Did you know that you should begin preparing for a baby before you are even pregnant?

Are you ready to have a new baby? It may seem really straightforward to get pregnant but many women forget to actually take the time to get their bodies ready for supporting a healthy pregnancy.

Before you even start trying to get pregnant it is important that you make sure that your body is in the optimum health so that you can grow a healthy baby and have a safe and successful pregnancy.

Here are some things that you should definitely consider and check on before you start trying to conceive.

*This page may contain affiliate links, however, I will never recommend anything that I do not believe in and use myself. You can read more about my disclosure policy here. I am not a doctor, just a mom who has tried these tips for my pregnancies. As always consult your healthcare professional before making any lifestyle changes.


1. Preconception Doctor Visit

Making an appointment with your OBGYN is a great start for checking to see if your body is ready for pregnancy.

By discussing you are interested in getting pregnant, your doctor can help you to make an informed decision and also address any health concerns.


2. Stop Using Birth Control

If you are going to get pregnant, you will certainly want to stop using your prescribed birth control to get those extra hormones out of your system and help your body get ready for pregnancy.

This is also something that you should talk with your doctor about so they can give you any information needed about stopping the birth control that you have been prescribed.


3. Discuss Any Prescription Usage

Not all prescription medications are safe to take while you are pregnant and many can cause horrible problems for your baby while you are pregnant. Be sure to let your doctor know about all of the prescribed and over the counter medications that you are currently taking to make sure that they are safe for taking during pregnancy.

And if the prescriptions are not safe for pregnancy, talk with your doctor about steps for weaning off of them before trying to get pregnant.


4. Quit Bad Habits

Okay, this is kind of a no-brainer when it comes to being pregnant. Most everyone knows that bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal drugs can harm or even kill an unborn baby.

But many women that practice these bad habits aren’t aware that some chemicals in things such as cigarettes can stay in your body long after you stop smoking so it is best to stop way before you plan to try to have a baby to ensure that your body is rid of all of these toxic chemicals.


5. Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Pregnancy certainly takes a lot from your body and your baby needs tons of vitamins and minerals to help them grow healthy in the womb. Doctors often recommend that pregnant mothers take prenatal vitamins during their pregnancy to help with extra vitamins that they may need.

But by taking prenatal vitamins before trying to conceive you can get your body prepared for pregnancy with essential supplements that you and your baby will need.


6. Get A Dental Checkup

What do my teeth have to do with being pregnant? I certainly thought this before getting pregnant with my babies. But your teeth really do play a part in providing nutrition to your body and therefore your baby’s body while you are pregnant.

Since everything you eat goes to your baby-making sure that your teeth are healthy and strong you are ensuring that you can eat a healthy diet and feed your pregnant belly.

Another reason to check on your dental health is to make sure that you do not have any cavities or any type of infection that needs to be addressed.

Leaving anything untreated can also lead to something becoming much worse and causing issues with other parts of your body.


7. Heal Your Gut Probiotic

An upset tummy is not pleasant at all, but many times having tummy troubles are a sign of another problem that needs to be corrected. Always check with your doctor about longterm gut issues.

Also, taking a probiotic daily can help to put more good bacteria back into your gut and overtime help it to heal.


8. Eliminate Toxins From Your Life

Although you may not realize it, there are many toxins in everyday household items that many moms use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most moms are led to believe that many store-bought cleaners and other household essentials are safe to use around their families, but in truth, they are not.

Many common cleaners contain toxic chemicals that cause interruption with our endocrine system as well as damaging other vital systems. These toxic chemicals are absorbed into our bloodstream through our skin which can ultimately lead to an unborn baby.

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9. Preparing for Pregnancy Diet

One of the most important things you can do for your body to prepare for pregnancy is to clean up your diet. By eliminating processed food and in its place adding more wholesome food, you can ensure that your body is nutritionally balanced and prepared for pregnancy.



10. Get Some Exercise

There are numerous benefits of getting in shape before pregnancy. One of the biggest is getting to a healthy weight and also getting yourself in shape to handle a pregnancy.

By establishing a pre-pregnancy workout routine you can easily get into a good habit that could help you get your body healthier before you try to conceive.


11. Drink More Water

The human body is made up of mostly water and when you are ready to try to get pregnant, drinking more water can keep you hydrated and also help to flush your body.

Drinking more water is recommended to not only pregnant women but also women who are planning to conceive to help the body cleanse any unhealthy substances.


12. Limit Your Caffeine

Caffeine just like many things can become highly addictive and also has been thought to be a cause of low birth weight and miscarriage in pregnancy. So because of this, it is recommended that women who are planning on getting pregnant begin to limit their caffeine to prepare for pregnancy.


13. Get Plenty of Sleep

Of course, getting sleep is important when you are already pregnant, but it’s also important when you are getting ready to conceive. Sleep keeps our bodies going and allows us to recharge our bodies.

Getting plenty of sleep helps us to allow our bodies to function properly and therefore care for pregnancy.


14. Track Your Cycle

Knowing your cycle can help a ton when you are getting ready to try for a baby.

And in a woman’s cycle, there are a few important dates to track and keep in mind. First of all, a woman has a clear sign of when her period is starting, but she also needs to know about ovulation (when the egg is released and travels down the fallopian tube to meet the sperm).

Ovulation is the optimal time to try to get pregnant and recognizing when it is happening will help your chances of conceiving. For many women, it takes place two weeks before she expects her period.

Keeping track of all of these days and knowing when they are most likely ahead of time, you can be prepared for pregnancy.


15. Partner Healthcheck

Although of course, the mother is the one who will actually be pregnant, the father’s sperm does play an important role in pregnancy.

Just like you as a woman would get a health check before getting pregnant, your partner should make sure that all of his health is in order to help with starting a successful pregnancy.


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