Have you heard about essential oils and how they can be used in your everyday life? Essential oils have become very popular recently – especially with moms who are trying to eliminate harmful chemicals in their homes and around their families.

By using essential oil based products, you can literally replace every product in your home that has toxic ingredients.

Simply Earth Essential Oils March Recipe Box Review

What Are Essential Oils?

You may not realize this but essential oils have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years. They were used for many different purposes such as dietary, spiritual, cosmetic, and even religious use.

In fact, you might remember the Bible scripture where the three wise men brought essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh to the newborn baby Jesus. And there are many other references in our scriptures talking about how essential oils were given as gifts and also used for anointing and healing the sick.

So what are essential oils?

Essential oils are the oils that are extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing. They are nature’s purest essence. Basically, they are the lifeforce of the plant they are extracted from.

Where Can I Buy Essential Oils?

Are you curious about essential oils yet? If so, you may be wondering where is the best place to buy essential oils to try with your family. This can be a bit intimidating since there are tons of different essential oil companies out there.

The problem is that not all essential oil companies are created equally. And after trying a few different brands of essential oils, I have learned so much about not only the quality of essential oils but also the price.

Quality of Essential Oils

For example, you know those bottles of essential oils you see in your local grocery store or Walmart? Do NOT buy those. Here’s the reason. Although they are very cheaply priced compared to many of your popular essential oil brands available, they are not good quality.

In fact, most of the store-bought essential oils bottles are not even filled with 100% essential oils. Instead, to cut costs they are only filled with a portion of essential oils along with other ingredients such as artificial fragrances or fillers, which you don’t want.

Prices of Essential Oils

Now to get REAL 100% pure essential oils you have to find a reliable company that uses only essential oils and no fillers. This is not that difficult, however, many of the reputable essential oils brands have huge price tags attached to their essential oils which will hurt your wallet.

And when I first started using essential oils I decided to buy from one of these companies. The biggest obstacle I kept running into was that their essential oils were so pricey that I could not get all of the oils I needed.

I started to become frustrated because I would see other friends of mine that used this essential oil company that would not only get essential oils for free but also made an income by helping others sign up under them.

That specific company was also a multi-level marketing company which meant you could make money and get free products by getting other people to sign up under you and then you would earn a portion of what they spent. But no matter how hard I tried, I was not comfortable seeking out others to get them to sign up.

Plus the starter kit was well over $150 so everyone who was interested quickly changed their mind with that price. So that’s when I discovered a new company that had the same high-quality essential oils for much lower prices.

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Why I Tried Simply Earth Essential Oils

Since I didn’t want to sacrifice getting quality essential oils, I had to find an essential oil company that offered 100% pure essential oils without making you sell all the time. And as it turned out, one essential oil brand found me instead.

The company I buy my essential oils from now is called Simply Earth and their products are truly and simply from the earth.

About Simply Earth Essential Oils

Simply Earth all started with one woman named Katie. When she began to notice that she had stinky feet the only solutions she found where all chemical-filled products that she didn’t want on her body.

So after doing some research, she discovered the true power of essential oils and how they could help to naturally eliminate her foot odor. From then on she was hooked.

And after realizing how buying pure high-quality essential oils in bulk could make purchasing essential oils much more affordable, an idea was born.

Katie loved using essential oils so much that she decided to create a company where people could not only buy essential oils affordably but also learn to make their own natural products with them through Simply Earth’s Monthly Recipe Box.


Simply Earth Recipe Box – March 2020

Simply Earth creates a new recipe box each month that is filled with different full-sized bottles of essential oils along with recipes and supplies to make your own toxin-free products at home. The recipe box that I received was for March 2020 and it was packed with some amazing recipes that I had to try right away.

What came in the March 2020 recipe box:

  • Cypress Essential Oil (15ml)
  • Orange Essential Oil (Sweet) (15ml)
  • Patchouli Essential Oil (Dark) (15ml)
  • Energy Essential Oil Blend (15ml)
  • Empty Inhaler
  • Diffuser Reeds (5)
  • Lava Stone Beads (10)
  • Recipe Cards (7)
  • Labels for each Recipe

Big Bonus Box

And if having the recipe box wasn’t enough, Simply Earth also sends their Big Bonus Box along with your first monthly recipe box when you sign up with their monthly subscription and then every 6 months that you are subscribed.

This is totally a game-changer since the Big Bonus box is filled with extra supplies that can be used in your natural recipes.

Here is what came in my Big Bonus Box for March 2020:

  • Almond Oil (4oz)
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (4oz)
  • 10ml Roll On Bottles (6)
  • 5ml Amber Glass Bottles (6)
  • Coconut Oil (12 fl oz)
  • Beeswax

I was so incredibly pleased with this because if you are new to using essential oils, you may not have some of these necessary ingredients like fractionated coconut oil at home yet. This means you can get right to making your recipes.


Let’s Make Some Natural Recipes

Okay now that you know what I received in my monthly recipe box, let me show you some of my favorite recipes for this month. Here are the recipes for the March 2020 recipe box:

  • Anxiety Relief Inhaler
  • Preserve Roll-On
  • DIY Lava Rock Diffuser
  • Creative Zone Diffuser Blend
  • It’s Okay to Grieve Diffuser Blend
  • DIY Reed Diffuser
  • Bonus Diffuser Recipes


Persevere Roll-On

The first essential oil recipe I tried was the Persevere Roll-On. Now, I am a huge fan of essential oil blends that can be put in a roller bottle because it makes putting essential oils on my skin super easy and mess-free.

The Persevere Roll-On is made to apply to your pulse points to promote calm, focus and energy to get the job done. Doesn’t this sound like something that every mom needs?

