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What to Pack!

Although summer hasn’t officially started, we are certainly starting to feel the warmer temperatures outside. Which means that it’s just about time to head to the beach or even your local pool.

And while you may only need to grab a few things for a fun-filled day by the water, you will definitely want to pack a bit more for your child. Especially if you are bringing a baby or toddler along. Since babies have extremely sensitive skin and are often not potty-trained or pro swimmers having a few extra items prepared can make your outing much easier.

After successfully packing for myself and also two kids for a water adventure, I decided to share all of my top must-haves to pack when heading to the pool or beach.



1. Float

When you have a baby or child that cannot swim, a float to keep them upright and above water is a must-have. In fact, having a baby float has always helped my kids to become more comfortable in the water. Especially when it is their first time going for a swim.

I love using the SwimWays Baby Spring Float for my baby and here’s why:

SwimWays is a leader in helping our children learn to swim and also promoting water safety. They also have started the National Learn to Swim Day which is dedicated to educating parents and children about water safety and the importance and benefits of learning to swim at every age. And as pools open across the U.S. this summer, it is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of water safety and teaching our children how to swim.

12 must-haves to pack when heading to the pool with baby. Toddler. Swimways float. Water safety.

You can find SwimWays products at Target in-store as well as online. Still not convinced? I will also be sharing my own personal review of the SwimWays Baby Spring Float here on my blog this summer so you can see all of its amazing features.


2. Sunscreen

Of course, sunscreen is probably the first item that every parent thinks of packing when taking their baby to the beach. But not all sunscreens are created equal.

Some sunscreens can have harmful and unnecessary chemicals that you simply don’t want your baby exposed to. I have always loved using sunscreen with all natural and certified organic ingredients for my entire family.


3 & 4. Swim Suit & Diaper

Everyone needs a swimsuit, right? So you will definitely want to pack one for your baby as well. But when my kids were small, I felt like they needed more sun protection than their swimsuits offered. Especially to cover and protect their exposed shoulders from the sun’s rays.

That’s why I always invested in a swim shirt for each of my kids that is very breathable while also covering their backs and shoulders to prevent sunburn.

And since I cloth diaper, I also have a reusable cloth swim diaper that I pack when I take our baby to the pool or beach. I love that it is super breathable and can be reused over and over again.


5. Swimming Shoes

Whether you are going to the pool, lake or the beach having a good pair of water shoes will come in handy. Having your child’s feet protected from rocks and even harmful concrete can make a huge difference in a fun day by the water. By keeping water shoes on their feet you are ensuring that they don’t get burnt by the hot concrete or cut on a sharp rock or other objects.

My favorite water shoes for my kids are the ones that have a convenient velcro closure that allows you to easily get your baby’s stubborn foot in the shoe without too much trouble.


6. Sun Hat

I have NEVER gone to the pool or beach without always bringing a sun hat for my babies. Having the shade on their little heads helps tremendously with keeping the sun out of their eyes. It also prevents them from getting sunburnt in places that don’t have coverage from their hair.

I have always loved the sun hats that have the velcro strap at the bottom to hold my baby’s hat in place.


7. Towels

Who needs a towel? Uh, everyone! Even your baby.

Make sure to pack an absorbent towel for every single person you bring to the pool. Whether it’s just any bathroom towel or a cute hooded one.


8. First Aid Kit

Always, always, always keep a first aid kit close by just in case of accidents. Because you can never be too prepared for potential owies. I like to keep a first aid kit in my car at all times for those times where I never know if I will need one or not. Better to be safe than sorry.


9. Toys

Along with floats comes toys. I mean hey they are usually on the same aisle at the store anyway. I always like to bring toys that will float and also some to play with in the sand.

Because every kid dreams of building a sand castle at the beach and tossing around toys in the pool.


10. Water and Snacks

Swimming and playing in the sun sure can make you work up a huge appetite and thirst. Be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks for your entire family. Or better yet make some sandwiches and have a picnic lunch on your adventure.


11. Change of Clothes

And at the end of your water-filled day, you will need a change of clothes. For my kids, I always pack two changes of clothes just in case. Like I said you can never be too prepared. That is unless you have packed everything but the kitchen sink. But seriously, you know how many clothes your kids will go through. Pack what’s necessary.


12. Wet Bags

So once you are finally ready to go home for the day, and have changed into your dry clothes, you will need a place to store your wet swimsuit on your drive home. That is unless you want water all over your car.

And although you can accomplish the same thing by using plastic grocery bags, I like to bring my reusable wet bags to cut down on waste. Also, my wet bags seem to keep all of the wetness contained in the bag which gives me more peace of mind. Especially since those plastic bags are prone to having tiny holes that leak a lot.


*So did I miss anything? What do you pack for your baby to go for a dip? TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS. I ALWAYS LOVE TO HEAR FROM MY READERS!

12 must-haves to pack when heading to the pool with baby. Toddler. Swimways float. Water safety.


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