Are you spending day after day aimlessly pinning on Pinterest without any real results to show for it? Are you hopelessly trying to get your pins seen but not sure what you’re doing wrong?

If this sounds like you then take a deep breath and relax because I’m going to show you a much better and more efficient method of pinning on Pinterest and boosting your traffic.


Why Do Bloggers Use Pinterest?

First, let’s talk about why you most bloggers LOVE Pinterest.

Unlike social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and Twitter, Pinterest isn’t really a social media site at all. I mean yes you can message people and technically be social on Pinterest but it is mostly used as a search engine, just like Google.

Think about it. When you are trying to decide what you could make for dinner with leftover chicken, where do you go to find a delicious recipe? That’s right Pinterest.

But you can find so much more than just recipes and crafts on Pinterest. Literally, anything you could think of can be found by searching and it’s way more appealing since Pinterest uses images to capture our attention, unlike most Google searches.

Another huge reason that bloggers are so infatuated with Pinterest is the fact that Pinterest’s algorithm pulls pins that are suited for each individual user. For example, if you were to search for “ways to make money from home” then Pinterest would base most of your feed of pins on that search.

And unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest is evergreen and doesn’t arrange pins by date. It simply uses keywords and images. So if you had a pin that was a year old, it could still show up in someone’s feed if they are searching those particular keywords no matter when it was published.

It’s because of this that Pinterest has become an amazing resource for bloggers.

What’s the Best Pinning Method?

Now that you know why Pinterest is amazing, let’s go over how to use it.

Pinterest loves users to be active constantly. The more you are pinning and active the more Pinterest will put your pins in front of other users. There are also certain times that your particular audience will likely be on Pinterest and that is also the optimal time to pin.

This is usually where the big debate comes up of whether to manually pin or to schedule your pins.

Manual pinning is just as it sounds. Basically, by manually pinning each image one at a time manually.

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But let’s be realistic, many of us do not have time to be on Pinterest 24/7. This is why scheduler apps such as Tailwind have become so popular.

Through Tailwind, for example, you can schedule a massive number of pins to go out at optimal times and not have to worry about it until the end of your schedule.

So back to the question of which method is the best. Honestly both!

Let me explain a bit.

By taking advantage of schedulers such as Tailwind, you can ensure that your pins are being pinned at the optimal time for your audience while you are busy with other important life tasks. So while your changing your baby’s diaper your also shown as active and pinning on your profile.

And when you’re able to jump back on Pinterest you can also manually pin some of your favorite pins. Or you can even just manually pin your newest pin to one of your favorite group boards.

After using both of the methods for my blog for just over two months, I have been able to take my Pinterest reach up from 400k monthly viewers to over 1 million.

The proof is in the numbers. I honestly avoided using Tailwind until two months ago because I didn’t think I truly would see any difference with it but boy was I wrong.

Now not only has my Pinterest profile been getting better activity but my blog has also been receiving double the traffic since using this strategy. And I now have the ability to have my pins scheduled for me through Tailwind when I can’t manually pin at just the right time.

By taking advantage of Tailwind’s awesome scheduler and manually pinning just as Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies teaches, I have been able to grow my blog without spending hours pinning.

You Can Rock Pinterest Too!

Anyone can do this.

Trust me. I am not very tech-savvy and I was able to bring my Pinterest reach up to 1 million in just two months. So if I can do this so can you.

If you want to grow your Pinterest reach super-fast, I highly recommend using this strategy. Why not have your cake and eat it too? Haha

Wanna see results like mine? Then give this method a try and watch your viewers increase each day.

You can even try Tailwind for FREE for 1 month to see if you like it. Once I saw the amazing results I was hooked and have never looked back.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

And don’t forget to also check out Carly’s absolutely spectacular ebook Pinteresting Strategies here. This ebook has made manually pinning so much easier and less confusing.

Have you started your blog yet? What are you waiting for? Hop on over and read my step by step tutorial and I will walk you through starting your successful blog today.

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