Have you been looking to buy cloth diapers for the first time? Not sure where to buy them? Or where to get the best deal?

Don’t worry! I wasn’t sure where I could purchase cloth diapers either when I first started. But, through several years of buying and using cloth diapers on my kids, I have come to find the absolute best places to buy cloth diapers.

How? Well, my friend, the best place is on the World Wide Web.

Yep! You read that right. You will get the best deals for buying cloth diapers right at your fingertips.

Why Buy Online?

Although buying cloth diapers and accessories in person at a local store would be much easier, it isn’t always an option. In my area of Georgia for example, we don’t have a local cloth diaper store.

And though our local Buy Buy Baby and Babiesrus stores do sell cloth diapers and accessories, they don’t have a huge selection. They also do NOT have any great deals or discounts on them as you can very easily find online.

But with hundreds of online stores that sell cloth diapers and accessories, it can get overwhelming trying to figure out which one to choose.

So that is why I am going to share with you all of my experiences and the awesome deals you can get with the best online cloth diaper retailers.



WHO ARE THEY? – Kelly’s Closet is one of the most well-known Cloth Diaper retailers in the U.S. Since becoming a leader in the cloth diaper industry back in 2001 there is no question that they know cloth diapering in and out. And even though Kelly’s Closet is quite a successful business, it is family-owned and run by MOMS!

MY OPINION – Kelly’s Closet has all of the most popular cloth diaper brands on the market along with every accessory you could ever need. Their customer service is also phenomenal and very responsive. After making over 50% of my cloth diaper purchases there in the past five years, I can honestly say that I LOVE this company.


  • Kelly’s Closet is currently offering FREE shipping on orders that are $25 and up. (So hurry on over and get it while you can!)
  • They always have a Coupon Code available to get FREE items with a certain dollar amount purchase.
  • Try Cloth Diapers for 30 Days RISK-FREE.

With all of these amazing deals, it’s no wonder Kelly’s Closet has been one of the most popular Cloth Diaper Retailers. Hop on over and Check out all of their promotions for yourself!

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WHO ARE THEY? – Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique is a mom-owned & mom-run business that offers natural products for Mom, Baby, and your Home. It all started when a new mom wanted to have a local store where she could touch and feel all of the products before using them. That is when Sweet Bottom’s Baby Boutique came alive.

MY OPINION – Sweet Bottoms Baby Boutique was one of the first cloth diaper retailers that I shopped at when I began on the cloth diaper journey. In fact, as soon as I spotted the “FREE & FAST SHIPPING EVERY DAY” banner at the top of their website, I was hooked!


  • As I mentioned Sweet Bottoms Baby offers FREE shipping each and every day with no minimum purchase!
  • They also have their “Sweet Bonus Offers” give you a FREE sample or item for a certain dollar amount purchase.
  • And they also have Clearance products. You can save BIG with these clearance deals!

With FREE shipping and so many offers, Sweet Bottoms Baby is one of my absolute Favorite stores to purchase cloth diapers.


WHO ARE THEY? – Diaper Junction was founded in August of 2002 when one mom, Bryana Guckin, was looking for ways to save money when being faced with two children in diapers. As her business grew, she also helped other families by providing her knowledge on cloth diapers. Since the beginning, Diaper Junction has grown to a team with a combined total of over 16 years of experience with cloth diapers.

MY OPINION – Diaper Junction is a wonderful cloth diaper retailer that offers very affordable cloth diapering options for every budget. I love their beautiful story of how they started cloth diapering to save money.

Diaper Junction has even created its own line of cloth diapers under the names Diaper Junction and Diaper Rite. Their goal with their line is to provide affordable diapers while also keeping the quality.


  • Diaper Junction offers their “30-Day Test Drive” where families can try any of their Trial Diapers without any risk to you or your wallet!
  • You can also join their newsletter and receive exclusive subscriber discounts, special announcements, and their cloth diaper tips! Along with all of these wonderful benefits, you will also receive an instant coupon to save 5% off of your next order at Diaper Junction.
  • Currently, Diaper Junction is offering FREE Shipping on all domestic orders of $49 or more.
  • Lastly, they have Exclusive Coupons & FREE Gifts when your purchase reaches certain amounts.

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WHO ARE THEY? – Back in 2007 one Minnesota mom set out to change the world around her one cloth diaper at a time. Her goal was to show people that today’s modern cloth diapers have advanced from pins and plastic pants into velcro and snaps. Today My Sweet Pickles is run by two moms who have expanded the amazing store to sell even more natural parenting products.

MY OPINION – My Sweet Pickles is a very cute mom-owned Natural Family/ Baby Retailer that sells everything from Cloth Diapers to Clothing and even products for moms and the whole family. They also have a different deal every day of the week.


  • My Sweet Pickles Reward Program – Earn 10% back with each purchase made at My Sweet Pickles.
  • FREE Shipping on orders over $39.
  • Double Points Monday – Earn 20% back on all of your purchases. And NO codes are needed!
  • Terrific Tuesday – All orders over $20 receive a free goodie for mama or child (the goodie changes monthly). Just write “Terrific Tuesday” in the comments at checkout.
  • Wonderful Wednesday – Get the “Freebie of the Month” when you spend over a certain amount(the amount changes monthly). Code MSPWW
  • Tryin’ It Thursday – Write an item you want to try in your order notes and 1 lucky winner will earn enough points to buy that item.
  • Fan-Tastic Friday – Every Friday there is a Fan-Tastic post in FAN chat and 2 winners are picked to win 250 points.
  • Worry Free Weekend – FREE Shipping over $20 in the USA. NO codes needed.


WHO ARE THEY?Nicki’s Diapers is a family-owned business that was founded by a mom named Nicki who wanted to cloth diaper her first son but was unable to find the information or products she needed to cloth diaper. She later created her own business selling cloth diapers and accessories from home in 2003. Nicki’s Diapers has since moved out of her garage to a new warehouse and has created its own brands of cloth diapers and accessories such as Imagine Baby Products, Planet Wise, and Best Bottom Diapers (one of my absolute favorite cloth diapers).

MY OPINION – Nicki’s Diapers is definitely one of the most informative cloth diaper retailers I have ever seen. They not only have every type of cloth diaper you could dream of but also every accessory you will ever need. They even have other natural baby products.


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As you can see there are so many Cloth Diaper Retailers out there that offer all of the most popular brands and styles around. And with all of these great deals, you simply can’t go wrong.

Where do you shop for your cloth diapers? Where do you find the best deals? Tell me in the comments.

Where to Get the Best Deals on Cloth Diapers

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