Do you love hooded towels? I do. Actually, I am crazy about them.

Not only are hooded towels absolutely adorable, but they make bathtime ten times easier. You simply throw the hood on your child wrap the towel around them and everything is covered. Having the built-in hood also makes them so much easier to keep on and they hang up on a hook for easy drying and reusing.

And because my kids and I love them so very much, I want to have several of them for each of my children.

However, even though I was gifted a few infant-sized hooded towels at my baby shower, they no longer fit my now 26lb two-year-old baby.  

Of course, my first thought was to try and find some hooded towels at my local Target, but they were priced at just over $12 each. Twelve dollars for a towel? That’s absolutely ridiculous. In no way would I pay that much.

So, instead, I started to search for a way to make my own hooded towels for my kids on a budget.




By making my very own hooded towels, I am able to customize them as much as I want.That means I can pick the size, color, patterns, and even the material that I love.

So I set out to make a hooded towel that would fit both of my children with room to grow and also stay within my tight budget.



SIDE NOTE: If you do not have a hand towel you can simply cut a regular towel into 1/4’s to create a handtowel sized piece of fabric. If you do not need the other three pieces you can use them as rags.


First, you need to make the hood. And there are two different ways you can do this.

If using a Hand Towel:

  • Take a hand towel and fold it in half with the side that you want the inside to be facing out. This way if you have any colors or designs that you want on the top of the hood they will show at the end.

If using a piece of the towel that was cut into 1/4’s:

  • Take the piece of towel and fold in half just as you would with the hand towel. Again make sure that the side that you want on the outside is on the inside for now.


For continuing the hand towel or cut piece of towel:

  • Once folded and lined up, pin the cut side of the towel (If using the hand towel you will likely not have a side that was cut. You can just pin one side that is against the fold of the fabric).



  • Sew the pinned edges together in a zig-zag pattern. This will keep the stitch more secure.
  • Turn the hood inside out so that now the zig-zag sewn edges are on the inside of the hood.
  • Lay the hood flat with the seems of the zig-zag edges is in the middle of the hood. You want it to look like a triangle shape with the factory sewn edge at the bottom.

Put the Pieces Together:

  • Find the center of the bath towel where you want the hood to be and lay the factory seemed edge at the top in the middle of the towel. (You can also just fold the towel in half to find the center as well)

  • Once the hood is lined up perfectly with the bath towel, pin the edges together.
  • Sew the hood to the bath towel with another zig-zag stitch to ensure it will hold together and you’re done.

Now You’ve Made a Cozy Hooded Towel

I cannot tell you how much I truly love these hooded towels for my kids. They not only fit my 2-year-old but also my 6-year-old with room to grow.

I also love that you can get the materials needed for this project for only a few dollars or you can use towels that you already have around the house.

These hooded towels also are quick and easy to make for even a beginner sewer. They also hang perfectly on the command hooks that I have in the kids’ bathroom for easy access whereas the other regular bath towels would fall off of these hooks.

Now I finally have hooded towels that my kids love and I never have to fold their towels anymore.

What do you think about my DIY tutorial on hooded towels? Does it make you want to jump up and start making your own?

If you know anyone who might like to try this tutorial please pass it on.

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