Children usually put a lot of things in their mouths and bring their favorite toys anywhere with themin the park, in the kindergarten, at a friend’s house.

In this way, toys turn into a home for plenty of germs and dirt in general. That is why they have to be cleaned regularly to protect the child from various diseases. But even the ones that never leave the bedroom have to take their fair share of washing and disinfection.

First of all, disinfect every toy right after you bring it home from the store. Usually, the cleaning instructions are indicated on the label or on the box it comes in. If not, here are some effective and Eco-friendly to clean and disinfect your child’s toys.



1. Hot Water

The most common method for toy cleaning is with hot water and nothing else. It will kill the germs since they fall apart when the temperature is too high.

Only soak toys that cannot be damaged by water and leave them inside until the water cools down. Dry them with a towel and they will be ready for new adventures with your kid. You can also wash them in the dishwasher or in the washing machine, whichever you prefer.


2. Soapy Water

A second way to get rid of the microbes is to clean them with soapy water but not to leave them in it for a long time. It is a good technique for wooden toys and toys that cannot be treated with very hot water because there is a chance to destroy them partially or completely.

Always dry them afterward to avoid the risk of them getting covered with mold.


3. Baking Soda

Putting plush toys in the washing machine is not a problem but if you are afraid that they might somehow get ruined, cover them with baking soda, leave them for 20 minutes and then shake the soda off or vacuum it until there is none left on the toy.

You can still wash them afterward if there were some severe food or grease stains. If there is more than one toy, put them all in a plastic bag and repeat the procedure. It makes it easier for you and it also saves time.


4. Distilled White Vinegar

If you think cleaning with water only is not good enough, you can mix it with white vinegar. (in a proportion of one to one) You can wipe the toys and then leave them outside to get rid of the smell.


Since vinegar is a cheap and very safe product it can be used for cleaning other parts of the house as well, including kitchen counters and the bathroom. Even professionals like TopClean Service N13 use it.


5. Washing Machine

For the doll’s clothes, it is best to wash them in the washing machine like your regular clothes. Do not forget them, no matter how tiny they seem, you better make sure they are germ-free as well. You can easily put them in a dryer if the child is eager to play with them again.


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As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make toys look and feel as good as new.

Make sure your child is safe while playing with them. It is important to say that they must not be disinfected too often. The germs and microbes found in toys are important for the development of the child’s immune system.

It is recommended to do it at least once every two weeks or whenever they seem dirty to you so that your children can grow healthy.


About the Author

Joanna Wilkins is a writer and small cleaning business owner that is based in London.



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