Are you looking for a way to start making money from your blog?

While there are several ways to actively monetize your blog, one of the most popular ways is through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you join a program and agree to use your affiliate link to recommend products and services. Therefore if anyone were to purchase the product by clicking through your unique link, you will be rewarded with a commission of that sale.

So for example, if you are an affiliate for this money-saving app, and you had a link posted on your website, you will be paid a commission for someone who signs up through your affiliate link.

Make sense?


So why is affiliate marketing one of the top ways to make money with a blog?

  • Anyone can take advantage of affiliate marketing. Seriously! There is literally a service or product out there with an affiliate program for every single niche you could think of. For example, Amazon. You can find just about anything on Amazon which makes them a great affiliate program. Join Amazon’s affiliate link here.
  • Affiliate marketing is a successful way to earn a passive income. By simply putting affiliate links in just the right place on your blog, you could earn a commission for years from one link. Now think about having hundreds of links over time and earning from most of them.

That is how bloggers rock affiliate marketing and earn a full-time income.

Take Michelle Schroeder-Gardner for example. She is the amazing blogger of the popular personal finance blog – Making Sense of Cents.

She has cracked the code on affiliate marketing and now earns over 100k a month just from affiliate marketing and from teaching other bloggers her master ways in her exclusive course – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

So How Do I Find Affiliate Programs?

I’m so glad you asked. Truthfully, finding affiliate programs to join really isn’t that hard at all.

One of the easiest ways to find great programs is to become an affiliate of products and services that you already use. If you’re a blogger, then chances are you can become an affiliate of your hosting service, email service, or even your blog theme.

*So if you have not already started your own blog, here is my step by step tutorial to walk you through the steps of setting up a successful blog.

Here are some of my favorite affiliates for bloggers:

SiteGround – Hosting services are great for affiliate marketing because most of them have a high paying referral rate.

Elegant Themes – This is the theme I LOVE and use on my blog today. Elegant Themes also has the Divi Builder which makes designing your blog super easy.

Tailwind – I cannot say enough about the Tailwind app. By using it for just over 2 months, I was able to boost my Pinterest reach to over 1 million.

Grammarly – Okay, I am not in any way a perfect typer and Grammarly saves my butt. If I make a mistake Grammarly catches it and gives me the correction or different words to substitute. I would truly be lost without it.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Another really easy way to find affiliate programs that you might want to join is through affiliate marketing networks. The network is essentially one place where several different affiliate marketing programs are. By having many of them all in the same place, it makes is so much easier to keep track of affiliate links.

Plus another great perk of joining affiliate networks is that they often have a referral program. Through this referral program, you can get a commission for sending someone to sign up with the network through your link.

Here are my all-time favorite affiliate marketing networks.


This is one of the easiest to join and the first one I decided to join. They have numerous affiliate programs for everyone to join. Some of my favorites are:

Commission Junction


Impact Radius

Flex Offers


Offer Juice

Become an Affiliate of Courses or Ebooks You Love

If you are a blogger then you have likely taken a course or purchased an ebook to learn more about blogging. The great thing about these products is that many of them offer an affiliate program that can be joined after the purchase.

And since there are hundreds of ebooks and courses that say they contain secrets of blogging success, it can be hard to decide which one you should choose.

But most courses and ebooks gain their popularity from recommendations from bloggers who already purchased these products and received results from them. Word of mouth makes a huge difference.

Here are some of my favorite courses and ebooks that I’ve used and highly recommend:

Ready Set Blog for Traffic


Make Money Blogging at any Level


Pinteresting Strategies

As you can see there are countless affiliate marketing programs that can be used on websites in just about any niche. That’s why so many bloggers swear by monetizing their blogs with affiliate links.

Do you use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog? What’s your favorite program?

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