Are you pregnant and sick as a dog, feeling like you have the neverending flu? If you said yes then you are experiencing morning sickness.

And in that case, I want to share with you how I was able to overcome morning sickness with these natural remedies.


If you have ever in your life been pregnant then you likely experienced morning sickness. It’s just one of the many difficult parts of the journey through pregnancy.

Morning sickness is a name for nausea caused by a pregnancy hormone that continually increases when you are pregnant. Although most expecting mothers notice that their nausea subsides around 12-14 weeks into the pregnancy, many still experience nausea until their baby is born.



Unfortunately, I suffered from horrible morning sickness that lasted throughout the entire day and night without fail. And although I truly tried to stay well-nourished and keep my meals down, my nausea was relentless.

With my first pregnancy, I had left work and was able to rest and have my husband take care of me through my sickest weeks but by the time, I was pregnant with my second child, I didn’t have as much help available.

With a toddler running around and having the responsibilities of taking care of her and well, myself, resting and staying in bed all day was not an option.

Even though I could barely walk around or even look at food without feeling sick, I somehow was able to keep us both alive. Of course, having Netflix movies and playing the movie Tangled over and over helped as well. However, I felt that there had to be something that could help me through the endless days of feeling sick to my stomach.

Ultimately, I started looking for different morning sickness remedies that could help me survive my morning sickness without posing any harm to me or my baby. After experiencing a miscarriage just a few short months before becoming pregnant again, I was paranoid about introducing anything into my body that was threatening to my child.


After combing through several websites and blogs mentioning many different remedies that I was comfortable trying, I found a handful that really helped take the edge off of my nausea.

So here are 9 Semi-Crunchy Mama Approved Remedies for Overcoming Morning Sickness during pregnancy:


As you probably know, essential oils can provide very powerful results in our bodies all while being completely natural and safe. One of my favorite ways to overcome morning sickness has been through either eating or inhaling peppermint.

In fact, I kept peppermint candies next to my bed to suck on when I started feeling queasy during pregnancy. Even just opening the wrapper around the hard peppermint candy let off a soothing smell that decreased my nausea.

Another suggestion is inhaling peppermint essential oils or adding some to an essential oils necklace to keep it close to you. I love this one that holds the smell perfectly.


Lemon is another one of those amazing essential oils that have several uses

For me, inhaling a bit of lemon essential oil helped ease my unbearable nausea. Like the peppermint, I was able to keep it close and use the smell as I needed.


I had never heard of Sea-Bands until I experienced nausea during my second pregnancy, but they were truly lifesavers. Sea-Bands are acupressure bracelets that put pressure on a specific pressure point on your wrist that is proven to help relieve nausea and vomiting.

Many mamas love Sea-Bands because they are a completely natural and drug-free way to diminish morning sickness. They worked wonderfully for me and can be reused again and again.

Eat Saltine Crackers or Toast Before Leaving Bed

Every morning before getting out of bed or even sitting up in bed, I ate a few saltine crackers to help my stomach prepare for the day. It was amazing how much this simple routine helped prevent a ton of morning sickness and got some food in me.

Pregnancy Pops

Preggie Pop Drops are a hard candy to suck on as you feel nauseated. They contain essential oils as well as plant botanicals that are proven to relieve nausea and vomiting. A container has 21 pieces of candy in four yummy flavors to help curb your nausea.

I especially loved Preggie Pops flavors and how they eased my tummy. They were also very great for keeping in my purse just in case nausea decided to strike while I was out of the house.

Stay Hydrated

Always remember to drink water.

Even if you can’t keep much food down the best thing you can do for your body is to keep hydrated. This may sound small, but it helps tremendously and your body will thank you.

Avoid Foods that are Making you Nauseated

Weirdly as it may sound, I could not stand the smell of chicken cooking my entire pregnancy. It didn’t matter how it was cooked, the thought of even picturing it made me queasy.

Sometimes it’s better to just trust your body and keep foods that make you feel sick at bay.

Give in to Your Cravings

And when you finally feel like eating, EAT!

Even if it’s just junk food, just give in to your cravings and what your body wants. As long as it’s safe for you during pregnancy you will be fine.

Getting something in your body, even if it’s potato chips is better than nothing.

Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

Many women experience horrible gagging and vomiting from taking regular prenatal vitamins when they are going through morning sickness.

One of the biggest tips, I received concerning this was to give gummy vitamins a try. And to take them in the evening after my stomach has mostly settled.

It may sound odd, but chewing gummy vitamins helped me keep them down.


One important lesson that I learned during my second pregnancy is that I needed to remember to give myself grace. Although I felt like less than a human between bathroom trips and spending my days lying down, I tried very hard to give myself a pardon since I knew that nausea would pass eventually.

As I reached my first prenatal appointment at 10 weeks, I lost over 20lbs. And then finally just a few short weeks later, my morning sickness started to lessen with each passing day.

Even though I couldn’t get up and run around with my rambunctious toddler, I was able to watch several movies and spend some downtime while actively growing a new baby in my belly. Even she was able to understand that at the ripe age of 3 years old and was compassionate to me.

As silly as this sounds, through the sickness, I continued to remind myself that feeling nauseous was a good sign that I should be grateful for because it meant that my baby was still growing healthily inside me. This truly gave me comfort and helped me pull through on even the hardest of days.


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