How can I keep my child busy on a rainy day? This is a problem that many parents face when it’s too wet outside to let them out to play. But being stuck inside doesn’t have to be miserable and gloomy.

There are actually tons of unique ways to keep your kids busy while also keeping them indoors.

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Indoor Activities for Toddlers on Rainy Days

Toddlers are often some of the hardest to keep busy when going to play outside is not an option due to rainy days. With all of their energy pent up, they require creative ways to let it out and start moving while indoors.



Simple Indoor Activities for Toddlers to Burn Their Energy

“Maybe it’s not cold right now where you are. But we all have times when the weather or other circumstances prevent our kids from playing outside for extended periods of time.

Of course, all toddlers need lots of physical activity. Some more than others, but they all need plenty of opportunities to move throughout the day.

I have a little one who needs to be physically active. When she’s not, she gets crazy, defiant, and has a serious lack of impulse control. By the end of the day, she is literally running from one end of the house to the other at top speed.

Indoor playgrounds are an awesome way for her to burn off some of that energy, but that’s not something we can do every day. So I’ve had to get creative.” – Amy from

Simple Indoor Activities for Toddlers to Burn Their Energy


20 Indoor Activities for Toddler Twins

“I have a list of ideas that are scribbled down on paper. Having the list really helps because each morning I can choose something from the list.

We do something together with the 3 of us, and then the girls have independent playtime (you can read more about independent playtime here) and before we know it, it’s time to pick up our little dude!” – by Caitlin from

20 Indoor Activities for Toddler Twins



How to Introduce Yoga to Your Toddler

“Considering introducing your toddler to the world of yoga? Are you a yoga lover hoping to turn your toddler into a fellow yogi? Or, maybe you don’t know much about yoga and are looking for resources that will help you guide your little’s practice?

Yoga can have such a positive impact on the toddler brain and body. It’s so much more than just exercise for both us and our toddlers. But, what’s the best way to go about teaching yoga to someone so little?

In this post, we will talk about the benefits of yoga for toddlers, cover 5 simple ways to teach your toddler yoga, and learn about the top 5 toddler yoga mats.” – by Nicolle from

How to Introduce Yoga to Your

Color Activity for Toddlers Car Parking Playmat Busy Bag

“I wanted to design an activity around something he LOVES – and that’s playing with his toy cars! Since he is literally obsessed with his toy cars, I thought what better than a car parking playmat with colored parking spots!” – by Ann from

Color Activity for Toddlers Car Parking Playmat Busy



Arts and Crafts for Kids on Rainy Days

Making arts and crafts is a fun way for kids to show their creativity and imagination. And when it’s too wet outside to go out, making some crafts can keep their minds and hands busy.



Diy Canvas Refrigerator Magnet

“Maybe sometimes you’re like me and want to tell your kids to do it yourself? Well, now you can! This craft is a fun, easy, inexpensive project.

It’s also a great group craft for a class or camp: We made them at our VBS this year.” – from Stephanie from

Diy Canvas Refrigerator


Easy Kids Crafts and Activities

“Most of the time we parents are not sure how to keep our kids engaged. This where these craft projects for kids and simple activities come to rescue.

These simple art and craft activities can provide hours of fun for both kids and parents. And what’s more, you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to set these up.” – from

Easy Kids Crafts and


20+ Awesome Art Toys That Keep Kids Entertained

“Art toys for kids are a lifesaver at my house.

Let’s just say I was not born with the “craft” gene. It’s not that I’m not a creative person, but music and writing are my fortes, not making magnificent creations out of coffee filters and clothespins.

Personally, aside from lacking raw talent in the crafting arena, I am simply not all that interested in finding a craft project, procuring all the necessary materials, doing the prep work, and demonstrating each step for my kids.

I know that this kind of thing fills many a mom’s cup. I’m not one of those moms. I send my kids to school and take them to special programs to make crafts.

Yet, I want my kids to be creative. They want to be creative. It’s good for their development. And sometimes, frankly, I just need them to be entertained independently for a while.

So, that is why I have an entire cabinet that’s bursting at the seams with art toys for kids. My kids can pull something out from this cabinet and more-or-less entertain themselves for a decent amount of time.” – by Jennie from

20+ Awesome Art Toys That Keep Kids

Crayons are one of the essential art toys for kids.


Fun Beaded Wind Chimes Kids Craft

“It’s always nice to find a craft that your kids can do by themselves with minimal help.
This Fun Beaded Wind Chimes Kids Craft is just that! Not to mention it looks really nice hanging on my porch, so that’s two wins for me.
My older girls are currently three and five and both could do this craft easily, and they loved it!” – by sisters, Christine, and Victoria from

Fun Beaded Wind Chimes Kids Craft


17 Cool DIY Sharpie Craft Ideas

“Do you use sharpie markers for labels or to keep lists around the house? It might surprise you that a lot of people use these permanent pens for so many other fun and easy sharpie craft ideas.

