Having a new baby means making tons of memories and witnessing some of the most amazing milestones. But sometimes a typical baby book is just too structured for moms who love to be creative. That’s why I decided to make a Memory Journal for my baby’s first year. 

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Why I Made a Memory Journal for My Baby’s First Year

As a person that needs a creative outlet, I was so excited to make a memory journal for my baby’s first year. I loved that I could make my very own layout and also had room to make any changes as I felt fit. 

My original plan was to start a new journal for my baby every year, however as motherhood got in the way it got a bit more complicated to find time to sit and write.

But I am very pleased with the first year memory journal as that was a crucial time when my little baby was learning so very much and growing quickly. 


Ideas For a DIY Memory Journal For Baby

In a DIY memory book, you can literally put whatever you would like. But here are just a few examples of what is in my daughter’s journal and some extra ideas. 


Ultrasound Pictures

Looking back at ultrasound pictures takes me back to that day when I first saw my baby on the monitor and heard that little tiny heart beating. It was the most beautiful sound and getting to share a glimpse with my child later is truly amazing. 

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Pregnant Belly Photos

I think it’s hard to see where we come from at times and we don’t realize that our mothers really carried us around for nine months. Even though being pregnant was extremely uncomfortable, having the opportunity to bring a precious life into the world is something that I am grateful for every day. 

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Baby Shower Invitations and Gifts

Adding your baby shower invitations or cards can be a great reminder of when you were getting ready to welcome your baby. 


Newborn Pictures with Visitors

Meeting and holding a new baby in your arms is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. I am told that for grandparents its a very different experience. It’s like having your own baby but you didn’t give birth to them. 

I love having these precious moments to look back at when my family members got to really meet my children for the first time. 

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Birth Keepsakes

Childbirth is nothing to sneeze at. No matter how you give birth its an emotional rollercoaster. 

A little token like my baby’s first hat from the hospital helps me to remember that day when they were born. 

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Newborn Socks

Babies are only newborns for a very short time, and then they grow rapidly. I decided to keep some of my daughter’s newborn socks in her memory journal to show her how small her feet used to be compared to how big they are now. 

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Letters to Baby

I am not sure if other moms do this, but I used to write letters to my baby while I was pregnant, and in this journal during the first year. It helped me to tell her things that I wanted her to know when she was so small.


Monthly Milestone Pictures

As I said, babies grow so fast. Looking back at monthly milestone pictures reminds me of how small my babies were and how much they grew over just a few months. 

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Hand and Foot Prints

When I could actually get my little one to sit still long enough to trace their little hands or feet, I tried to keep it to look back on later. I love to see how small they were when they used to wrap around one of my fingers. 


Why You Chose Baby’s Name

A name is one thing that children do often wonder where it came from. I myself was named Heather after several actresses of the same name decades ago. 

So when it came to naming our children, my husband and I wanted to choose names that were special but not too odd. 

I hope one day that if my children ask why we chose those names they will learn of how we originally went with a different name but at the last minute felt differently. To tell the story of how they received that special name is so individual to each and every child.


About Mommy and Daddy

It’s normal to wonder where your parents came from and how they met. Having special pages where you talk about where mommy and daddy grew up and how they came to be married helps to get a background of where their family comes from. 


Comparison Pictures

Everyone wants to hear that their baby looks like them, but having a comparison page with photos is such a fun idea. 

I noticed that our babies looked exactly like me as a baby from the time they were born. It was cute to look back at my old baby photos and see how much my little babies took after me. 


Family Tree

Most baby books have a family tree, but by creating your own, you can make it as big or small as you like. You can also add special family members or friends that are like family. 


Baby’s Firsts

There are many firsts that come along with the first year of life.

  • First Foods
  • Baby’s First Bath
  • First Smile
  • Rolling Over
  • Crawling
  • First Steps
  • Baby’s First Tooth
  • First Words


Baby’s First Birthday

Every single birthday is precious but the very first birthday is truly a celebration. You may also cry. I did. 

In my daughter’s first birthday page, I added a newborn photo and a photo of her on her first birthday.


How to Make a Memory Journal for Baby on a Budget

Although making some memory books and scrapbooks can really start costing a great deal, you can totally make your own DIY memory book for your baby on a very tight budget. I did it with only a few dollars. 

Here’s what you will need.

  • Composition Notebook or Any Notebook


  • Photos of Your Baby and Milestones


  • Any Scrap Paper or Stickers

Making this special memory book was such a great way that I could not only keep my baby’s milestones and memories fresh but also be very creative at the same time. 

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