The Persevere Roll-On literally took me 1 minute to make. After gathering the ingredients listed on the recipe card, I took one of the 10ml roller bottles (which was in my big bonus box) and added 3 drops of the Energy Blend and 3 drops of the Cypress essential oil.

After that, I filled the rest of the roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil (also from the big bonus box).

Once the bottle was filled, I put the roller top on and then the cap and gently shook the bottle. It was really that easy and this blend smells amazing. I keep it at my desk now for when I need to feel motivated.


Anxiety Relief Inhaler

Anyone else have anxiety? I know I do on a daily basis. That’s one reason I was excited to try the Anxiety Relief Inhaler. I had never tried an inhaler with essential oils so this was a first for me.

So after gathering the ingredients on the recipe card, I added three drops of orange essential oil and 1 drop of the energy blend oil to a small glass bowl.

Then I added the small cotton pad that came with the inhaler to allow it to soak up the essential oils. I did have to move it around a bit with my finger to help it get all of the oils in the bowl. Once the essential oils had been all soaked up, I put the cotton pad into the inhaler and popped the bottom back on.

And there you have it, an inhaler blend that you can inhale when you need a little calm in your life.


Why I Love Simply Earth’s Monthly Recipe Box

Okay now that I have tried Simply Earth’s Monthly Recipe Box for myself, I want to tell you everything I love about it and why I think you will too.

First of All, the Labels

When I started using essential oils and began making my own DIY recipes for roller bottles and other products, I had to make my own labels for them and they did not turn out great.

What I love about Simply Earth is that they send you the labels for each recipe bottle that you will be making. They are sticker labels that you just have to cut out and put right on the bottle. And not only does this help with knowing what’s in the bottle but it also lists the ingredients so you can refill it when it’s empty.

This saves me from having to go and look in my recipe binder for that all of the ingredients.


Again the Labels

I know I just talked about the labels, but this is something else that I found super helpful that Simply Earth does with their labels.

For example, here on this bottle of Orange Essential Oil. It shows of course that it is “Sweet Orange” and that it’s 100% pure essential oil, but if you turn the bottle around it tells you loads of helpful information such as:

  • what part of the plant the essential oil comes from
  • ingredients
  • origin
  • aroma
  • safety instructions
  • and if it’s child safe

This is something I haven’t seen any other essential oil companies add to their labels.


Information Cards

I know I told you that the monthly recipe box comes with recipe cards, but if you turn them over, there is even more helpful information about Simply Earth’s essential oils including:

  • a description of what comes in your recipe box
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • a note from Kate at Simply Earth (certified aromatherapist)
  • information about how 13% of profits from your purchase go to help end human trafficking
  • and one of my favorite parts – a sneak-peek into next month’s recipe box


Recipes Are Perfect for Beginners

The recipes are perfect for beginners who don’t know where to start. I know when I first started using essential oils, I had to search all over Pinterest for essential oil recipes so it’s nice to get new and fun recipes right in my monthly box.

Let’s Talk About the Price

The most common reason that I have found for people not using essential oils is that many of the most popular companies have their prices so incredibly high, which makes using essential oils not affordable. This is not the case for Simply Earth.

For only $39 + free shipping you get a monthly recipe box with full-sized essential oils and everything you need to start creating natural products in your home.

Every monthly recipe box includes:

  • 4 full-size (15ml), Therapeutic Grade, pure essential oils
  • Supplies and recipes to create 6 natural home, body, and wellness products

This box is valued at over $150.

Big Bonus Box

The big bonus box is valued at $40 and you get that for free when you first subscribe to the monthly recipe box and then every 6 months after that. It’s simply amazing.

What About the Quality?

Now the question that everyone who’s ever used essential oils is going to ask. Are the Simply Earth Essential Oils as good of quality as the higher-cost essential oils?”

The answer is YES!

Simply Earth uses the highest quality of essential oils and backs them up with their Simply Pure Promise. Simply Earth promises that their products will never have any ingredients except what’s on the label. So no artificial fragrances or fillers at all.

In fact, they ensure this by getting every single batch of essential oils from small ethical farms and then having them tested for purity and composition.

Now as far as Simply Earth’s essential oils being compared to other brands of essential oils, I most definitely compared them. I used the cypress, patchouli, and orange essential oils and compared them to the same oils of a different popular company that I had leftover.

And honestly, there was no difference – except the price. Simply Earth just cuts their costs by selling the oils rather than having a multi-level marketing company which has to pay everyone above each person in the company. This is one reason that other companies that are bigger have much higher price tags.

By cutting that out, Simply Earth gets straight to the point and gives you the essential oils you love at 1/3 of the price.

Get a Simply Earth $40 Gift Card

So everyone loves to save money and first-time subscribers who use my code (VERYANXIOUSMOMMYFREE) will receive a free $40 gift card with their initial box. This gift card can be used towards your future purchase or your next box.

Get Your Essential Oils Recipe Box Here


And if you want even more essential oils Simply Earth just introduced Starter Box Sets. The starter box will also come with a free Bonus Box and it will be offered when the monthly recipe box sells out.

Simply Earth has several themed starter box sets including:

  • Popular Blends
  • Popular Single Oils
  • Wellness
  • Cleaning
  • Love Set
  • Back-to-School Set
  • Fitness Set and more…

After trying out Simply Earth’s Monthly Recipe Box, I am never going back to paying for overpriced essential oils. Simply Earth’s recipes are so fun and easy to make for everyone and if you have not tried it yet, don’t miss out on getting your own recipe box (and bonus box and Free $40 gift card) today.

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