These are not your average Sharpie craft ideas! DIY some surprisingly cool projects with only a sharpie and some imagination!

From the best ideas on Pinterest to the best DIY projects bloggers with awesome step by step tutorials, we compiled the best list possible of creative art projects using Sharpie markers. Fun craft ideas and creative art projects for teens, tweens, and adults, too!” – by Angie from

17 Cool DIY Sharpie Craft Ideas


Indoor Sensory Play Ideas for Rainy Days

Sensory play is so important for kids – even more so for kids that are sensory seeking. And during rainy days, sensory play ideas are a perfect indoor activity for staying busy and enhancing their senses.



Fluffy Cloud Dough Recipe

“A few weeks ago, we discovered the easiest and softest dough you could ever make! We tried making this Fluffy Cloud Dough Recipe for the first time when I set up the Fairy Princess Invitation to Play.

It is so inexpensive and simple to make that I knew we had to try it!” – by Heather from

Fluffy Cloud Dough Recipe

Fluffy Cloud Dough


Messy play: Jello dig!

“I am always looking for quick and easy activities for my daughter. I’m all for neat and tidy activities but sometimes the day calls for a little messy play!

Sensory development is important and what the heck mama, they’re only young once I know most mamas hate messy play but I love it! Just as long as she keeps it off the carpet!” – by Michelle from

Messy play: Jello dig!


27 Taste Safe Sensory Play for Toddlers and Preschoolers

“Sensory play is so much fun. From sensory bins to nature walks where you listen for sounds, there is just so much you can do with it!

There are huge benefits to sensory activities, and there are just so many ways to fit it into your day. Kids make their own activities by simply putting their fingers in everything they can. (I’m assuming these aren’t just my kids). Even just inviting your child to listen and look can be a sensory experience.

There is one thing that some sensory activities for toddlers don’t always accommodate. That is a child’s desire to taste, well, everything! We all know babies love to put things in their mouths from just a month old or so, but the big kids like to do it sometimes too.

So when I’m looking for sensory ideas, even sensory activities for 3-year-olds, I still consider the taste factor. Why not embrace it?

Here are some of our favorite taste safe sensory play ideas.” – by Kim from

27 Taste Safe Sensory Play for Toddlers and

27 Taste Safe Sensory Activities for Toddlers, Babies, and Preschoolers! Learn how to make edible paint, edible slime, edible play doh and more! Sensory bin fillers your kids can nibble on and be safe with. #Sensory #sensoryplay #sensoryactivities #sensorybin #learningactivities #toddler #preschool


9 of The Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids

“Rain can be a four-letter (bad) word around our house (yes, I know it has 4 letters :). Whenever it’s pouring rain out it’s just a matter of time before we hear the dreaded “I’m bored…” Taking care of a 6-year-old fireball on a rainy weekend is no easy task.

Of course, there are days where we watch a movie or a few tv shows, but that can get stale and boring quickly. With all the rain we’ve had lately, I’ve come up with a list of rainy day activities for kids.

This manageable list of 9 fun rainy day children’s activities will help you keep the whole family happy on a drizzly day.” – by Nicole from

9 of The Best Rainy Day Activities for


100 Indoor Heavy Work Activities to Burn Energy

“When I rebranded this blog from “In Our Pond” to “Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids” this year, I wanted to add more content for high-energy kids.

Some moms and I were talking this morning about dealing with stir-crazy kids in these winter months. After I brainstormed a bunch of ideas for the FB group, I decided the list would make a great blog post!” – by Missy Pea from

100 Indoor Heavy Work Activities to Burn


Rainy Day Activities for Families

“Is the gloomy weather getting you down?

Don’t let the rainy season stop you and your family from having fun! Here are some rainy day activities you can do with your family even when the rain is pouring outside” – by Kim from

Rainy Day Activities for


What to do with a Toddler on a Rainy Day

“Things are more relaxed and when the sun is out it’s actually quite nice. But when it’s a wet and miserable day it’s a different story. When you’re at home with a hyperactive child who’s nagging to go to the park, you’ve got to start being creative.” – by Emma from

What to do with a Toddler on a Rainy Day –

stay at home holiday ideas for kids


14 Fun (and Free!) Things to Do With Your Kids

“One of the joys of parenting is being able to hang out and have fun with your kids. I love planning little family dates with my son that I know will create happy memories for him to look back on for years to come. I know that one day there will be a day when Dresden would rather hang out with friends than with me (definitely not looking forward to the teenage years), so I make a point to appreciate the time that I have with him now when I’m one of his favorite people.

The best thing about his age is that you really don’t have to spend money to make sure that they have fun.

Honestly, the best memories that we have made didn’t require us to spend a thing! Here is a list of some of my favorite things to do with my son (and they are all free!)” – by Katt from

14 Fun (and Free!) Things to Do With Your Kids –

Give me your ideas! What Can You Do on a Rainy Day at Home with Kids?

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