your email opt-in.

The templates can also be further customized by adding an intro animation, delays, and triggers. You can even choose where on your site the email opt-in will appear. For example, if you write about more than one topic on your blog, you can create separate email opt-ins to appear on their specific topic blog posts.

Collecting emails has never been easier.


Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

The Monarch social sharing plugin allows your readers to easily share your blog posts with a simple click of a button. And the easier your content is to share the more likely your readers are to share it.

There are over 20 different social networks that are supported by the Monarch plugin. They can be displayed in different locations and styles as well.

Monarch can also be used to display your social media profiles to help your readers follow you there as well.


Elegant Themes Customer Support

After using Elegant Themes for just over one year, I can honestly say that their customer service is very effective and helpful.

First of all, they provide a chat box at the bottom right of their homepage to help you connect with one of their representatives quickly. There is also a Contact Us page which gives you different ways to reach out for help.

“Chat with Us”, as I said before is my favorite but you can also select “Ask the Community” of other Elegant Theme users, or “Browse Documentation” which takes you to the Members Area where you can download Elegant Themes’ most popular products including the Divi or Extra theme and also the Bloom, Divi Builder, and Monarch plugins.

Under each theme or plugin, there are in-depth tutorials and videos that walk you through how to use each of the products. This makes it super easy to get your theme and plugins all set up without losing your mind.

Elegant Themes also updates its themes and plugins regularly to help keep your blog looking professional and responsive.


Are You Ready to Set Up Your Blog Theme?

So now that you’ve soaked up all of the knowledge that I’ve placed in front of you, I want to say one more time that if you want to build a successful blog, Elegant Themes is the way to go for sure. They have been supporting my blog and others without fail for years.

So are you ready? Sign up here to get your blog theme up and running and start building a better blog today.

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