6 Reasons Why I LOVE Flat Cloth Diapers

Usually, when I first tell people that I am a cloth diapering mom, they instantly picture a flat and diaper pins. And although there are numerous different types of cloth diapers out there, for my family the old fashioned flats are the best.  What is a Flat Cloth Diaper? A flat cloth diaper is a huge chunk of fabric that is a single layer. They come in several different fabrics and are extremely versatile. The only downside that I have found with flats is that they have to be folded into a diaper for your baby. And that is...

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How I Earned $359.35 From Blogging – June 2017 Income Report

Are you ready to start a blog and earn income right from home? Here is my quick start guide to get you all set up.  Did I Earn more than the previous month? Yes! I earned more money than I did on my previous income report. In fact, I almost doubled my income. As you may have noticed, I was unable to get a post up with my income from May of 2017 and that was partly because I have been so busy with moving, kids, and working my full-time outside of the house career. But nonetheless, I wanted...

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How to Clean and Disinfect Toys the Green Way

Children usually put a lot of things in their mouths and bring their favorite toys anywhere with them– in the park, in the kindergarten, at a friend’s house. In this way, toys turn into a home for plenty of germs and dirt in general. That is why they have to be cleaned regularly to protect the child from various diseases. But even the ones that never leave the bedroom have to take their fair share of washing and disinfection. First of all, disinfect every toy right after you bring it home from the store. Usually, the cleaning instructions are...

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“This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.” Now that school is out and summer is finally here, the temperature is beginning to dramatically rise outdoors. Which means it’s time to break out the swimsuits and hit the pool. Because who doesn’t love a refreshing swim on a scorching day in the sun? I know my family does. But before we start packing our beach bags full of sunscreen and towels, we need to ensure that our children will be safe at...

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Are you having a difficult time persuading your child to eat a healthier diet? If so, you are definitely not alone. Many parents are struggling to help their children make healthy food choices. Between picky eaters and just plain stubbornness, mealtimes can be quite the challenge.  “Guest Post by Ida Jones – Fitness Grit” It is extremely important to foster a supportive environment where everyone in your family has a positive relationship with food. When it comes to kids, the importance doubles as they are still in their growth stage. Moreover, kids tend to prefer junk over wholesome and...

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The Difference Between Postpartum Depression and Baby Blues

“Guest Post From HealthyPregnancy.com” For many new mothers, a striking change of mood in the weeks following a birth can be a bit unnerving, especially after months of hectic schedules and major life changes. Indeed, a sense of sadness, loss of energy, and bouts of crying can be an unwelcome series of events when a mother is already trying to adjust to a new life with a baby. However, a sudden change in mood is a regular part of having a child, with up to 80% of new mothers experiencing a period of “baby blues.” When Sadness Becomes a Concern   It...

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“This post was developed in partnership with Similac. All opinions are my own. As moms, we all know that our kids are going to get hungry in between meal times and want to have a snack to hold them over. Especially as summer rolls around and families begin to start taking vacations all over and spending more time on the road. And while there are numerous convenient snack options available for kids almost anywhere, they are not necessarily the most healthy choices out there. In fact, most of the snacks that are marketed towards our children today are loaded with chemicals,...

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Top 12 Must-Haves When Heading to the Pool With Baby

*This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. What to Pack! Although summer hasn’t officially started, we are certainly starting to feel the warmer temperatures outside. Which means that it’s just about time to head to the beach or even your local pool. And while you may only need to grab a few things for a fun-filled day by the water, you will definitely want to pack a bit more for your child. Especially if you are bringing a baby or toddler along....

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CAN YOU REALLY MAKE MONEY THROUGH A BLOG? When I first started my blog, the thought of having the option to possibly earn an income through it really intrigued me. In fact, I dare to say that it was one of the reasons I finally decided to commit to starting it. After just over 6 months of blogging, I have finally felt comfortable enough to share with you how I am making money doing what I love. In the beginning of my blogging journey, I came across numerous other female bloggers who were making a full-time income through blogging...

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How to Pack the Ultimate Diaper Bag + Checklist

  *This post is sponsored by Moskka. And I received free product to review in this post. However, all opinions are true and 100% my own! Every mom knows that leaving the house with a baby requires bringing a ton of stuff. And most of the time it feels like you are packing everything but the kitchen sink. Especially when your baby is in the newborn stage. In fact, when my daughter was a newborn, I practically packed everything I would need to last for days and my diaper bag began to feel very heavy. And although I was...

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