Looking to get a breast pump? Not sure which one is right for you?

There is a breast pump for every mom’s needs.

Breastfeeding is such a huge topic of discussion when it comes to having a new baby. There is no question that it is so much healthier for both mother and baby since it is completely formulated specifically for each baby from their mother’s body.

Breast milk contains so many immunities and can also be used as a remedy for many infections and irritations that occur in a baby’s body.

The only real problem that most moms face with breastfeeding is finding a way to balance breastfeeding into their daily lives. Many moms worry about having breastmilk on hand to feed their baby if they decide to leave their baby at home with Dad or with a sitter.

Other moms may work a full 8 hours and be away from their baby that entire time without being able to breastfeed. I believe this is one reason that many moms choose not to breastfeed their babies.


Thank Goodness for Breast Pumps

This is where breast pumps come to the rescue. Having a breast pump to use can make your breastfeeding journey so much easier and can also make it possible for you to be a breastfeeding mom and working mom.

Breast pumps are also really great for increasing your milk supply and for pumping and freezing extra milk for a later time.

Basically, no matter what type of lifestyle you live, if you plan to breastfeed your baby I highly recommend that you get yourself a breast pump. Having one on hand is a huge lifesaver.

Which Breast Pump is Right for Me?

Breast pumps come in many different brands and types which can make choosing one confusing but after using several breast pumps I can tell you which ones are completely worth investing in.

So let me start with some basics first.

Breast pumps use a sucking action that allows milk to be suctioned from your breast into a bottle that is attached to a breast pump. It works almost as well as your breastfeeding baby and helps when you want to pump and save breast milk for later.

There are two types of breast pumps – Manual Breast Pumps and Electric Breast Pumps.

  • Manual Breast Pumps are very basic and are often single pumps that allow you to pump from one breast at a time. They have a hand-pumping handle that you squeeze to allow the suction to bring milk out of your breast. These pumps are great and very affordable but can be time-consuming since you have to use your hand to manually pump the milk out. I love this one.
  • Electric Breast Pumps are similar to manual pumps in how they function but instead of having a hand pump, they have a motor built into the pump that activates the suction action of the breast pump. Electric breast pumps also come in single pumps and double pumps. The benefits of having an electric pump are that you do not have to use your hand to manually pump and if you have a double pump you can save time by pumping from both breasts at one time. This is my favorite.

Exclusively Breastfeeding Mom – Uses Breast Pump Occasionally

If you plan to be a stay-at-home mom who exclusively breastfeeds you may only use a breast pump occasionally when you need to be away from your baby for a few hours. Most stay-at-home moms can get away with just having a basic manual pump like this one.

I used my manual pump from time to time until my baby self-weaned and my milk dried up. It was amazing and having the control to manually pump myself was nice since I only needed to pump from time to time. This pump is also very affordable on a budget and is so easy to clean.

Once Daily Pumping Mom – Using a Breast Pump to Increase Milk Supply

Another reason to have a breast pump on hand is to help you increase your breast milk supply. Although most of the time your breasts are perfect and providing the right amount for your hungry breastfed baby there may be times when you need a little boost.

You can also pump once daily to save up and freeze your breast milk for a later time. This is great if you are expecting to be away from your baby for some time or maybe just want to have a stash on hand. I loved using extra breast milk by making breast milk popsicles for my teething baby.

If you are with your breastfed baby most of the time but just want to increase your breast milk supply or build up your stash this is the best breast pump for you.

The single electric breast pumps are perfect for pumping daily from time to time without having to pump constantly.

Pro Tip – When I started building up my stash as a new breastfeeding mom, I would breastfeed my baby and pump on the other breast all at the same time. This made my letdown much more comfortable and helped me pump more milk.

Working Breastfeeding Mom – Uses Breast Pump on Working Days While Away from Baby

Working full-time is a huge commitment for a breastfeeding mom but it can be done. Several moms breastfeed their babies at home and then use a breast pump when they are at work.

Now having to use a breast pump at work can be a little difficult if you do not choose the right pump. You definitely need a double electric pump so that you can express the right amount of milk for your baby without spending a ton of time doing it.

I have found that the most reliable and user-friendly breast pump for working moms is this one. As a double electric pump, it has everything you need for pumping, storing, and keeping your breast milk cold until you can get it back home to your baby.

Full-Time Pumping Mom – Uses a Breast Pump to Exclusively Pump Breastmilk

Let me first start by saying that if you are a full-time breast pumping mom you are a rock star.

A full-time pumping mom is basically just how it sounds. These moms pump breast milk for every feeding that their baby eats. Some of them do eventually have to supplement with formula at some point.

No mom plans to become a full-time pumping mom, but sometimes things happen where breastfeeding is not possible. These still are amazing because they have to take extra time to pump their breastmilk and then feed their baby that milk. They also have to constantly clean their breast pumps and accessories.

Since this is a reality for some moms they have to have a durable and hardworking breast pump to help them provide their breastmilk for their baby.

Exclusively pumping moms are usually advised to choose a hospital-grade breast pump like this one.

Hospital-grade breast pumps are the best and most effective breast pumps available. They have the best suction and are also great for moms who need help with increasing their breast milk.

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Do you use a breast pump to help you with breastfeeding your baby? What’s your favorite breast pump?

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